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   Chapter 37 Poppi, I Like You

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The group walked out of the bar. Sean was already waiting for them at the door. Malcolm got in the car without saying a word and sat in the back seat. But when he was about to ask Sean to drive away, Barry opened the door of the car quickly and said, "Hugh has drunk a lot. Please send him back. And miss. Poppi. "

Malcolm frowned and wanted to refuse. But Shirley had already been half drunk and pushed Poppi over. She could not help but lean towards the back seat. Seeing this, Barry stuffed her in the back seat again. Then he reached out his hands to hold the falling Poppi.

Barry looked at Malcolm with a meaningful smile. Malcolm narrowed his eyes, sending out a dangerous light.

"Poppi..." Murmured Hugh. He also followed her to get into the car. As soon as he saw that, Barry dragged Hugh to sit on the passenger seat. He fastened the seat belt for him and slammed the door with a bang. Then he waved his hand to Sean, "please, thank you."

Sean nodded to him slightly and looked at the rear-view mirror again. "Mr. Malcolm, shall we go now?"

"Yes." Malcolm responded. Sniffing the alcohol, he pushed away Poppi coldly.

The car drove away at a fast speed. Mr. Barry put his hand into his pocket casually and did not turn around until the car disappeared in the heavy traffic. Then, he looked at Wendy who was like a rabbit and walked towards her.

"I called you little beauty the whole night, and you didn't even know your name. No wonder you are not willing to drink with me." Barry grinned wickedly, a strange light shining in his eyes.

"No, Just I can't drink." Wendy took a step back and answered, "I... I'm allergic to alcohol."

"Oh, I see!" Barry sighed as he touched his hair and said, "my name is Barry Wei. What about you, little pretty? "

"Wendy Yu." After saying that, Wendy started to guess what background Barry Wei was. It must not be easy to play with Malcolm and Hugh. But how come she never heard of this man? Is he from a high-ranking official family? 'special identity?

"Stop chatting!" As they were talking, Shirley walked to them with displeasure. She took Linda's hand and said, "sister Terence, let's not chat with bad men. Come on, sister Shirley will take you home." Although being drunk, Shirley still remembered that she was the one who shared the wine with the man in front of her. However, she was about to vomit when

a car ahead that suddenly turned the turn signal. I didn't notice..." Sean was trying to explain but Malcolm didn't hear it at all. Then he lowered his voice. He said and looked back at him with affectionate and painful eyes to Poppi.

"My God!" After the car just stopped, a feeling of nausea surged into Poppi's heart, and she couldn't help but retch. She retched and struggled to get rid of his hand. Then she opened the window and vomited, "vomit..."

Poppi's long hair was blowing in the air outside the window. She leaned against the window and kept vomiting, but she just couldn't spit it out. Malcolm leaned forward slightly, hands on his legs, and withdrew his sight from Poppi's face.

"Poppi, I like you!" Hugh shouted again hysterically.

The two drunk men in the car almost drove him crazy! However, it seemed that Poppi was probably drunk?

Hearing this, Poppi withdrew her body with all her strength and fell back on the back seat. She was so unclear and mumbled, "I, I like you too..."

As he opened his mouth, his hands were curled up. His joints were clear and his blue veins stood out. "Who do you like?" He asked, gnashing his teeth.

"You... You..." Poppi slightly moved her body.


Malcolm's pupils shrank, and his heart seemed to be thrown into a small stone, raising layers of ripples. For a long time, he could not calm down.

"Close the window, Sean."

"Okay, Mr. Malcolm."

Malcolm closed his eyes for a while. He knew that he could never go back to the past. His heart was upset by this small stone and could not go back anymore.

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