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   Chapter 29 Destiny

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Malcolm drove himself through the crowded streets of Ye City to Era Square. The car window was open, and the whistling wind flew through his hair, making it a little bit messy and giving him an uninhibited look.

Grandma had just come to the city. He knew he shouldn't have come out, but he badly needed a breath of fresh air. After all, for the past days, his mind had been in a mess.

The square was nearly empty, which was an unusual sight. Catherine waited at the most easily detectable place in the square, carrying a handbag on her right arm. There was no sign of impatience on her face. Instead, to amuse herself, she took out a mirror now and then to tidy her appearance. A smile was playing on her lips.

The sound of a squeaky brake caught her attention.

It came from a white luxury car, which had stopped in the open parking lot. When she saw it, her eyes instantly lit up.

Malcolm opened the door and elegantly went out of the car. With his tall figure and handsome face, he caught the attention of the women in the area. He lifted his chin and looked around the crowd, searching for the one he came there to meet.

Catherine couldn't wait to meet Malcolm and quickly ran to him. She was afraid he'd be seduced by some other woman before she arrived. While making her way towards him, she shouted, "Malcolm, I'm here! I'm here!"

Hearing the familiar voice, Malcolm shifted his eyes on Catherine. There was no expression on his face. He simply looked at her, acknowledged her with a nod, and said, "Miss Lin, accept my apologies for being late."

"Don't worry about it! It's alright." Catherine giggled. She took a deep breath, boldly wrapped her arm around Malcolm's, and asked, "Malcolm, where will we be going later?"

Malcolm shrugged. The physical contact made him feel uncomfortable. 'Only Poppi ever held my arm like this, ' he thought to himself.

"Would you like to grab a cup of coffee?" Malcolm said, breaking his train of thought. Meanwhile, he forced his arm out of Catherine's grasp.

"Malcolm! Don't be shy." Catherine laughed flirtatiously, grabbing his arm again. "Come on! It's our first date together. Let's walk like this."

Malcolm shook his head. "I don't want to," he said, removing Catherine's arm from his for the second time. He walked forward.

Catherine laughed and followed right after him. 'He's playing hard-to-get, ' she thought, smiling to herself.

They entered a cafe near the square, took a seat by the window, and ordered two cups of coffee. The speakers played melodious violin music.

Malcolm and Catherine first met at a party among business and political associates. The mayor of Ye City introduced his daughter there to everyone. Since then, Malcolm had been seeing a lot of Catherine. He didn't think they'd get along well. She, however, obviously thought the opposite.

Malcolm lifted his cup and took a sip of coffee. He agreed to meet with Catherine today for one purpose only. Yes, it was a bit selfish, but who didn't have selfish motives? He was just using the situation to his advantage.

"Malcolm," Catherine said, breaking the silence. "How have you been doing recently? How's the company been doing?" "I heard the bidding was going to happen alongside the year-end summary. I also heard that the stock price of your company has risen greatly. It sounds very impressive!" she continued, supporting her chin with her hands and looking at Malcolm with admiration.

"I try my best," Malcolm said shortly.

Ironically, his cold exterior only made Catherine more attracted to him. "Malcolm, you are just so cool!" she said with excitement.

"I wonder where all of this coldness came from. It's almost as if someone owed you a huge sum of money!"

When she said this, it made Malcolm recall what Poppi had said. He looked back at Catherine, giving her a fake smile.

In the Imperial Residential Quarter, Poppi stepped out of the room, where the old lady was sleeping. At the door, she saw Cora, who was standing still.

"Cora, why haven't you gone to bed yet? Grandma's asleep. You can go to sleep," she told Cora, smiling sweetly.

"But I'm not sleepy yet," Cora replied.

Poppi just nodded her head. She stared at Cora, and asked, "Cora, how powerful are you exactly? I haven't seen you in action for such a long time. Can you teach me a move or two?"

Cora just glanced at Poppi. "Ok," she said plainly.

Poppi shook her head. "It's obvious you've been a long-time follower of Malcolm. You've become just as indifferent as him." Cora was just staring at her with an empty look in her eyes. "Fine. If you're not going to bed, then I'll go. You can stay here up all night and wait for Malcolm to come back," Poppi huffed. She turned around and walked back to the bedroom.

Cora watched her do this, feeling a bit worried. Poppi was the wife of the young master.

Cora had known her for years. Poppi had always been so sweet to her, so she was afraid that she had upset her in some way. Poppi, however, was not mad at her. She just found Cora's personality difficult to get along with.

After eleven o'clock, people began to leave the square. Malcolm and Catherine had been inside the cafe for about two hours now. The air between them was silent. They had nothing left to say to each other.

Catherine, who was known as a very talkative person, was at a loss. She found it more and more difficult to keep the conversation going, especially when the one she was talking to didn't seem to like talking to her at all. Whenever she would bring something up, Malcolm would just reply with one or two words, cutting the conversation short. He was unlike any man she'd ever met before. The men she'd met were very attracted to her

because of her looks and her connections. They worshipped her at her feet. However, the man currently in front of her barely even paid attention to her face!

