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   Chapter 30 We Would Cherish Each Other.

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"Grandma, I have an interview this morning. If there is nothing else, I will come back early." "Where do you want to go, grandma?" Poppi asked smilingly You seldom go down the mountain. Let me show you around. Where do you want to go? "

"Let's go to a funny place!" The old lady raised her head and answered like a child, "let's go to find something interesting."

"Okay, let's do as grandma said!" "We will have fun somewhere and make a plan." Poppi replied

"Where is Malcolm?" The old lady turned to her grandson, curled her lips and said, "I'm worried to go out with the little turtle alone."

"Grandma, don't be silly. I won't hurt you! By the way, your grandson is so busy... "

"The release of the latest mobile phone of the SG Group was started today, and the first batch of products was already in stock at three o'clock in the morning..."

The early morning news began to play the news about the SG group. Like the old lady, Poppi forgot what she had just said and watched the TV unconsciously.

Poppi couldn't help but be speechless. Was his plan going to dominate the mobile phone market? He was so awesome. When she was about to congratulate him, she was attracted by the TV screen and the voice. She couldn't say anything more.

"And last night, a reporter found that Mr. Malcolm and a woman seemed to hold hands together in the Times Square..."

There were several blurry pictures on the screen. In the pictures, a man and a woman were walking side by side with a smile on their faces. While the man, who looked firm and cold on his side face, was exactly Malcolm. Even though the picture was dark and not clear, poppi and the old lady could recognize it at a glance.

"Is that you?" The old lady asked. Her face darkened in an instant as she looked at Malcolm.

"Yes." ZEMO nodded slightly.

Poppi was speechless. She blinked at him and waited for his next words. Next second, when he was about to stretch his chopsticks, his grandma slapped him across the table.

"Tell me! What happened! " The old lady said with anger.

ZEMO cast a glance at his grandmother, "grandma, news is exaggerating. I just had a cup of coffee with her last night."

"Coffee? !" The lady was furious. She raised her voice and snapped, "you said you had something important to do last night. Did you just go out for a cup of coffee? You Kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk.... " The old lady was so angry that she couldn't help coughing.

"Grandma! Are you all right, grandma? " Poppi was shocked.

"Grandma, how are you feeling? Cora, get the doctor! "

"Yes, Mr. Huo."

"Don't touch me!" Her grandmother pouted and pushed away Malcolm's hand. "There is no good in your family! Especially men! Malcolm, don't touch me! Kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk.... "

Malcolm's hand stopped in midair all of a sudden.

Not knowing what to do, Poppi comforted, "grandma, don't be angry! Then how could Malcolm be such a bastard. Their company's mobile phones were sold in advance today, and he just took the opportunity to become the headline of the news and create a news about mobile phones! " At the same time, Poppi poured a glass of water for her grandma and said, "grandma, you drink some water first."

"I won't drink it." She looked away. She wouldn't allow his grandson to have sex with another woman. She was especially disgusted with such male behavior.

"Grandma, I'm fine. Malcolm told me last night when he came back." Poppi couldn't help but speak and winked at Malcolm.

But Malcolm turned a deaf ear to it. He was angry. If it wasn't for Poppi, he wouldn't have wanted to go out for a walk, neither would what happened after that, nor would he anger grandma

The old lady turned around and humphed to Poppi, "and you, you are a fool! You two will annoy me to death sooner or later! You can't spoil a man. Do you still want to repeat my mistakes by saying good things for your husband?! Kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk.... "

"Mr. Malcolm, Mrs. Malcolm, here comes the doctor."

But the old lady didn't even look at them. She directly asked Poppi, "did you ask him about last night? Tell me, who is that woman on TV! What's her name? "

"What?" Embarrassed, Poppi looked at Malcolm and waved her hand, "grandma, that woman on TV doesn't seem to exist and I don't even care about the name."

"Ahem!" The lady stood up abruptly, her face red with anger, and said through gritted teeth, "you idiot! We were so stupid when we were young! "

Taking a step forward, Malcolm said, "grandma, please trust me."

The old lady sneered, "I've heard that for more than 50 years! If I didn't trust him, I wouldn't have ended up like this! " Then she asked Cora to come over and let her help her walk upstairs. "You two go to work. I'm angry at the sight of you! My blood pressure Malcolm, if you have done anything to me last night, please don't call me grandma anymore! Kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk.... "

Then she slammed the door and left.

In the living room, there were only Poppi and Malcolm looking at each other, speechless.

