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   Chapter 33 Happy Fight The Landlord

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"Wendy just graduated this year! She is so young. We are all getting old. "

The three of them found a restaurant to have dinner. They chatted happily. Shirley was interested in Wendy and couldn't help asking many questions.

She was cool in magazines. She didn't expect her to be such a party animal. She was more fond of her and would answer every question she asked.

"Shirley, I adore you and Poppi. Both of you have had a wonderful life and I think this is how life should be like." Wendy said seriously, "I hope I can be like you in the future."

"Do you know what kind of condition it need?" She took a sip of water.

"What condition?" Wendy asked and looked at Poppi. Poppi held out her right hand and rubbed her index and middle fingers quickly. Then Wendy suddenly realized, "is it money?"

Poppi nodded slowly and smiled at Shirley. She then continued, "we share the same experience. We know that men are not reliable. Don't you know that? Only cash can help you get everything you want."

Wendy pondered over it and nodded.

"Come on, don't get pissed off. It's for our cash."

The atmosphere in the box was heated up. Just in the middle of the meal, a call from Malcolm reminded Poppi that she had to go back to cook lunch for her grandma at noon. After eating a few mouthfuls of food, she said goodbye and hurried back to the Imperial Tang Yard without stopping.

As soon as she entered the apartment, she smelled the light meal aroma. After changing her shoes, she ran to the kitchen while shouting, "have you hired a chef at home? Who was cooking? Malcolm Malcolm, you... "

When she reached the kitchen door, she stopped immediately, only to see that in leisure wear and an apron, Malcolm stood in front of the stove, cooking!

Hearing what Poppi said, Malcolm stirred the noodles in the pan, turned around and snorted, "what's wrong with you?"

She thought he is sometimes as common as an old shoe.

"Are you cooking?" Poppi just came back to herself and slowly walked into the kitchen, "grandma said you could cook, but I didn't believe it. Hey, hey, I have a good lunch today!"

"Not your share," Malcolm cast a glance at Poppi and put the dishes on the chopping board into the pan. "Where have you been just now? Why did you come back so late?"

"I Shirley is back. I am going to have lunch with Shirley. I thought of my grandma in the dining room, so I rush back. " Poppi smiled and came to his side, looking him up and down. It was not common for Mr. Malcolm to wear an apron. In this case, she needed to take a photo of him for a while? Thinking of this, Poppi sneaked out her mobile phone, turned on the camera, found the right position, and was about to take photos. But as she was about to do so, as if Malcolm could foresee, he suddenly turned around, squinted, and looked at her and the "camouflage equipment" in her hand. "What are you doing, Poppi? Come and cook for me if you don't have anything else to do. "

"Well, what do you want to eat?" Poppi pretended to take back her mobile phone. But the moment Malcolm spoke, the click he sounded and the picture of his red apron was captured.

Malcolm's face darkened, "delete it

o your wife. Anyway, you two are living a happy life."

When his mother-in-law started to eat, he finally felt relieved. Looking at Poppi, he asked calmly, "do you need any explanation?"

"No, no, No. I've got it!" "I trust you," Poppi nodded her head firmly

"Let's eat."

"Grandma, where do you want to go?" After dinner, Poppi chatted with her grandma on the sofa and he sit on the other side asked.

"What are we doing out for? It's so hot outside." The old lady pouted. "I'm at home. I won't go out."

"It's okay to stay at home. Grandma, you might catch a cold," Malcolm answered.

"But it's so boring." She added.

"What about watching TV?"

"I don't like it."

"Tell jokes?"



"I just woke up."

Poppi winked at Malcolm, "Malcolm, would you like to have one idea! It's not easy to have a rest for an afternoon. Let's think about it. "

Malcolm thought for a while and proposed carefully, "or we can chat in this way."

After saying that, Poppi and the lady rolled their eyes at the same time.

"Signing up at the fifth competition of fighting the landlord gold league..."

A voice suddenly came from the TV, which startled Poppi. She quickly held the old lady's hand and said, "grandma, let's fight the landlord? Or do you know how to play mahjong, Cora? "

Cora shook her head.

"Then let's fight the landlord," Poppi twitched her mouth.

"To fight the landlord?"

"Right, it is playing cards!" Poppi nodded her head and took a look at Malcolm, "let's play the game. If we lose, there will be punishment. What do you think?"

Her grandma was interested in it. "I used to be a master of poker games. I'll play with you. Do you have cards? "

"Do you want to play with us, Malcolm?" After Poppi asked, and just when Malcolm wanted to answer, she continued, "even if you don't play, you have to play. there is nobody play with us."

Malcolm made no response. Playing with his grandmother was the most important thing. Although he had not played this kind of card game for a long time.

"A card?" Malcolm asked.

"Yes! I'll go get the cards. "

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