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   Chapter 38 The Best Grandson

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"Oh my God Achoo! "

When she was having a dream, her nose suddenly itched. All of a sudden, Poppi could not help sneezing. She rubbed her nose and was about to turn over to continue sleeping when she heard the dissatisfied voice of the lady of the house. "Little Turtle, it's noon. Haven't you got up yet? Do you want to piss me off? "

"Oh my God Grandma... " She yawned and tried to open her heavy eyes, but she was not used to the harsh sunlight and raised her hand to block it.

The old lady sat on the bed and shook a grass in her hand. Seeing that Poppi seemed to wake up, she rubbed the grass on her nose again and asked, "Little Turtle, are you itchy?"

Poppi struggled to sit up and took a glance at the bedroom. Then she laughed to block the old lady's "attack". She giggled and said, "grandma, don't be ridiculous! Where's Malcolm? "

"Downstairs." With a smile, she urged, "come on, get up. Let's go to play the game of fight the landlord."

"Grandma, you are still fighting! My headache is killing me. I don't want to play it. Let Cora and Malcolm sit with you to play it! "

The old lady looked at Poppi with disgust and pointed at her head as she said, "you... You deserve it! It would be a headache if she drank so much! Why did you get my grandson to hold you upstairs? Tell me, did you do it on purpose? "

"What? !" Hearing this, Poppi was shocked with her mouth wide open and her face flushed immediately. She said awkwardly: "Malcolm, did he bring me here? Last night? How? Holding me like a princess? "

Knock, knock, knock

While they were talking, someone knocked on the door. Poppi looked over there and saw that Malcolm was wearing home clothes. He leaned against the door casually and said: "grandma, lunch is ready."

Knowing it was him, Poppi's face was even redder, like a cooked shrimp, biting her finger. Then she withdrew her eyes from Malcolm, jumped out of the bed, and helped the old lady out of bed.

The old lady walked to the door, patted on Malcolm's hand and said, "thank you very much for cooking!"

"Not at all. It's my honor to cook for grandma!" Hearing that, Malcolm smiled faintly and put his hand on the shoulder of the old lady. Although they were not close to each other, it was his limitation. He said, "grandma, let's go downstairs."

Poppi, in her pajamas, stretched herself and

of the Quan family That's because Carl Quan's grandsons are all good for nothing... "

Holding the remote control, Poppi's heart beat fast. She looked at the old lady with pitiful eyes and then turned to Malcolm. Malcolm's face was expressionless, as if what the old lady said had nothing to do with him.

The best As for Malcolm, he should be the best.

But he didn't care about the glory and protection of the Quan Group at all.

All of a sudden, Poppi's heart hurt even more.

"Okay, it's Monday tomorrow. You can go to work now. I won't disturb you anymore." The old lady stood up, patting her legs. "Cora, we have to go back to the mountain."

Out of nowhere, Cora came out of nowhere and bowed respectfully. "Yes, my lady."

"Grandma, you just come down the mountain for a few days. I haven't take you to have fun yet!" "We're not in a hurry to go back the mountain, OK?" Poppi came over in a hurry.

The old lady shook her head with a smile, "the air at the foot of the mountain is too muddy, so it's better to go up the mountain. And out of my ears are quiet."

The old lady was so stubborn that nobody could prevent her. What's more, Malcolm seemed not to have the intention to stop her.

"Why didn't you stop grandma?" After the old lady left, Poppi couldn't help but ask, "are you afraid that grandma will distract you here? What do you mean by saying that you have to buy out the Quan Qroup? Are you going to take actions? "

Then he said slowly, "I'm still taking action." That's what my father hasn't achieved. I must complete it. '.

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