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   Chapter 29 Don't Make Trouble, Poppi

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On the street of Ye city crowded with people and cars, Malcolm drove himself to the Era Square. The window was open, and the whistling wind made his hair a little messy, thus making him look uninhibited.

Grandma just went down the mountain. He shouldn't have come out, but He must come out to get some fresh air. Recently, his mind was in a mess.

Times Square was empty. It was rare to see anyone. Catherine waited for him at the most conspicuous place of the square with a handbag. There was no impatient expression on her face. Instead, she took out a mirror from time to time to tidy her hair. A smile curved her lips.

A squeaky brake

With the friction between tires and the ground, a white luxury car was parked in the open parking lot. When she looked there on tiptoe, her eyes instantly lit up.

Malcolm opened the door and got out of the car elegantly. His tall figure and handsome face caught the attention of many girls around him. He lifted his chin and glanced around the crowd.

It seemed that Catherine couldn't wait to run to Malcolm. She was afraid that he might be seduced by other girls if she was late. While running, she shouted, "I'm here! I'm here, Malcolm! "

Hearing the voice, Malcolm immediately fixed his sharp eyes on Catherine, but there was no expression on his face. He looked at Catherine running over, nodded slightly and said, "Miss Lin, I'm late."

"Okay, it's all right." Hearing this, Catherine snickered. She took a deep breath, grabbed Malcolm's arm boldly and expertly and asked, "Malcolm, where are we going later?"

Malcolm frowned. The touch on his arm made him feel uncomfortable. 'Poppi even held his arm like this, but

"Would you like a cup of coffee?" Malcolm replied indifferently, forcing himself to break the train of thought. Meanwhile, he pulled down Catherine's arm with his hand.

"Don't be such!" Catherine groaned coquettishly and grabbed his sleeve again, "let's go. It's your first time to date me."

Then he took back his eyes and said, "I'm not used to it." After that, he pulled down Catherine's hand and strode forward.

She had no choice but to follow them.

They entered a cafe near the square, took a window seat, and ordered a cup of coffee for each, listening to the melodious violin music.

At a party for political and business, the first time they was met. The mayor of Ye city took his daughter there to say hello. Since then, Malcolm had seen Catherine all the time. He thought they were just unfamiliar, but obviously, she didn't think so.

Then he lifted his cup and took a sip of his coffee. He had met Catherine on purpose today. But who has no selfish motive?

"Malcolm, how are you doing recently? How's the company going? The bidding was about to start, and it would be carried out together with the year-end summary The stock price of your company has risen greatly. It's promising! " Catherine held her chin with her hands and looked at Malcolm admiringly.

"Well, try my best." Malcolm asked without any expression in his eyes.

Catherine's eyes widened in surprise and she admired him even more, "Malcolm, you are so cool!"

"Malcolm, you look so cold. It seems that someone owes you money."

Suddenly, what Poppi had said came to his mind. He looked at Catherine and smiled with self mockery.

At Imperial Tang Yard.

After taking a rest with the old lady, Poppi left the room and saw Cora waiting outside the door.

"Why haven't you gone to bed?" Poppi smiled and said, "granny is asleep now. You can go to have a rest too."

"I'm not sleepy yet." Cora replied.

Poppi blinked her eyes, looking up and down the military uniform of Cora, and asked, "Cora, how powerful are you? I haven't seen your fighting skills for a long time. How about teaching me two moves of defending wolf? "

Cora glanced at Poppi and said indifferently, "okay."

"You are indeed a person who has been followed with Malcolm for almost ten years. You are almost as calm as him." Poppi twitched her mouth and said, "fine, if you're not sleepy, I'll go. You can stay here and wait for Malcolm to come back." Then she turned around and walked to her bedroom.

Cora bowed to her respectfully and saw her off. Her eyes were full of worries. Anyway, Poppi was the wife of the young master.

What Poppi could do was just speechless. They had known each other for years. And what she had said to Cora seemed to be nothing at all. It was not that she didn't want to say. It was just that Cora's performance was too hard to get along with.

After eleven o'clock, there were fewer and fewer people in the square. After drinking a cup of coffee together with Catherine for almost two hours, they kept silent.

She didn't know how to face the person who didn't want to talk to her. No sooner had she said a few words than Malcolm replied with only one word, leaving her at a loss what to say. The men she had met before, they cared about either her appearance or her identity. All of them serve her in a kind way, but the man in front of her was indiffer

ent to her.

