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   Chapter 32 An Unchangeable Friendship

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Hearing the familiar voice, Poppi shivered and then a bright smile came from the corner of her mouth. She knew who he was without even turning around! Poppi turned around excitedly and called out the name of her, "Sherry Qiao!"

On the other hand, Wendy was standing next to them with her mouth wide open. Her eyes were full of admiration as she followed Sherry Qiao's steps

With a handsome suit, a denim and a peaked cap on her face, Sandra smiled as she took off her hat when she saw Poppi turn around, "well, you haven't forgotten me. It's worth for me!" Then, she opened her arms.

Poppi smiled and gave Sherry Qiao a hug. She said excitedly, "why do you come back? When did you come back? Why didn't you tell me? Oh, my God! "

"Is it a surprise?" Shirley Qiao held Poppi in her arms, whose every cell was beating with joy, telling her excitement of meeting a friend.

"Wow, what a surprise!" Poppi loosened her grip on Shirley Qiao, clenched her fists and jumped with excitement.

Wendy stood aside and looked enviously at the woman who was playing with Poppi. She was surprised to see that the woman in flat shoes was much taller than Poppi. And her long legs were almost to the waist of Poppi.

The staff of the periodical office nearby couldn't help taking pictures secretly. Shirley Qiao greeted them kindly and chatted with Poppi.

"I haven't seen you for a long time, but your legs seem to be longer than before."

"Honey, you are more beautiful than me. I can't help but fall in love with you!"

"Come on. Love me as much as you can!"

"Haha Shameless! "

Poppi started chatting with Shirley Qiao as if no one was around. Looking at her for a long time, Hugh could not help raising the corners of his mouth slightly. Why didn't he know that before!

"You're talking before the final work is over. You are so comfortable with each other. How about the others?" Seeing that they were not going to stop, Hugh could not help but interrupt them.

Hearing his voice, Shirley Qiao smiled at him, "yes, you are right, Mr. Su." After that, he took a look at Poppi and said, "I think it's time to go off work. Let's go out and have a chat."

"Okay." Poppi nodded her head firmly and thought of something and said, "wait! I have something for Mr. Su. " She rummaged through her purse and took out the stamp which was sealed by the emperor's personally. "Here you are. You don't have to take it personally."

Taking the stamp from her hands, Hugh listened to her and she said, "just take them. I'm satisfied with our cooperation come to the end. "Ms. Su, thank you for today's interview."

"Where?" Hugh smiled politely, but reminded of the words "the end" that Poppi just said. 'I want to have a relationship with her forever. I just want to stay with her...'

Shirley looked at Hugh and Poppi up and down, with a meaningful smile on her face.

Poppi thought of Wendy, so she hurried to pull the little girl over and said, "don't you adore Shirley Qiao? Why don't you say hello to her when she com

right away and said, "you always want the rest of the stamp album! Did that woman give it to you? Awesome! "

"Give me!" Dissatisfied with his behavior, zed took the rest of the stamp back from Hugh's hand and put it in his pocket carefully. He blamed David, "how dare you! Don't touch my things!"

"Fine, fine, I'm not good!" David curled his lips and said, "I didn't get the stamp. And my coffee was not so good as her. I was totally a bad assistant!"

"It's good that you realized your mistake." Hugh chuckled and said, "you've corrected your mistake. It's better for my assistant to be a better one."

David was speechless, "the man fall in unrequited love is really different."

One-sided love Without saying anything, he sighed and closed his eyes slowly.

David shrugged and said, "your schedule in the afternoon is still tight. I don't think you can make it."

"Nothing is impossible. I'm just hungry." After replying David, Hugh still closed his eyes. But his mind flashed back to the time when he talked with Sherry on the phone yesterday. What she told something about Poppi.

"Mr. Su, do you really have a crush on Poppi? You didn't tell her you liked her, did you? Don't scare her! "

"What do you mean?"

"To be honest with you, there is a great reason for her is single. When she was young, she met a bad man and abandoned her when she was in her difficulty, so she kept away from males. If you confessed your love to her, it wouldn't be very likely for you to succeed! So, please take your time. "

"What kind of man is he? What happened? " Hearing that, Hugh's heart sank.

"Mr. Su, I can't mention Poppi's sadness." Then she continued, "you start with Poppi as friends, okay?"

Sitting in the car, Hugh opened his eyes. He wanted to protect her suddenly. What Shirley said sounded serious. How did she spend that period of time? Why is he so softhearted now? '? Hugh could not put down his feeling more and more. On his wrist, it seemed that her touch was still kept yesterday

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