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   Chapter 39 The Bad Man Is Back

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"How did you go back that day?" Early in the morning on Monday, when Poppi was not at work, she asked to Wendy, "haven't you drunk? I really can't remember anything about that night. "

Wendy covered her mouth with her hand and laughed, "Wow, it's so nice of you to sing."

"Well I remember singing. " Poppi raised her eyes and thought for a while. She remembered that she had talked a lot with Hugh after stepping down the stage, probably after the interview, they were still good friends

She still remembered that Hugh's face was quite gloomy. He wanted to say something to him but stopped on a second thought. Poppi dared not to think further about what he would say and could only drink as hard as she could.

"Don't forget that Poppi came with Malcolm and Mr. Su that day. It was Mr. Wei who drove both Shirley and I back." Said Wendy.

"Who? Mr. Wei? " Poppi came to herself and asked with her eyes wide open, "could it be Mr. Wei? The one with Mr. Malcolm. "

Wendy nodded her head, as if she was chicken pecking rice. "He said his name is Barry Wei."

"What?! It was really him! Wendy, are you okay? Has he done anything bad to you? " She got nervous immediately. Barry Wei! That man who looked like a demon was actually him! How could he be so fat? How about the knife scar? 'where is the axe? It turned out that legends were deceptive.

"What's wrong with Barry Wei, Poppi? He didn't do anything to me. We didn't talk much on the way. " Seeing the expression in Wendy's eyes, Poppi shook her head and laughed, "it's okay." Maybe it was because there were not many idiots such as Wendy in Ye city, who were innocent and pitiful.

"But he was very strange. He said that I looked like someone and when I asked him who I looked like, but he didn't say anything." "I don't know which is look alike or have similar personalities."

After hearing that, Poppi took a deep look at Wendy. She thought that they were alike. The two women were so alike that Poppi thought of Celine. Did he know her?

"Poppi, why don't you answer me when I ask you this question?" Wendy couldn't help but ask.

"What? I didn't! " Poppi came back to her senses at once, "go to work. No one can compare with her! No one can replace her. " She was too stupid to think about it! It didn't matter if Barry knew Celine each other. It had nothing to do with her.

The meeting was held in the first half of September. Several employees from different departments of the entertainment magazine were full in the meeting room.

"First, after the company leaders' review and decision, I will appoint Tina as the vice editor in chief of the advertising department. Let's applause and congratulate." When the editor in chief finished his report, thunderous applause sounded in the meeting room. The appointment letter had been sent to each employee in the company mailbox. But when the editor in chief said that, it was a bit different.

Tina stood up and politely smiled at everyone. "Thank you, everyone. I will live up to your expectations. Work hard!" After saying that, he glanced at the direction where Teresa and Poppi w


Why did he look so serious? She couldn't help but discuss in her mind, 'is it as serious as him when taking off her clothes?'. Thinking of this, she suddenly came up with the idea of luring Abner Shen. She wanted to play a trick on him to test him

"Where will you go later? How about asking Mr. Malcolm for a dinner? " Hugh suggested.

"No, thanks. I'm in a hurry," said Abner Shen while looking at his watch After saying that, he added, "Oh, by the way, when I came back by plane, I met George Quan and Benson Ji of the Wind International. They boarded the same flight with me."

"Who? !" At the other side of the bar, Sherry suddenly shouted. Her face was very serious. She suddenly stood up from her cane chair and ran to them. Noticing that Abner Shen was inspecting her face under his glasses, Shirley was stunned at first and then shook her head. She looked indignant and said, "you said that Benson Ji has come back? Is he in Ye city now? "

At this moment, her phone rang.

No sooner had Poppi left the company than she got a call from Shirley, "hello? Shirley, what's up? "

The playboy is back, Poppi!"

"Who?" Poppi was stunned and did not understand what Shirley meant.

"Benson Ji!" With a roar, she continued, "that bad man, Benson Ji, has come back! Damn it! "

Hearing this name four years later, Poppi's hand was still trembling. Why did he come back? Didn't you say that he wouldn't come back?

"Will he come to you?" There was anger and anxiety in Sherry's voice.

"What How could it be possible? " "Why is he here?" she asked in a hoarse voice

Not finishing her words, for some inexplicable reason, Poppi suddenly felt that a pair of eyes staring at her across the road. Hearing this, Poppi raised her head and looked at the man numbly. When she saw the man in the traffic, her pupil shrank and she could not move anymore.

Even if the sun was shining on her body fiercely, she still felt as if she was in an ice house. Those dark and painful past related to the name "Benson Ji" flashed in front of her eyes one by one.

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