Catherine wasn't a person who would give up easily. The more indifferent he was, the more interested she was. She didn't believe that she couldn't warm up the stubborn Malcolm like a stone!

"Oh, I almost forgot it," Catherine finally found a topic. "Something about the interview, Tina..."

"Let the magazine office make the arrangement." Before Catherine could finish her words, Malcolm checked his watch and said, "it's getting late. Are we going to end here today?"

"…… Fine. " Catherine smiled awkwardly and asked, "can you drive me home?"

Malcolm pushed the coffee away a little and said, "Miss Lin, I'm not a gentleman. And I believe Mr. Lin has already prepared a car for you You will be home safe. "

Catherine was so angry that she bit her lower lip. Before she opened her mouth, Malcolm said, "I'm happy to be with Miss Lin tonight." After taking a deep breath, she said with a flush, "I'm glad to be with you, too."

"That's good." Then he nodded slightly and made a gesture of "welcome" to the girl. The two people walked out of the cafe one after the other.

As soon as Sean received the message from Malcolm, he rushed there. he drove to the car and waited for him. Seeing that Malcolm walked out, he bent slightly and greeted, "Mr. Malcolm."

"Yes." "I'm really sorry, miss. Lin, I have to go now," said Wade, waving his hand to say goodbye

"It doesn't matter." Hearing this, Catherine smiled and asked eagerly, "Malcolm, may I ask you a question?"

"Miss. Lin, please."

"Mr. Malcolm What kind of girl do you like? "

Malcolm unconsciously raised his eyebrows, and turned his back to the light. He looked a little mysterious. An episode that happened years ago suddenly came to his mind. That rainy night, he thought he had seen an angel. He had vowed to protect that girl for the rest of his life

"It depends on destiny." Malcolm said with a smile and nodded to say goodbye. Sean opened the door for him and he got into the car elegantly. Seeing the car drive away, Catherine raised her hand elegantly and waved her hand to say goodbye to Malcolm.

Fate? Catherine snorted. I never believe in fate.

"Mr. Malcolm." In the car, Sean suddenly said, "some paparazzi took pictures just now. Are we going to solve it?"

Malcolm closed his eyes, kneaded his nose, shook his head and sighed. "Forget it. Let him do it."

A trace of surprise flashed through Sean's eyes Okay, Mr. Malcolm. "

At Imperial Tang Yard. In the master bedroom, Poppi looked at the soft and shabby bed and compared with the cold floor, then she went to bed with great bravery. She turned over on his bed in a comfortable manner and muttered, "Mr. Malcolm, If you don't come back at this late hour, don't blame me for taking your place. This bed It's wonderful... "


Not long after Poppi closed her eyes, she heard the Cora's voice, followed by the heavy footsteps of Malcolm. She suddenly opened her eyes and was about to get out of bed, but thinking of something wrong, she quickly closed her eyes, turned over and pretended to sleep.

She was already in bed. It didn't matter that she lied down once!


The door was opened and she could hear the footsteps coming closer.

As soon as Malcolm entered the room, he turned a corner and saw Poppi lying on the bed. She was so "big" that there was no place for him to sleep. First he frowned. Then he snorted and said to himself, "don't make trouble, Poppi." Then he took off her clothes and went to the bathroom.

Hearing this, Poppi pursed her lips and laughed secretly. In fact, Malcolm was nice to her. As long as she didn't cross his bottom line and didn't mention the name of Celine, he would spoil her very much. See, how wonderful it would be to be his wife.

When Malcolm came out of the bathroom, he found that Poppi had fallen asleep. In the quiet room, her new phone suddenly buzzed. Malcolm looked around, and then saw a photo of Hugh on the screen.

Malcolm stretched out his long arm to get the phone. He squinted and made up his mind to resume Poppi's phone to the factory settings. He could tolerate some things, but for some things, he couldn't.

Poppi's long eyelashes moved a little, then she muttered a word, and her sleeping face was unusually soft. Malcolm cast a glance at her, turned around and went to the bed. He lied down next to the bed and fell asleep with the breeze and his heartbeat.

"Grandma, have some porridge." Early next morning, Poppi served the old lady with courtesy to have breakfast. The morning news in the living room used as background music, and the whole apartment was filled with warmth.

The old lady was in a good mood, nodding from time to time. Sitting opposite them, Malcolm kept silent all the time, but his powerful aura was hard to neglect.

Malcolm was such a person that he seemed to restrain all his temper, joy, anger and grief. He was so calm but could not be underestimated. Because he might burst out abruptly, shone brightly and took control of everything at any time

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