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   Chapter 46 I Missed One Zero

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Poppi's smile froze on her lips. What happened? Why did Hugh suddenly put on that expression to her? Which had a mixture of fondness, passion and appreciation.

"Let's take this one!" After pausing for two seconds, Poppi quickly turned her eyes to somewhere else and intentionally ignored Hugh. She turned around and shouted to Shirley, "Shirley, what do you think of this car?"

Shirley looked up at the car and nodded, "it's perfect in terms of price. Poppi, do you want to go bankrupt? "

"This car is so general. What's the big deal?" Poppi couldn't help laughing After saying that, she took a look at the price tag on the car roof. After counting down, she took a bank card out of her bag and gave it to the man for sales. "Take it!"

"Pay a deposit or..."

"Just buy it. I don't want it to be so trouble." Said Poppi.

"Got it!" The sales man stared at the card, with a sparkle in his eyes. He hurried to the cashier desk. After a while, he brought the contract and the receipt to Poppi to sign. She quickly swiped and signed her name, "done it!"

Standing next to her, Hugh was astonished with his eyes fixed on her. "I didn't know, Poppi, you are an invisible rich woman!"

"What?" Poppi sneered doubtfully and laughed, "no, I wasn't! I have accumulated some savings over the years. It's enough to buy a car. "

"Yo, since when the benefits of the magazine are so good? How much can you save for three years? " Then, she couldn't help but walk to her car. When she walked to the side of the road, she touched the car and said, "you bought it without hesitation, with the price of 1.6 million dollars."

Poppi was looking at her car with pleasure. When she heard the last sentence from Shirley, she felt her brain "buzzing" and her heart suddenly stopped. She shouted, "how much?! I dare you say it again! "

"1.6 million dollars." Said Shirley, blinking her eyes.

Poppi also blinked her eyes and came to her senses. She suddenly reached out her hand and took out the price tag from the car and said, "one, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand…… million! 1.6 million! " Poppi could not help screaming as she put on a painful look and said, "Shirley, my heart hurts. I just missed one zero! Come on, hold me... "

Seeing this, Shirley was speechless. She held on to Poppi's arm and didn't know whether to cry or laugh. On the other hand, there was nothing he could do but let out a laugh in the end.

The sales man was returning with Poppi's card. Hearing the voice, he quickly asked, "Miss. Poppi, what's wrong?"

"Hurry up, hurry up..." "Can I return my car?" Poppi grasped the seller's sleeve faintly.

The salesman's face suddenly turned red, and the corners of his mouth twitched, unable to speak for a long time.

"Really? Okay? I'll change to a cheap one... " She pointed to the car next to her and said, "I'm glad to choose that!"

"A zero was missed. Of course it would be nice." As a typical bystander, Shirley didn't care about making a fuss out of nothing.

Poppi turned around and gave her a blaming and pitiful look which made Hugh feel sorry for her and amused.

"Miss. Poppi, it's not refundabl

aw the mischievous smile of Hugh. Her face suddenly turned red and faltered, "Mr... Mr. Su, what do you want to say? I There's no misunderstanding! "

"Then why did you interrupt me bashfully?" Hugh smiled and sighed, "I won't give you any burden, I just want to be a good friend with you. Because I have never met a girl as considerate as you. You know it. All collectors I have met are for the old fool. "

Hearing that, Poppi couldn't help laughing out, the relaxed smile a bit hurt in the eyes of Hugh, but unfortunately, she was busy with calming down and did not notice that.

"I knew it! Malcolm…… It's all my fault! " "Of course, I'm a good friend of Mr. Su!" Poppi smiled

"Then you can tell me about your unhappiness. And you can also tell me if anyone bullies you, okay?"

Poppi nodded her head and smiled, "okay! With your support, I will probably be casual in Ye city! "

Hugh burst into laughter and said, "then you can do whatever you want."

At this moment, his phone rang

When they were talking, the phone call from Shirley suddenly came. Poppi answered it in a hurry, "what's wrong? Why haven't you come up yet? "

"Ah, I have something urgent to deal with, so I can't go and have dinner with you. Have a good time for you with Mr. Su! Love you so much! " The bitchy voice of Shirley came, and before Poppi could speak, the phone was cut off.

"Not coming?" Hugh seemed to see through everything.

Poppi took back her phone awkwardly, "yes."

"Then let's order the dishes." "After all, you're my friend. And Shirley is my superior subordinate. She might feel uncomfortable with me," said Hugh.

'now that I've come here, it's not easy to leave now, ' Poppi thought and nodded, "let's have dinner!"

They had something in common after all, so they had a nice conversation during the meal.

"I have seen your informal essay and which was really great. It can be recorded and released as a book." Hugh couldn't help but praise Poppi. Then he turned to another topic, "but I think your mood is actually quite sentimental when I see your casual literary notes."

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