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   Chapter 27 Where Are You Looking At!

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Seeing a warning in the eyes of Mr. Malcolm, Poppi came to herself suddenly. Then she looked at the person in front of her and her mind was in a mess.

"Poppi, why do you stop?" Inquired Hugh as he stared at Poppi. Noticing that she was staring at his back at a loss, he became more confused and wanted to turn around to see what was going on.

In a blink of an eye, there was only one idea on Poppi's mind that she couldn't let Hugh see and know about Malcolm. She didn't know why she thought so, but her action had already responded to her thoughts.

"Hugh!" At the same time, Poppi stretched out her hand and caught him by the wrist.

When her cool fingertips touched his skin, Hugh, enduring the throbbing of his heart, turned to face Poppi, Hugh's apple bobbing in his throat, and asked, "Um?"

"Well..." However, Poppi tightened her strength on her hands and dragged him forward. "I suddenly think there is a discount there. Let's go and have a look! Let's go! Hurry up! "

For a moment, Hugh lost the ability to think. He just let Poppi take him forward. A brilliant smile appeared on his face.

Standing in front of the goods shelf, Malcolm looked at the figure of Poppi who was in a hurry running away and her hand in hand with Hugh's. His eyes darkened. He couldn't describe his feeling clearly. It seemed that he was very angry. He was angry that Poppi didn't listen to his words, and that she hooked up with Hugh, and that why Hugh liked her so much.

He clenched his fists, and then turned around and left.

In the apartment, Malcolm was standing by the window with a cigarette in his hand. He was absent-minded with his upper body only wearing a shirt. He raised his hand and took a puff from time to time. The red spots on his cigarette butt flickered from time to time.

Ding Dong

The bell suddenly rang, Malcolm turned back in his sense. He wanted to put out the cigarette, but there was no ashtray in front of him. He frowned and directly pressed the cigarette on the windowsill and rolled it. After the cigarette was out, Malcolm walked to the door of the apartment and opened it. What he saw was Poppi. They saw that Poppi was carrying large shopping bags in both of her hands, with something unknown in her mouth, gasping for air and her eyes seemed a little ferocious.

"How can you..." Poppi hummed and shook her head, hinting to Malcolm to help her. But Malcolm gave her a cold look and turned around to walk back.


As soon as he turned around, he heard something falling on the ground behind him, and then came the complaining voice of Poppi, "ah! Fell! Malcolm, please help me! Really tired! I bought a lot of things! "

Malcolm frowned and didn't want to talk to her. When he was about to take a step, he heard Poppis voice changing. She stuttered, "Malcolm Ah! "

"You..." Malcolm turned around and saw Poppi tottering towards him with two shopping bags in her hands. Subconsciously, he reached out his hands and opened his arms. He stumbled back and bumped his waist on the door. The pain made him gasp.

At the moment when Poppi was about to fall down, she had already threw the shopping bag away. Holding Malcolm with her arms like a koala bear, she screamed, "it's so dangerous, so dangerous..."

Malcolm stared at her hair with clenched teeth and shouted, "get out of here!"

Poppi took a deep breath. Just when she was about to stand up with fear, she suddenly smelled the tobacco

from Malcolm. She looked up, blinked her watery eyes and asked, "have you smoked?"

"…… Yes. " Malcolm replied. A light fragrance came into his nose and he was a little stunned. Then he realized the feeling of Poppi being close to him and his body was getting closer and closer to her.

"Why do you smoke?" Poppi asked and sniffed at him like a puppy.

Thump Thump

His breath became a little rapid and his heart beat faster. At this moment, his brain was blank. It's so hot recently, so he might be a little bit hot. Yes, it must be like this.


Just at that moment, the elevator door opened. Malcolm's grandmother walked out of the elevator, followed by Cora. The old lady looked up. When she was about to leave, she saw Malcolm and Poppi leaning against the door intimately.

"Ouch! What are you doing here?" The old lady was stunned. She smiled so happily but pretended to complain, "come in! What if others see you hugging each other? "

"Grandma!" Malcolm greeted his granny and stared at Poppi with threat.

Poppi let go of Malcolm and turned around. She pretended to be scared and went to her grandmother. "Grandma, why are you here?"

"Little Turtle, you didn't expect it, did you?" The old lady said proudly.

"What a coincidence!" "I happened to buy something in the supermarket today. It's so heavy." Poppi smiled As she spoke, she turned around and took a look at Mr. Malcolm. She was about to ask him for help, but when she looked back, she saw him rubbing his waist and frowning.

"Don't hug each other at the gate from now on!" The old lady took a step forward and grabbed Poppi to pull her into the room, "you are too small to carry. My Cora is powerful. Just let her does it."

"Yes, madam." Cora answered briefly.

Poppi passed by Malcolm and was about to speak but she was dragged forward by the old lady. On the other hand, hearing Cora's words, Cora took a step forward and asked in a soft voice, "young master, are you all right?"

There was always a lot of people caring about him, especially women

Poppi was shocked and she pretended not to hear it and held her grandma to the living room. "Grandma, why did you go down the mountain today?"

On the other side, Malcolm withdrew his sight from Poppi and replied, "nothing." Then he took a bag and walked into the apartment.

The light in her eyes dimmed. She was so envious that at least he could still cast a glance at her.

Poppi talked with her grandma as she helped her sit on the sofa. After putting things away, Malcolm came over to the sofa and sat down, chatting with them in a desultory way.

In response to her grandma's request, Poppi told them the joke of two little turtles. When she spoke, she smiled, and imitated it with her hands and voice, which was so vivid

Despite her enthusiasm, the old lady felt tired after chatting for a while. She could not help urging but to take a rest upstairs. Seeing the old lady off, Poppi walked past the master bedroom and saw Malcolm through the crack of the door. Without thinking, she turned a corner and opened the door. "Malcolm, I was not just..."

She paused suddenly.

Poppi gasped and could only see his broad back. His body was well proportioned with the muscle line emerging and his trousers fell between his abdomen

Malcolm turned around and noticed that Poppi was still staring at his waist. Frowning, he shouted in a low voice, "Poppi, where are you looking at?"

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