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   Chapter 40 Let's Break Up (Part One)

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6118

Updated: 2020-02-12 00:32

It had been nearly four years since that had happened.

It was the second day after the accident of her father and Celine, Poppi woke up from the hospital bed, with a splitting headache.

"Poppi, you wake up?" Shirley asked with concern as she walked over to Poppi and helped her up, "the doctor said that you would wake up very soon. It is true. But you are still having a fever. Do you want the doctor to come? "

Only Shirley was in the room. Poppi opened her mouth and said in a hoarse voice as if her throat was covered with sand, "Why are you here, Shirley?"

"The doctor called me." Shirley smiled and said nothing more. In fact, the doctor didn't call her intentionally, but called the telephone numbers on Poppi's contact list one by one. Only she came. She didn't understand why the boyfriend called Benson Ji of Poppi didn't come.

"Doctor..." Poppi muttered to herself. Suddenly, she thought of something and opened her eyes wide, which were full of blood red. She grabbed Shirley's sleeve and said in a trembling voice, "where are my father and my sister? Where's Celine? How are they? "

"Don't be so excited! Shirley comforted her. Calm down! Look at yourself! How can you still be in the mood to care about them! They are in the hospital. "

"Are they all right?" "Last night I only remember that there is a lot of blood no way! Where are they?! I'm going to find them! " As she spoke, she got off the bed, with her gesture being quite violent.

"Nonsense!" When she heard what Poppi said, she broke out into curses and pressed on his body to stop her from moving and yelled, "Poppi! It's useless to go now! A person's brain was dead and another was a vegetative state. There is no way that they can wake up even if you see them! So, first you have to take good care of your wounds, okay! !"


, you will not have any guarantee at all! Although I always feel that your father doesn't treat you well, he has given all his shares to you. Isn't it good for you to sell it again? "

"We have no other choice now." Poppi sighed.

At this moment, her phone rang

"It's Benson Ji," While they were talking, the phone of Poppi rang, which had already pointed out by the sharp eyed of Shirley. Then she shouted with surprise, "your boyfriend finally called you! I'm going to the washroom! " With that, she left happily.

The corners of Poppi's mouth also curved up a little, then she felt a little relieved and answered the phone, "hello? "Benson?"

"Poppi." He was not too loud, but there was a hint of alienation in his voice.

"What?" Poppi was confused that he did not call her nickname.

"Where are you? I have something to tell you. Would you mind coming out? "

Benson's voice was still as gentle as usual. But thinking of her current situation, Poppi hesitated, "do you have to be here today?"

"It's very important. I have to see you today."

Benson had never said such words to her in such a heavy tone. Hearing that, Poppi couldn't help frowning and said, "okay. Will you come to me or me? "

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