He was a challenge, and she wasn't willing to give up so easily. The more indifferent he was to her, the more interested she became in him.

"Oh! I almost forgot..." Catherine said, finally finding a conversation topic. "About the interview, Tina—"

"Just let the magazine company make the arrangement," Malcolm said, cutting her off. Before Catherine could say anything, Malcolm continued, glancing at his watch, "It's getting late. Let's end here today."

Catherine let out a sigh. "Fine," she said, hiding her frustration. "Malcolm, my dear," she said sweetly. "Can you drive me home?"

Malcolm simply looked at her, pushing his empty coffee cup away. "Miss Lin, I'm not a taxi driver, and I believe Mr. Lin has already prepared a ride for you. Use that to take you home," he said.

When Malcolm rejected her advances again, she felt her lip twitch with annoyance. Before she could open her mouth, Malcolm said, "I was happy with you tonight, Miss Lin." When he said this, she felt all the annoyance leave her body. She blushed, saying, "I was very happy too."

"Okay," he replied, nodding his head. They walked out of the cafe.

Malcolm had sent a message to Sean. When Sean received it, he immediately drove to the cafe, waiting for Malcolm there. When he saw Malcolm, he walked over and said, "Mr. Malcolm."

"Hello Sean," Malcolm greeted back. "Miss Lin, I apologize, but I have to leave now," Malcolm told Catherine.

"It's okay. Go ahead," she replied. However, before Malcolm could get in the car, she called his attention. "Malcolm, may I ask you one question?"

"You can, Miss Lin," he replied.

"Malcolm, what kind of woman do you like?"

Upon hearing this, he raised his eyebrows. He thought about it for a moment. His mind took him back to an incident that happened years ago. On that rainy night, he thought he had seen an angel. From then on, he vowed to protect the woman for the rest of his life.

"The woman destiny brings me," he finally answered, smiling softly before nodding goodbye. Sean opened the door, and Malcolm stepped in gracefully. As the car drove away, Catherine elegantly waved her hand goodbye. When the car was completely out of sight, she scoffed.

'Destiny?' Catherine laughed to herself. 'There's no such thing as destiny.'

In the car, Sean raised a concern to his boss. "Mr. Malcolm," he said. "I saw a few paparazzi taking photos of you. How are we doing to deal with them?"

Malcolm closed his eyes, pinched his nose, then sighed. "Forget them. Let's just let them do it."

This surprised Sean, but he decided to say nothing about it. "Okay, Mr. Malcolm."

In the Imperial Residential Quarter, Poppi had just entered the master bedroom. She looked at the cold floor then compared it to the soft bed. With great bravery, she climbed on top of the latter. She turned over on Malcolm's comfortable bed and said, "Mr. Malcolm, if you don't return at this late hour, I'd have to sleep here. This bed— it feels so wonderful..." She trailed off, closing her eyes.

Suddenly, she heard Cora speak. "Young master," she said, which was followed by Malcolm's heavy footsteps. She opened her eyes and planned to hop off bed. Suddenly, she thought of a plan. She lay back down on the bed, closed her eyes, turned over, and pretended to be asleep.

She wondered what he would do if she found her on top of his bed.


The door creaked open. She heard him coming closer.

When he stepped inside the room, he immediately saw Poppi lying on his bed. She had taken up most of the space, and there was little to no place for him to lie down. At first, he frowned, but after a few seconds, a small smile made its way to his face. "I know you're awake, Poppi. Don't make this difficult for the both of us." He took off his clothes then headed for the bathroom.

When she heard this, she pursed her lips and silently laughed to herself. Despite what others thought, Malcolm was very nice to her. As long as she never crossed the line or mentioned Celine's name, he spoiled her as much as he could. Most of the time, it was wonderful being his wife.

When Malcolm came out of the bathroom, he found Poppi still on his bed. He was about to ask her to go down, but then he realized she wasn't pretending to be asleep anymore. She really was asleep. Suddenly, her phone buzzed. Malcolm picked it up and saw a photo of Hugh on the screen.

He immediately reset the phone and decided to have a talk with her in the morning about it. There were a few things he could tolerate, but there were more he couldn't.

Poppi's eyes twitched a little as she muttered a word under her breath. Her face looked unusually soft. Malcolm decided not to wake her, letting her stay beside him for the night. He lay down, feeling the gentle breeze on his skin and his heart beating gently against his chest.

In the morning, Poppi woke up early to prepare breakfast. "Here, Grandma. Have some porridge," she said, serving the old lady with courtesy. The smell of porridge and the sound of the morning news filled the air. It added to the apartment's warm atmosphere.

The old lady smiled at Poppi, nodding from time to time. Sitting opposite them was the silent Malcolm. Poppi often wondered if he was hiding messy emotions under his composed exterior.

Was he repressing his emotions? Joy? Sadness? Anger? Disgust? Fear? If he were, she wondered why he felt the need to repress them. He had always been so indifferent, but she wasn't sure if it was just a mask. She feared that one day, he would just burst.

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