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   Chapter 35 The Red Rope Of The Moon Old Lord

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9923

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After playing the cards that day, the old lady fell in love with the game of playing the landlord. As she had a large amount of time to be free, she asked Poppi and Malcolm to play together to kill the time. Although there was no rewards and punishment, Poppi still felt uneasy. Presumably, Malcolm had the same feeling. Because since that "kiss" happened on that day, they seldom talked. In a word, they met as little as possible.

That was the most tacit understanding between the two.

Finally on weekend, Sherry made an appointment with Poppi to go shopping together with Wendy. After dinner and shopping, Shirley still felt a little unsatisfied. She said, "how about going to the bar tonight? Tomorrow is Sunday, right? "

"Of course, I can. I haven't been there for a long time. Wendy, will you go with me? "

"But, I haven't been there." Wendy asked with uncertainty, "is it messy inside?"

"Oh, no, it won't." With her eyes glowing under the sunglasses, Shirley held her arm and said, "it must be a formal place. I know there is a bar, specially for celebrities. It's absolutely safe. You can go there with any kinds of autographs and take any pictures you want. It's closer to your idol's studio. How about it? "

"Wow, really?" Wendy jumped up willingly, "yes, I'll go with you, Poppi!"

"Then let's go!" Poppi smiled and stretched her arms, "it's not easy to have fun here today."

After their discussion, the three were about to walk back. Shirley's assistant was already waiting for them at the roadside. The three of them walked over there. When they approached the car, they were suddenly stopped by a middle-aged man with goatee on his head. "Girls, are you interested in fortune-telling?" The sorcerer with goatee asked as he scratched his pocket.

After looking the man up and down, Poppi said firstly, "no, we are all good young men. We don't believe in fortune prediction."

Shirley couldn't help laughing. Wendy asked, looking at him innocently.

"Let's go." Said Poppi. Then Shirley and Wendy followed them. The judge with goatee pushed in front of poppi and said, "Miss, I have checked your appearance. I guess that you have a good time with different kinds of women these days! How about buying a red rope? " Then he took out a red rope from her pocket. It was a simple rope with three strings of thin rope coiled around the rope and made into a rope. The rope was promised by the sorcerer, "it is a red rope thread made by the moon old lord. Which just like Cupid's arrows. If you like a man, you can give it to whoever you like. As long as you tie it, the man will surely fall in love with you. I'm sure he will surely love you wholeheartedly. What do you think? "

Poppi rolled her eyes at him. When she was about to leave, Shirley suddenly showed interest. "Oh, Poppi, this suits you!"

"Just buy one!" The seller with goatee echoed.

"How much is it?" Wendy asked.

The person with goatee made a gesture to Wendy and s

dy took a close look at the drink under the dim light and found it was blue liquid. She was so excited that she almost drank it out of her carelessness.

"It's my honor to invite Miss. Poppi to have a drink."

Poppi raised her glass and drank it up. "Thank you, Mr. Carlos!" she said

"Miss. Poppi, you are so frank and fresh. Let's have another drink if possible!"

"No problem!" Poppi shook her hand and was supported by Wendy quickly.

Wendy helped her to sit down and asked, "are you okay?" From the moment they entered the bar, Poppi had been standing in front of her to protect her. She drank a dozen glasses of wine for her, and she drank a dozen glasses herself. No wonder she was so drunk. Wendy counted the wine in several colors. It was hard to imagine how awful it would be if such colorful liquid mixed together in Poppi's belly

"I'm fine. I can't let anything happen to you." Poppi was still a little sober. She looked at the dance floor and saw Shirley was still dancing with the man next to her. She laughed and said, "she is crazy!"


The bartender's greeting voice was instantly drowned in the music. Three tall, handsome men with distinctive features came to the bar. They were Hugh, Barry, and Malcolm.

Before the three of them passed a beautiful woman with a large chest and thin waist, Mr. Barry whistled at the woman mischievously. The woman winked at the woman, but immediately her eyes stopped at Malcolm. She paused and put her hands on his body softly. "Handsome man, how about buying me a drink?"

"Not really." Malcolm pulled down the woman's hand with a cold face, walked through the hallway without saying a word, and walked towards the hall. The girl was a little embarrassed. She turned around and left without saying a word.

Barry patted him on the shoulder and said, "do you ask Mr. Malcolm to come to this place to ruin the reputation of the whole bar?"

"What do you think? Why do I ask him to come here? "

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