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   Chapter 28 Never Leave Him

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'be polite! Keep your eyes away from me!' Hearing this, Poppi quickly turned her face aside and yelled in red ears, "why do you take off your clothes in the daytime! I couldn't take my eyes off you just now. I came here out of kindness will to see if you are okay! "

"Kindness?" Malcolm asked in reply with sarcasm, "who made me fall over the door just now?" After that, Malcolm moved one step to Poppi and looked down at her, "hmm?"

"I It was an accident. " Seeing this, Poppi felt a little guilty. She looked at Malcolm and quickly escaped. She reached her head to check his back. When she saw a red mark on his waist, she screamed, "ah, it's red!"

"Humph!" Malcolm let out a cold snort and gave a glance at Poppi. Then he turned around and walked to the bedside to put on his shirt that was so smooth and handsome.

"Is everything okay with you?" Poppi touched her nose and felt a little embarrassed, "but where the waist is for you It's very important. You know it. "

Hearing this, Malcolm paused for a second. Then he continued to put on his clothes as if nothing had happened, and said: "it's none of your business. Come out and cook. "

"…… Yes, yes, Mr. Malcolm! " Poppi sighed and changed into a obedient daughter-in-law. She promised and went outside. When she just arrived at the door, something came to her mind. She turned around and said, "just now in the supermarket, I don't know that Hugh is around..."

"I'm not interested in your business." He interrupted what Poppii was going to say and buttoned his shirt. Then he turned around to look at her without any expression. "You and Hugh, you'd better have nothing to do with each other. Otherwise, I have plenty of ways to make you miserable."

"We are..." Just as Poppi was about to explain, she saw the indifferent face of Malcolm and shook her head. "Forget it. You won't listen even if I explain. I thought you were angry when we were in the supermarket just now... "

"Why do you think I'm angry?" Then he suppressed his anger and said, "I've already said that I'm not interested in your business."

Poppi took a deep breath and said, "all right, all right. I'm just being sentimental. Anyway, I have to say that I have nothing to do with him as he is your friend. "

Then she was ready to leave.

"Wait!" Malcolm called her. She turned around and asked, "what's wrong?"

"Why didn't you let Hugh see me in the supermarket?" The way Poppi held Hugh flashed through his mind. But when he saw that she was about to leave, he couldn't help but ask, "do you know me in public, making it difficult for you?"

"Not convenient?" Poppi was surprised but couldn't help laughing. She said, "Mr. Malcolm, did I hear it wrong? All people in Ye city want to know you. Don't belittle yourself! It's my honor to know you... "

"Cut the crap." Then he said angrily.

"Fine, fine. Be serious. I wanted to explain but you didn't listen to me. You asked me instead. " Poppi shook her head and looked at him seriously as she said, "Mr. Malcolm, I've written clearly on the contract that we have nothing to do with each other. It's you! You don't want me to know you in public!"

There was a struggle in his eyes but soon it disappeared.

"I see. So what? I don't know you, but I know Hugh. " Malcolm added.

"That's because you know him! If Hugh sees you and me in the same supermarket, even if we can explain clearly, he will doubt me. He is smart. " Raising her eyebrows, Poppi said, "this is the last thing you want to see, so I'm hardworking and abide by the principles. I'm doing this for you sincerely. Please think about it. "

What poppi said just now made sense to Malcolm, but he felt uncomfortable somehow after hearing what she said. He humphed and said, "let bygones be bygones. You are not allowed to make mistakes again."

"Got it!" "Farewell!" poppi replied and then he walked out of the room.

"Come on, grandma, have some congee first." On the dinner table, Poppi served the lady with courtesy, "tomorrow morning I will go to the aquatic products market to buy some fresh fish and shrimp. Let's have a seafood feast tomorrow."

"That's the point where the little turtles are cooked. I like it." The old lady pointed at some food in a distance and Poppii hurried to help her serve.

Sitting opposite to them, Malcolm was having dinner slowly and elegantly.


When they finished their dinner, the phone rang suddenly. Malcolm looked at the caller ID, hesitated for a while and answered it.

"Hello? Malcolm, have you had dinner yet? " Catherine said sweetly.

"Yes, I'm eating. What's wrong?" Malcolm answered in a calm voice

"Well..." Catherine's tone became a little weak. She said in a sweet voice, "tomorrow is the new mobile phone for sale and I am thinking that you can come out to celebrate it tonight. Are you full? Can't you come out and have dinner with me? "

"Where?" Malcolm stared at Poppi and said lightly.

"…… What? " Catherine was stunned at the other end of the line.


"Era square!" Then she asked in disbelief, "are you coming out?! Really? "

"Okay, I'll call you when I arrive." Hanging up the phone, Malcolm took a look at his grandmother and

Poppi and stood up, "grandma, I have something to deal with tonight."

