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   Chapter 36 At Least You Are Here

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"I don't know." Barry shrugged.

"I feel worried to come here with you alone," After saying that, Hugh also followed Malcolm to leave. Seeing that, Barry was so angry that he stamped his feet and shouted, "how can I make you feel uneasy? Wait for me, Hugh! "

Then, Malcolm came to the hall, looked around and finally saw the woman's figure. She seemed quite at ease

Poppi had been trapped at the booth, surrounded by several men. It's a pity that the three men came for Wendy and insisted on letting the little girl drink. "How about I punish myself with three glasses of wine? My sister really doesn't like to drink. Next time I come here, I'll propose a toast to you! "

A trace of displeasure appeared in his eyes and he frowned. Then he moved his body and was about to leave, but someone beside him walked towards the side of Poppi before him. It was obvious that Hugh was very anxious. He rubbed against Malcolm and walked past the booth. He rushed to the booth and called, "poppi!"

"I didn't expect that you are here. It's so unusual. And your wife is here too! But there is someone who cares more about your wife than you do. " Mr. Wei followed and stood beside Malcolm, with blurry eyes, "danger! It's dangerous!"

"You know clearly the relationship between me and poppi." Malcolm stared at the other side and asked, "who cares about her? I don't care."

"It's the best if you don't care. After all, you can't love two women at the same time, just two sisters... " Looking at the man's angry face, Barry Wei smirked.

"Mr... Mr. Su? Why are you here? " On the other side, Poppi opened her mouth and looked at Hugh with her drunken blurred eyes. She puckered her mouth slightly as if she were acting like a spoiled child.

"How much wine did you drink?" In a slightly angry tone, Hugh reached out and took the glass from Poppi's hand.

"Isn't that Mr. Su?"

"Oh, Mr. Su is here. Come on, let's have a drink!"

"Mr. Su has been busy since he came back. We didn't have much time to chat."

Those men turned around to look at Hugh. Poppi grinned with pleasure and swaggered to look for Shirley. But when she just turned around, someone came in front of her.

Poppi raised her head and looked at that man's face. As soon as she saw him, she took a deep breath and a trace of purity flashed across her eyes. She looked at him and said, "Malcolm, why are you here?"

Malcolm pressed his lips tightly and stared at her for a few seconds. Then he looked down from her smooth neck to her exposed thigh. His face darkened and he didn't say anything. Strangely, Poppi felt quite depressed and dared not to say anything anymore.

"Hello, Mr. Malcolm!" Wendy greeted. Just as she finished her words, a man walked out from behind Malcolm. He was wearing a suit, but the top two buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, and one part of his body seemed to break through the shackles and break free.

It was nobody else but Barry Wei.

Taking a look at Wendy, Mr. Wei put on an evil smile and said, "Wow, a sweet litt

nd made her look more gentle.

"Wow, what a wonderful song!" Wendy asked with a slight sway.

"Of course." "At that time, Poppi and I agreed to debut together. Look, who is she looking at? Is that Miss Su? "

"Maybe." Echoed Mr. Wei, looking up at Mr. Malcolm. Malcolm's face flickered, but his eyes were firm.

"The mole in your palm, I always remember where it is."

The last word of Poppi dragged on the line, and her voice was melodious and mysterious, attracting cheers.

Hugh could not wait to be the flower guardian. He came to the side of the platform and helped Poppi get off the platform. Poppi giggled at him, "Mr. Su, thank you."

"You sing very well." There was a hint of admiration in his eyes.

"This is my name card. May I help you record?"

"Miss. Poppi, here is another toast for you!"

"It's incredible. Come on..."

Poppi was surrounded by several people. Though Hugh drank a lot to protect her, he was still cannot get rid of her.

When was the time to sit down, Malcolm almost circled the glass with his slender fingers. The sparkling liquid in the glass made his eyes look even more gorgeous. He put forth a little strength and drank up the wine.

"Mr. Malcolm, you have drunk too much!" Wendy couldn't help saying, "please don't drink it anymore."

"Hey, hey, little beauty, he's a good drinker. Don't mind him. Just drink to dispel your misgivings!" Mr. Wei leaned over, with his beautiful eyes squinting slightly. He was spraying the hot breath with alcohol near her ear.

Wendy was so frightened that she took a step back. Seeing that, Mr. Wei burst into laughter.

When the wine had gone through three rounds and the dishes had five flavors. They couldn't help but hurt each other.

"I... I'm leaving. My grandmother is still at home!" Poppi finally returned to her seat and picked up her bag to leave.

"I will see you off!" Hugh shook his head and got up.

Damn it!

Malcolm sat in a corner and put a glass of wine on the marbled table. "I'm leaving too."

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