Mr. Malcolm

waved his hand and let the doctor followed his granny.

"I'm sorry, Malcolm." Finally, there was nobody else in the room. Poppi suddenly apologized, with her feet touching the ground, "you see, you allow me to find a boyfriend. I went out to take an appointment, and was misunderstood by grandma." Looking up at Malcolm, Poppi heaved a sigh and smiled bitterly, "sure enough, the status of your wife is occupied by me, which is quite stressful!"

Malcolm's heart trembled a little. Not as casual as usual, his body was a little stiff. He turned down the stairs, looked at Poppi and said slightly, "well, don't you want to be my wife?"

"Can I Can I refuse to be your wife? " Poppi asked.

"No way." Hearing this, Malcolm's face turned cold in an instant, and he said with a hint of cruelty, "I set the rules of the game, I said start, I said end it."

Poppi lowered her eyes as her long eyelashes flickered and soon she had something weighing heavily on her mind. Then she put on a bright and charming smile again and said to him, "that's not over. I just say it casually. Being your wife will have a comfortable life and do whatever I want. If you want to drive me away, I'll still cling to you! "

"Then you can marry me at ease." Then he gazed at her with his dark eyes.

"Can I have a request?" Poppi raised her eyebrows.

"What is it?" Spitting out these words, Malcolm stood in front of Poppi, tall and slender, quite eye-catching.

"I don't want that kind of thing to happen again today," "Maybe you feel a little aggrieved, but you didn't want to make Grandma angry, did you? Grandma has a cold and is not feeling well all the time. Today we scolded her. Alas... "

He was too angry to say a word.

The fact that Carl Quan abandoned his grandma years ago had always been a thorn in his grandmother's heart. From an early age, his grandmother transmitted the idea that the couple would love each other for a lifetime. His father really had an intimate relationship with his mother. Having seen the two marriage from his grandfathers, Malcolm was even more cautious about marriage. "Keep your integrity" and was sure to love only one person all his life.

He didn't want to be noticed by the public and he didn't need to do so. This time was an accident.

Poppi was looking at Malcolm who was silent. When she was about to speak, Malcolm came back to his sense in an instant. His lips were twitching. "I have my own discretion."

"Yes." Poppi nodded. She had known clearly for the past three years that this man would keep his words.

Duh duh duh

They waited for a long time before they heard footsteps upstairs. Then Cora came down with the doctor.

"How is it going?" They greeted the doctor in hurry.

The doctor bowed slightly and said, "she has caught a cold and has taken medicine. But they had just tested his blood pressure, which was a little dangerous and a little high. You'd better be obedient. "

"Can we go upstairs to visit grandma now?"

"She's already in bed."

"I see!" Poppi was a little disappointed and glanced at Malcolm with concern.

Then he opened his thin lips and said, "Cora, you take care of your grandmother first. We are going to work now. If you need anything, just call me. I'll spare some time to accompany grandma at home in the afternoon. "

Standing next to them, Poppi couldn't help nodding her head and thinking that Mr. Malcolm was so great. When she looked up, she found that he was looking at her in a gloomy way. She asked subconsciously, "what do you want to do?"

"You can also stay at home with grandma this afternoon." The order from Mr. Malcolm forbade her to refuse.

"I..." Poppi opened her mouth wide and said, "Okay, okay. The interview is over this morning, so I can slip away this afternoon." Then she looked at her watch and said, "now that grandma is off work, can I go to the magazine first? Hugh The client is still waiting. "

"Let's go together." Then he walked out of the house with Poppi.

For the first time, Malcolm drove himself to the company to see poppi off. Surprisingly, poppi felt flattered as she sat in the front passenger seat. She said, "Mr. Mo, I'm so sorry that you have to drive me to work in person."

"You can get off here." But before he could raise his eyes, Poppi was so angry that she almost ground her teeth.

"Haha We just got out of the house. I get off here. I'm afraid I'll be late. " Poppi smiled dryly and ended the previous topic naturally. She took out her cell phone to check the time, but suddenly she was greeted with an "huh!" Why did her phone change? Now it seemed that the icon had changed, and even Hugh I lost the screen! " After tidying the cellphone for quite a while, she could not find the picture of Hugh. In the end, she could do nothing but turn her face to ask Malcolm, "Mr. Malcolm, is there a bug in the cellphone of your company?"

Malcolm glanced at the phone, "what? Hugh's photo is missing? "

"How do you know?"

"Your phone was huge and his photo covered the whole screen. It's hard to not see his photo."

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