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   Chapter 31 The Interview Ended Well

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10414

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"If you think our phone is broken because of this, then I'm sorry. It's not a problem, but a new function."

Poppi rolled her eyes, "does which was the function of knowing the highest leader's preference? Well, it's good. This morning after his interview, I want to make a clean break with Mr. Su, lest you remind me again and again not to get too close to him. "

"It's good that you know it."

But before she could say anything, Malcolm stepped on the gas and rushed to the building of the periodical office together with Poppi.

"Mr. Malcolm, thank you for taking care of me. I will finish my work earlier today and try to go home early to accompany grandma. I will call you later!" After that, Poppi took off her seat belt and would to get off the car carrying her bag. It felt like she wanted to run away in an instant.

Malcolm cast a cold glance at her and unfastened his seat belt. At that moment, Poppi was surprised but didn't think too much. She pushed the door open and got out of the car. However, as soon as she got out of the car, she saw that Malcolm also got off in accordance with her action and stood beside the door.

Hearing that, Poppi was shocked. She quickly took her bag to cover her face and said tremblingly, "Malcolm, are you crazy? Why did you get off? "

"It's none of your business." Then he closed the door.

"I Whatever, it's none of my business! " Poppi spat and ran away quickly towards the gate of the building.

Malcolm slightly squinted his eyes and followed her.

"Wow, it's Mr. Malcolm..."

"Oh my God! He comes to our magazine again!"

"He's so handsome! Ah! "

Poppi was walking on the hallway of the magazine. As soon as she entered the door, she was disturbed by the anthomaniac girls of the magazine, which made her more confused. Naturally, it was Malcolm who followed her nearly!

Why did Malcolm come to the magazine office with her? She thought he would leave after Malcolm put her down. Damn it! Malcolm came in too! Thinking of this, Poppi quickened her pace.

"Miss. Poppi!" His voice was full of deterrence, shouting at Poppi who was about to run away.

"Haha..." She suddenly stopped and turned around with a fake smile. Then she glanced at the people around her with the corner of her eyes and said, "Hey, Mr. Malcolm, what are you doing here? What do you want from me? "

But Malcolm stepped forward and stood beside Poppi, speaking to her in a cold voice, "take me to Hugh."

Today was the day for Hugh's interview. Poppi rushed to the interview, but she did not expect that Malcolm would also come.

"But you and I..."

"Wow, Mr. Malcolm! 'Poppi! Why are you two here together? " Teresa came over from the other end of the corridor and her eyes widened when she saw the two.

"Haha What a coincidence! That's a coincidence! " Poppi said with a awkward smile.

Casting a glance at Poppi, Malcolm began to talk calmly, "I heard that Hugh was interviewed today, so I come here to have a look. I came here to borrow someone from you. "

"Borrow someone from us? Who is it? " Teresa Zhang nodded and bowed to him. Poppi was a

er water and looked at them through the glass wall, enjoying herself.


"Miss Tina, I'll leave the interview with you." In the hallway, Malcolm suddenly said, "Miss Lin has told me that. Miss Tina is responsible for it!"

Hearing this, Tina was overjoyed. "Thank you, Mr. Malcolm! I will definitely work hard! "

"Mr. Su, as you know, we are a entertainment magazine. Do you mind if I ask you a few private questions?" It was almost noon. At the end of the interview, Poppi could not forget her nature of gossip and tried to give more information to the interview.

"Go ahead!" Hugh said with a doting smile.

"Mr. Su is the dream of many girls. You don't have a girlfriend yet, do you?" Poppi smiled cunningly.

"Yes, I didn't." Shaking his head, Hugh could not help laughing.

"What's your ideal type?" "A Lolita? A big sister? "

Raising his hand and covering his mouth, he coughed and said with a smile, "it depends on fate! But I prefer a lively one. "

"Really?" "She is an outgoing girl. What about her figure, hair and appearance?" she asked

There was a bigger smile on the lips of Hugh, and his eyes became more and more serious. Looking at the Poppi, he said slowly, "I like laughing with curved eyes, I like slightly curly hair, I like her to put on a light makeup, I like..."

There was passion in Hugh's eyes and Poppi just buried herself in taking notes and nodded from time to time, without noticing anything.

"OK!" After finishing the last word, Poppi looked up and smiled, "then let's stop here for the interview, shall we? Mr. Su, thank you again for accepting our interview. "

"You're welcome." After saying that, he stood up, stretched his hands and shook with Poppi

"OK! Card! Over! "

"YES! It's over! "

"Oh howl, happy ending!"

The crowd in the interview room began to cheer. Poppi also felt relieved. When she was about to speak, she heard the sound of high heels coming from behind, and then the sound of someone knocking on her left shoulder. She said in a teasing tone, "little girl, how capable!"

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