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   Chapter 26 Call My Name Directly

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"Hello? Mr. Su, what can I do for you? " Poppi picked up the phone and shouted.

"Where are you? It's a little noisy! I called you but you didn't answer. "

"I'm shopping in a supermarket! May I didn't hear you! "

"Which supermarket?"

"A supermarket near my home."

Sitting in his car, Hugh quickly clicked the GPS on his phone. When he saw that the position of Poppi was showed and that it was not far from him, he asked in surprise, "is it the supermarket at the Imperial Tang Yard?"

"Mr. Su, how do you know?" Asked Poppi.

"What a coincidence. I'm in the nearby supermarket." "I'll be right there."

"What?" Poppi was a little surprised but she could not refuse as she heard that Hugh was so angry at her so she nodded and agreed.

After hanging up the phone, Hugh patted on his assistant, who was driving the car, and urged, "hurry up! Go to the Imperial Tang Yard!"

"Hugh, do you want to dump me like this?" In the back seat, next to Hugh sat a man. The man embraced his arm and said discontentedly.

"David, let's have dinner another day. What happened today is more important." Said Hugh, patting the man's shoulder.

"Well, I don't buy it. You abandon me because of a woman. It took me three times to come to Ye city, and I thought you couldn't eat well or sleep well You even forgot me just for a Poppi. "

Hugh got goose bumps all over his body. He pushed David Wei and said, "don't say that I have nothing to do with you. Being an assistant makes me rebellious and makes trouble all the time. Take care of me? I'm your boss! "

"Am I just your assistant? Am I just an ordinary assistant? " "I'm your agent, assistant and also a part-time nanny, stylist, coffee master. I have to be your driver sometimes. Is it easy for me! I just got off the plane today! "

"How about do you having dinner with others! I'm going to the supermarket. I'll come to you later. "

David Wei curled his lips and said, "you'd better not be found by paparazzi."

"Don't worry. No problem." "Please drive faster. Why haven't we arrived yet?"

"Mr. Su, there is still a long way to go the Imperial Tang Yard!" He asked with worry.

"Oh, really?" "I thought it was quite close," said Hugh with a frown.

David Wei snorted and said, "you have to go there no matter how far it is! People who have fallen in love! So stupid! You even don't believe in coincidence or lack of opportunity. Because you will create opportunity and try your best to create one. "

"So what?"

Raising his eyebrows, David Wei said, "I have never asked anything about your love. It's good for you to find a woman at your age. As long as your parents agree, I don't mind you marrying now. "

"Fuck off! Don't bullshit! " As soon as he roared that, The driver was too scared to control the steering wheel.

Imperial Tang Yard was the one of the best duplex apartment in Ye city. Regular folks can't such as buildings or villas. The scale of the supermarket on the first floor was almost as big as that of the shopping mall.

After coming out of the car and waving goodbye to David Wei, Hugh went into the supermarket. He just felt pleased in his heart. Did Poppi live in the imperial Tang Yard? Then he should also buy a house here. As the saying goes, a waterfront Pavilion gets the moonlight first.

The supermarket could be said to be full of people. It was not a place where Hugh often came. When he went in, he had all kinds of sunglasses, peaked cap and equipment. He walked forward on one side and looked for the Poppi with his head high. There was a discount at the vegetable area and more people there. After searching for a long time, he did not see her yet. When he was about to call Poppi, he saw a beautiful figure on the other side of the aquatic area. She suddenly turned around.

It was Poppi!

"Poppi!" Shouted Hugh, as he waved his hand in the air. Hearing the voice, Poppi looked forward and smiled, "Mr. Su, you are here."

Bang! Bang! Bang

He had

never known that his heart could beat so fast. He liked to see the eyes of Poppi keep on flowing on him. He enjoyed it very much.

"Poppi!" Hugh pushed to Poppi's side and smiled, "so you are here! I've been looking for you there for a long time. Are you going to buy some fish? "

"Have a look." Poppi smiled and looked at him up and down and asked, "Mr. Su, do you live nearby? For what? "

Opening his mouth slightly, Hugh smiled and said, "I I haven't bought it yet! But I don't know what to buy now. "

"How about I walk around with Mr. Su?" After putting forward her suggestion, Poppi turned to look at Hugh and asked, "in that case, those journalists might not take a picture of us? Are you okay? "

"Nothing." Hugh was happy to see Poppi stay with him for a while and then took the shopping basket in her hand. They walked in the fish section. When Poppi shook her head at the fish in the basket, Hugh laughed and asked, "what's wrong with the fish?"

"No, I don't. It's not fresh. We'll go to the aquatic market and buy it tomorrow morning. "

"The aquatic market? "I don't think it's suitable for you to go there." Asked Hugh in surprise.

"So what?" "It's a discount place and the fish and shrimps are fresh. All kinds of gossips can come to my ears. So I'm willing to go there!" Poppi asked

The smile on Poppi's face seemed to have a halo, and Hugh only felt that his heart was flying to the clouds, soft and warm. How could there be such a good woman in the world? He was either refined, serious or naughty

This feeling had never appeared in his dream. If possible, he would try his best to understand her as much as possible and blend into her life

In the apartment, Malcolm leafed through a magazine, had a look at his watch and found it had only been half an hour. How come it was so hard for him?

He stood up and moved his joints. After walking for a while in the living room, with his heart set, he decided to go downstairs to find Poppi.

"Poppi, do you live nearby?" They walked in the supermarket side by side.

"Yes." Poppi nodded her head and grabbed a bag of snacks as she asked, "Mr. Su, would you like some?"

"I won't eat." Hugh shook his head and said with a smile, "don't call me Mr. Su, Poppi."

"What? What's wrong? " "Maybe it's not appropriate to call me this way?" Poppi was confused

"No, it sounds good." Looking at the sincere expression in his eyes under the sunglasses, he continued, "it's just that he is a little unfamiliar with the company, so you can just call me by my name from now on."

Poppi blinked and thought for a while, "I prefer to call you Mr. Su or Mr. Hugh in public." What Poppi said was reasonable, because she thought of what Malcolm said to her, she deliberately kept a distance from Hugh.

"…… Fine. " Nodding his head and feeling a little disappointed, he said, "you can call me by my name when there is no one around. I'm an easy-going person Am I right? "

"Yes, you're right. Mr. Su is a nice person," Poppi said with a smile She took a step forward and picked up a bag of snacks from the shelf. "Will you eat, Mr. Su?"

"Call me Hugh." Hugh corrected her seriously.

Poppi looked at him and nodded her head, "Hugh Sir. "

Hearing the first two words, Hugh showed a big smile. But he never thought that Poppi would call him 'Mr. Hugh' again cunningly. For a moment, he did not know whether to cry or to laugh. "You are really cunning."

"Haha..." Poppi laughed out loud and turned around to walk backward. When she was about to say something, she suddenly felt a sharp glance from the crowd.

Poppi looked in the direction that the supermarket was looking at. Her eyes suddenly focused on the man at the other end of the shelf. He was wearing a suit, and his hands were in his pockets, which seemed incompatible with the hustle and bustle of the supermarket. And his eyes were tightly staring at her.

Poppi gasped and thought, 'it's Malcolm! Why is Malcolm here?

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