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   Chapter 45 Yes, I Like It

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Tina nodded with satisfaction and began to assign tasks to everyone. After the everyone in the advertising department was assigned, she continued, "the interview is a mutual task of the advertising department and the editing department, so Poppi, you also have a heavy task."

"Okay." Poppi agreed, but she was thinking about which task hadn't been arranged. "What task?" she asked

Tina pretended to be surprised and said, "the people in our advertising department are very hard to interview. At that time, please take more care of us, such as bringing us a cup of water, taking things and so on. We will be grateful to you."

Hearing the slight gasp in the meeting room, Poppi was in a rage in her heart but still kept a decent smile on her face and said, "well, it's my honor to serve you."

Wearing a fake smile, Tina clicked on the screen. The expression on her face kept flickering. "Let's see the specific questions about Mr. Malcolm."

The interview draft was prepared by Tina personally. After scanning it, everyone in the advertising department had no objection. Poppi had seen the interview too, so she was speechless about some non-level questions. Thinking of Mr. Malcolm's temper, she was deeply worried about Tina.

"I have a question," Poppi couldn't help but raise her hand.

"Really? Please go ahead. " Tina smiled. "What's the problem?"

"Can I get rid of the last five questions? It read, "Mr. Malcolm, why are you called Mr. Malcolm, rather than Mr. Quan?". I really think it's necessary to ask him this question. "

Frowning, she replied, "I do want to know the answer."

"You know that, but it doesn't mean that others are willing to talk about it." Poppi frowned. He didn't want to have this family name. If it wasn't for his grandmother and father, he would rather not have this last name. She said this question is for Tina!

Seeing the serious expression on Poppi's face, Tina was not shocked, instead, she got angry and asked, "what do you mean?! Do you think my questions are not professional? Or do you think you know someone better than me? "

Poppi was shocked. Instead of being scared by Tina, she was struck by her last sentence. Did she unfasten her right? Probably, she knew him well! He had a long face all day long. He had an obsessive for cleanliness during dinner. He didn't like to be talkative, to be low-key, to be quiet. But being trodden on the tail made him like an angry lion This is Malcolm. But with her character, it was hard for him to guess what he was thinking.

"Got it." Poppi stood still and said in a low voice which was not as imposing as before. Actually, Malcolm didn't care about the question!

Tina looked at Poppi coldly and banged the folder on the conference table, saying, "go on with the meeting!"

Throughout the meeting, Tina completely treated Poppi as an invisible person. After the three-hour meeting, Poppi was relieved.

Malcolm was on a business trip. It was Poppi who went home after work and got the news after she received his message.

Staring at the message, Poppi was surprised. After all, Malcolm used to be on a business trip and never report to her. What surprised h

S Stores.

"Welcome to our company. Are you Miss. Poppi?" A male sales man came up to her as soon as she entered the shop.

"Yes, I am," "Yes," Poppi nodded and answered

"Yes, yes. I remember Miss Poppi's phone number." The waiter respectfully bent over to welcome her in. With one of his hands in his pocket, Hugh followed behind with Shirley.

"Does Miss. Poppi have a limo of your like?" The sales girl asked while she walked around in the hall.

With her eyes full of cars, Poppi shook her head and said, "I just need to find a car accident. It's suitable for girls. The car I used to drive is too old to be repaired. You may not know, I have a desire to buy a new one. "

Hearing this, Hugh couldn't help but burst into laughter. Shirley rolled her eyes speechlessly and said, "don't you feel ashamed, Poppi?"

Poppi took a look at Hugh and stuck out her tongue at Shirley, "it's not shameful! Come on, keep moving. "

"What about this car? It used..."

There were eight terms in the words of male sales. Hearing this, Poppi felt dizzy and just said that she could find any one for herself. The male sales wiped away the cold sweat.

Hugh couldn't help laughing and stepped forward. "Tell me, and I can give you some advice."

Poppi nodded her head in a hurry. So the man's selling target was not Poppi but Hugh. Poppi followed him like a little wife, listening to him talking with the man's sales. Yawning, Shirley sat at the lounge. She was reading a magazine while having a cup of coffee. She spared several seconds to check on Poppi and Hugh.

From time to time, Hugh would turn to ask Poppi if she was okay. After two turns, he finally chose several limos for her.

Poppi circled the car for two turns, then she came up to a pink sports car. She patted on the roof of the car and said, "I want this."

"Do you want to change the color?" Asked Hugh.

"I chose the pink one because I like it. Mr. Su, do you like it?"

Hearing this, Hugh smiled slowly. Though they were two steps apart, he didn't take the car but looked into Poppi's eyes and said, "yes, it's very beautiful."

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