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   Chapter 43 Meet Him Again

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10425

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All of a sudden, Poppi fell into the water on the ground and her hands cut through the rough ground.

"Keep running? Why don't you run anymore? Haha... " The man stepped on the back of Poppi and laughed insolently. Enduring the pain, Poppi kept struggling as far as possible. She was only half a person away from the roadside. She saw the light at the gate of the hospital in the distance. If she tried harder, she could run out, and she could call someone to save her. However, she was so heavy that she could not breathe. She felt that she was dying 'Benson Ji, where are you hiding and looking at me?'? Looking at me like this, are you laughing, too?


After laughing enough, several men picked up Poppi and tied her hands and feet. "Release me..." she interrupted him, with her mind continuing to water. What the hell do you want to do! Where is Benson? "

"Our young master has said that if you give us your shares, he will let you go. Otherwise, we will play with you. After all, our young master is going abroad. It's a great pity that he hasn't had sex with you for the past three years! "


All of a sudden, she heard the giggles from those men, which made her blood freeze. 'Shares!'! 'Shares!'! Poppi clenched her teeth. Except the seventy-five percent owned by the family of Quan, in the rest twenty-five percent she was the second largest holder of shares. When the news that she wanted to sell the shares came out, so many people were unexpectedly involved, including Benson Ji. Didn't he also let this chance off? But she still didn't believe the fact. She said in a hoarse voice, "Benson won't say like that He won't... "

"Then you can give it a try!" The man suddenly raised his hand to tear off the clothes of Poppi. With a hiss, the coat of her was torn and her snow-white skin was exposed. The man's cold hand went all the way down along her neck. Poppi struggled desperately, but she was like a lamb to be slaughtered, unable to break free.

"He brought us here..."

"Do you think you deserve Mr. Benson? Stop dreaming... "

"Shares is your last value..."

"Wow!" Poppi burst into tears. Accompanied by the sound of thunder and rain, the voice of Poppi became more and more shrill and miserable, "Benson! I hate you! I hate you! "

There were men's laughter all around her, but she didn't see the appearance of Benson.

"Will you give us the shares or not?" The man asked again and reached out his hand to the chest of Poppi.

"Don't touch me!" "If you touch me again, you won't get my shares. Just release me..." Poppi yelled with all her strength.

After hearing this, these men let go of her, although a little hesitated.

"Have you really decided to give up your shares?" The man asked again.

"Yes." Poppi nodded and tears flew across her face to the wound which hurt so much. But it was nothing compared to her scars in heart. Poppi stumbled and stepped back. Several men were staring at her in a daze. When she slowly spoke, she stepped back calmly and said, "if you want to take the share in my hand, why don't you ask Benson to come and get it

bobbed in his throat, he slowly opened his mouth and said, "it's true. There is something wrong with the Wind International Group. If you are willing to hand over your shares, I promise... "


The thunder came from the sky at the right time. As if being struck on the nerves, Poppi suddenly raised her hand with all her strength and slapped him in the face.

As soon as he tilted his head, some palm prints suddenly appeared on his face.

"Benson Ji, I'm wrong about you." Against the rain, Poppi broke into tears, "I don't want to see you anymore. If you want the shares, just kill me." After she finished her words, Poppi turned around, turned her back to him and walked forward step by step.

It was the last time she saw him.

As for what happened that night, she couldn't remember clearly. It was said that she fainted because of the high fever and didn't wake up until three days later. When he woke up, he had gone abroad and no one knew about the stock issue.


The harsh whistles of the road woke Poppi up suddenly and she suddenly realized that she had been trapped in her memory for a long time. She was still staring across the road. The man she had not seen for four years now appeared in front of her again.

Wearing a wind coat, Benson was thin and pale. He just stared at Poppi. The emotions in her eyes were complex, as if she was missing her husband and being reluctant to leave him.

At this moment, her phone rang.

The phone in her hand suddenly buzzed and she quickly collected her thoughts, only to find that she had also put the phone near her ear. She quickly picked up the phone. It was Shirley. "Hello, Poppi? What happened? Why didn't I call you? Do you want to scare me to death? "

"I, I just..." Not knowing how to explain, Poppi stumbled to the direction of the subway station. She didn't look across the road. Her hand was in the corner of her eyes. She didn't even want to see the man.

"I have to take the subway! It was just too noisy! " Poppi hung up the phone without any hesitation and took a deep breath.

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