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   Chapter 42 We Can't Meet Again Later

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10891

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It was not until the group of people left that Shirley realized what had happened. "Who? Benson Ji?! Who is the young master? "

"I don't know." Poppi shook her head, moved along the corner of the wall, collapsed to the ground, looked at the mess in the room, and said slowly, "it doesn't matter who it is, it doesn't matter either..."

"It doesn't matter." Not knowing the despair in her words, Shirley shouted excitedly, "you can ask Benson Ji to help you! Since it is young master, they must be rich. We can help you solve the problem of the medical fees first. "

Poppi gave a bitter smile. They had been in love for three years and they knew each other very well and they were very intimate. Moreover, Poppi knew that the Benson Ji's family is good, and he did not hide anything about it. But he did not mention which company is theirs. It seemed that his family didn't like her.

"Call Benson Ji quickly! He is not far away. " "It is really push us too far! The lady they were talking about was the mother of Benson Ji, right? Let's go and find Benson! "

"We broke up." The light and graceful words of Poppi shocked Shirley, "what? 'Poppi, are you kidding? Didn't you say that Benson had proposed to you? When did you break up? You were not... "

"We just broke up."

"Are you crazy? Why? " She patted herself on the head.

"I don't know." Poppi shook her head. She got a sore throat and couldn't cry out. She didn't know what was wrong with her life. All of a sudden, something bad happened to her father and sister. Her beloved, Benson Ji broke up with her again at this point. Did she do something wrong?

"I only know that..." After a pause, Poppi looked around the ward. When she saw the messy situation of the glass, she didn't forget to have a sense of humor. "I just know that my debt is going to be increased again."

"What You are still in the mood to joke now! What about Benson Ji? " "Is this the end of the three-year relationship? Shirley asked He didn't tell you why he broke up with you, and you didn't ask either. "

Poppi shook her head and said, "no more questions I don't know how to explain the things about my father and sister. It's good for us to break up. Now I only hope that my father and Celine can wake up, "

Shirley knew that Poppi was stubborn and knew that it was useless to say anything more. So she said, "you are right! You can't live without a man? 'Poppi, I don't care whose young master he is, we won't relay on him!' We must become rich one day! "

"Okay," said Poppi with a light smile. When I am rich, I will buy new bags each day. And we will buy two same bags, one was thrown and the other was used. What about you? "

"I... to buy clothes! I will buy and throw them one after another too! When I become a supermodel, I will put on the clothes specially designed by my personal designer. " She held her head high, looking forward to the future.

Although it was summer vacation, Shirley made an appointment with part-time worker to accompany Poppi for two days. Then she took a bus and went to another city.

Poppi told the shareholders her shares. She found a short part-time job to do and visited her father and sister from the hospital. She thought that in addition to her huge de

ne of us can live on. "

"I don't believe you." "You don't love money..." Poppi tried to explain

"That's because I'm rich. So you think that I don't love money." Benson's voice was erratic, "Poppi, we've been together for three years. If you want to We are still together, but it's only the title of wife I can't give it to you. Will it okay? "

"Benson Ji! You scum! What do you want me to do? Your mistress?! You are underestimating me! " After breaking out a curse, Poppi almost roared out, threw the umbrella and strode away. She was too stupid to let him hurt her again.

The umbrella was bought for her by him.

Minutes passed, and an umbrella suddenly disappeared above her head.

Poppi walked out lonely, but it suddenly began to rain. Raindrops falling down one after another which were as large as beans and hit her body, cold and painful. Their second meeting was nothing but it was a full day's expectation of Poppi and the disappointment will in…… a lifetime.

Duh duh duh

Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming close from behind, which sounded very messy, as if there were a powerful army approaching. Poppi suddenly looked back and saw a dozen men running out of the darkness. Instinctively, Poppi began to run forward as fast as she could. This group of people must be chasing after her.

Sure enough, the moment she ran away, a man behind her shouted, "hurry up! Catch up with her! Mr. Ji said we must catch her! "

The rain became more and more dense, and Poppi rushed forward regardless of everything. Her face was completely wet, and she could not tell it was rain or tears. She heard it, and it turned out that he had someone catch her If she refuse as his mistress or will be killed by him? What happened to the world! What's wrong with you, Benson Ji!

Poppi couldn't help sobbing and she began to stagger, but the footsteps behind her were getting closer and closer. Poppi clenched her teeth and ran forward. She was close and soon she ran out of the park. She saw the road

"You bitch! You want to escape? !" Suddenly, her clothes were grasped tightly by someone behind her. The man sneered and pushed her down to the ground.

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