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   Chapter 34 Poppi, Kiss Me.

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Poppi took out a deck of playing cards and sat on the floor with her legs crossed and they circled around the floor, with the rules of shuffling. The old lady was quite a veteran. The conversation with her was quite clear and easy.Malcolm was also get it quickly.

"We need to make a deal in advance. What we win will be awarded and what we lose will be punished," The old lady continued as she drew the cards.

"Draw a turtle on your face!" Poppi touched the card of K and said with a smile, "when we were playing cards in the dormitory, we could even draw my face black."

"Change it to another one." Malcolm immediately refused. Draw a turtle on one's face? Only those childish people would draw a turtle on the face. As expected, only Poppi could come up with such an idea.

"Yes, change it!" The old lady looked very angry. "Young girls nowadays don't know how to take care of their bodies. Why do they draw a turtle on their face? How can you come up with such an idea? Who as a woman, you should be elegant and behave yourself! "

Poppi stuck out her tongue and said, "yes, grandma. I'll keep that in mind. I'll learn the 'how to draw a girl's attention'. I want to be an elegant woman, okay? " She then made a gesture.

"I don't think so." The old lady lowered her head and reached for another card. "Good card!"

Poppi's eyebrows twitched and the corners of her mouth twitched, then she took her hand back and asked, "what are our rewards and punishments? Ah Or we can make money. " "That's a good idea. I'll get more motivation," she cheered up

"It's not funny." The old lady shook her head, "we are a family. What's the meaning of earning money? What do you think, Malcolm?"

"Grandma is right." While the old lady was looking at the cards, Malcolm whispered to Poppi, "leave it to grandma later."

"Of course I know," Poppi blinked and replied

"Really?" She came up with an idea and said, "in my opinion, the loser needs to kiss the winner."

Malcolm's face darkened. If he lost and Poppi won, would he kiss her? no way!

Poppi stole a glance at Malcolm, but she still pretended to be relaxed and said, "grandma, this is more boring than winning money. We are family. What's the point of kissing? "

"I also want to see the way you kiss!" The old lady looked at them up and down with her sharp eyes. After she took the last card, she said, "you have been married for three years, but I only saw two marriage certificates without a wedding photo, you don't even have a kid yet.. You didn't make out with each other in front of me. I just want to see you kissing. "

Hearing this, Poppi was speechless. Then, she gave a glance to Malcolm, with the meaning of "what to do".

"What's more, Malcolm, if you want to prove that nothing happened last night, do as what I said." The old lady ordered in a strong voice, "it's not the end of the problem last night!"

"Grandma, I think what Poppi just said is actually a good idea." "It's funny to draw a turtle on the face," said Malcolm seriously

When he just finished, Poppi burst into laugh

eat in her chest.

He didn't know his heart was beating faster.

What happened last night was replayed on the Internet by Poppi and Malcolm, but the old lady enjoyed it very much.

"Poppi, are you afraid?" The whispering voice from Malcolm which made her ears red and shyness, Poppi stiffened and grabbed the cloth on Malcolm's chest, "Malcolm..."

After that, she felt a chill on her face and held her hand tightly. As Malcolm kissed her on the cheek, his voice was so gentle that it could barely be heard. "Thank you for your cooperation."

After that, Malcolm quickly left the side of Poppi and withdrew his body at once.

"Grandma, are you satisfied with the result?" Then he sat straight again without any expression on his cool face.

"Not satisfied." The old lady pouted. "In fact you should kiss her lips, but you just kiss her face. I didn't feel comfortable for your cheating. How about you try it again? Let's switch the little turtles kiss you. "

"Poppi, will you agree it?" he asked with raised corners of her mouth.

Hearing what Malcolm said, Poppii was still in a daze. She screamed in surprise and came to her senses immediately. However, her face turned red and her eyes dodged. She managed to get up with her hands holding on the ground, stumbled to the kitchen and said, "I... I'm going to drink some water..."

"The little turtle are shy." The old lady compressed her lips into a smile and gave him a cunning look, "you are shy, too."

"I am not!" Edward looked at the cards in his hand, not looking at the old lady.

"Your ears are red." Her grandma said as if she saw through everything, "if you feel shy, your ears will be red."

Hearing this, Malcolm felt a little relieved. He turned his head to look at the back of Poppi, who was in the kitchen now. Her smile was like a feather caressing his heart.

In the kitchen, Poppi kept patting her face to calm down but the kiss on her face seemed to be burning. She wondered what good luck she had recently! The luck is she will fall in love with someone?

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