"What's the matter? which make you can't finish the dinner." She threw her chopsticks down to the table angrily.

"Grandma..." Standing in front of the table, Malcolm felt embarrassed.

"Grandma, he went out for business." At this time, Poppi spoke for Malcolm, "you are his favorite grandma. If there is nothing important, he will definitely not go out, so let's wait for him at home, OK?"

The old lady snorted and waved her hand. "Go ahead!"

"Grandma, I will be back soon." Malcolm nodded slightly, grabbed his coat nearby and strode away.

After the door was closed, the room was quiet. The old lady sighed and had no appetite to eat.

"Ahem!" The old lady suddenly covered her mouth and coughed.

"Grandma, what's wrong?" Poppi quickly soothed the old lady's anger and said with concern.

She waved her hand and said in a weak voice, "I'm getting old, so I'm fine."

"The temperature is low on the mountain. Lady has caught a cold." Cora said in due time.

"Have you taken medicine?" Poppi turned to ask.

"Yes, I have."

"That's good." Poppi nodded her head and said, "I will have my medicine after dinner. Then I will have a good rest tonight. If not, ask the doctor to come here again. "

"I'm old. I hate to see doctors." She shook her head and sighed, "I don't feel like eating right now. Let me go to bed."

Poppi also stood up and said, "grandma, let me go with you!"

"Yes." The old lady nodded and went upstairs with the help of Poppi. "This guy is so busy that his things seemed not end. He was even busier than now when he started his own business a few years ago. He doesn't show up all day."

"I'm glad that he is busy. He should make more money to spend on grandma." Poppi smiled.

"I don't think so. I have enough money. I want my grandson to spend more time with me." The old lady patted on Poppi's hand and smiled wickedly, "if he goes on a business trip, do you miss him?"

"I don't miss him! What do you miss him for? " Poppi shook her head thinking that she felt so happy when Malcolm was not here!

Seeing this, the old lady thought she was just being stubborn. "Little turtles are stubborn and have a thin skin. So Kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk.... "

"Grandma!" Poppi hurried to soothe the old lady and said to the silent Cora, "go and get some medicine for my grandma."

"Okay, Mrs. Malcolm."

In the bedroom, Poppi watched the old lady take the medicine and was about to leave when she was stopped by the old lady. "Poppi, talk with grandma."

"Okay!" "Grandma, it's so strange that you directly call me the little tortoise instead of my name!" Poppi smiled

"Loser!" The old lady patted Poppi's hand with her dry hands and smiled deeply, "Poppi, how do you feel to be my granddaughter in law?"

"Great! Grandma, it feels great to be a wife of Malcolm! " Poppi raised her head slightly as she said this with a strong recollection. What she said just now was true. She could use up money optionally, she could buy bags every day, she felt really good

The old lady took a pitiful look at Poppi and said with a smile, "the first time he took you to see me, I thought you were so lovely and attractive."

"Of course! Grandma, I'm not bragging. The street is full of pursuers. I take a fancy to your Malcolm. " "He is tall, handsome and rich. He is quite popular. "

The old lady was overjoyed. "You should take a look at him. Don't let him attract other women."

"Of course not! Everything is under my control! " Poppi said confidently.

"Ahem!" She coughed again and said, "you two just need to be happy."

As she helped her grandma breathe smoothly, she said, "grandma, and you, we three are all happy."

"I'm old. It's only a few years before I go to visit my grandpa. I don't think I can act like you young people," There was a hint of sadness in her voice.


"Don't try to comfort me." She waved her hand and said, "I know about my own health. I don't want to break your heart by saying this to you. I just want you to be with him. He had put a lot of pressure on himself when he was young. If you don't have anything else to do, don't leave him alone. In this way, I can rest assured. "

"If he gets angry, you must seek justice for me, grandma" Poppi said, as she tenderly leaned her head against her grandmother's shoulder.

The old lady patted Poppi's hand and said, "Okay, okay. But I have a condition for you."

"What condition?"

"Never leave him." The old lady said seriously, "if he does something wrong, you can tell him and he will definitely change. Maybe he will cry somewhere if you leave! "

Hearing this, Poppi's heart sank. She didn't answer but asked, "what if he doesn't love me anymore?"

"Then find another man to piss him off!" The old lady responded.

Hearing this, Celine was stunned for a while, then she laughed, "grandma, haha He is your grandson! "

"My dear, this is called 'place righteousness above family loyalty'."

"Grandma, you are a heroine!"

Standing outside the bedroom, hearing the cheerful laughter inside, Cora breathed in her chest slowly and heaved out a sigh.

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