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   Chapter 25 No Way To Find Another Wife

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After she finished her work at hand, Poppi sneaked away while the managers were away for a meeting. As soon as she went out of the company building, she called Malcolm. The phone rang for a long time, but nobody answered.

After hanging up the phone, Poppi was walking forward angrily. But when she just walked to the side of the road, she was stopped by a white car.

"Who is that? What happened! Do you know how to drive? " She turned around and was about to leave.

"Clang!" However, before she took a step, the right window was opened. She heard a cold, familiar voice, "get in the car."

"What?" Confused, Poppi bent down and leaned over her head to see the man in the car. Then she smiled and said, "Malcolm? Why are you here? "

Holding the steering wheel tightly, Malcolm turned his head coldly to look at Poppi and asked, "who do you think it is? If you don't get on the car and get photographed, you don't have to support you for this month. "

"Okay, I get in now! I was wondering how to get back! " Poppi got on the car quickly.

The car slowly started to meet the traffic. Poppi could not help but ask, "Malcolm, how did you know that I came out? What a coincidence! Besides, why did you change your car? Where is Sean? Why did you drive here yourself? "

"Cut the crap." Malcolm cast a glance at the phone in Poppis hand and stopped talking.

Poppi shrugged her shoulders and said, "then I'll say something important. I'll go back to the house to pack up something. Then I'll go downstairs to buy some food. How about waiting for grandma to come here? "

"Yes." Malcolm answered in a cold voice. Then he stepped on the accelerator and the car sped away.

On the way back, Poppi was fiddling with her new cell phone, while Malcolm kept silent. However, on their way there, the boredom consumed her. She asked, "Malcolm, why are you here? Is that true Wait for me on purpose, right? "

Malcolm turned to look at Poppi, "waiting for you? You should feel lucky that you came out at the right time. If I hadn't seen you just now... "

"You will go upstairs and carry me down?" Poppi blinked her starry eyes and looked at Malcolm expectantly.

Malcolm's face showed a trace of anger. "Poppi, I've never seen a woman like you, amorous and bumptious."

Poppi rolled her eyes and said, "I've never seen a man like you either. You are so boring and not fun at all. It's boring! Even if you want to carry me down, I don't want to! "

Malcolm narrowed his eyes and stepped on the bottom of the accelerator. With a "buzzing" sound of the car, Poppi was frightened to the seat belt and dared not speak any more.

"My God!" The car arrived at the Imperial Tang Yard. Before the car stopped, Poppi rushed out, retched and tried to calm herself down. She cursed Malcolm in her heart and her face was crumpled.


A pair of shiny leather shoes appeared in front of Poppi. When she turned her head and saw him putting his hands in his pockets as if it was none of his business, she was even more angry and directly ignored him.

After a while, Poppi felt better, so she stood up and walked inside. Malcolm followed her immediately without saying a word, but his powerful aura made her look down upon.

After she returned to the apartment, it was Poppi who was responsible for packing up. But Malcolm was weird. His room was forbidden to be touched by others. When Poppi wanted to hire a maid to help her, he was refused. Now it was her duty to clean the room.

"I'll put them in the master bedroom." Poppi put

her bag and cell phone on the table in front of the sofa and turned around to go upstairs.

Then he saw that Poppi went upstairs and was about to go to the study when her phone rang.

Immediately, he caught a glimpse of the screen. He saw that Hugh's name was on the screen and the background was his photo. Malcolm opened his mouth, but he felt as if his heart was blocked with a stone, heavy and unable to speak.

"Malcolm, is my phone ringing?" Heard the voice, Poppi asked passingly while she was walking to the master room with her things.

"…… No. " Malcolm put the phone in his pocket, hung it up and deleted the call, "you must have misheard."

"All right." Here came the distant and light voice of Poppi, with a little coquettish tone, "Malcolm, it's so troublesome. Can you come to help me?"

…… Nothing happened.

Poppi twitched her mouth and put her clothes into the wardrobe while humming a tune. Hanging the clothes in the wardrobe, she nodded with satisfaction. As soon as she closed the door of the wardrobe, out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly caught a glimpse of Malcolm's approaching face. Shocked by this, Poppi screamed loudly, reeling back a few steps, and then leaned against the wall. "Malcolm! Why didn't you come here! Who are you trying to scare to death? "

Malcolm rubbed his nose with his hand, "you."

"What You jerk! " Poppi was out of breath and remained frightened. "You want to scare me to death and then find a wife, right?"

A hint of surprise flashed through Malcolm's eyes, and he said unpleasantly, "what's your logic?"

"Woman's logic!" Poppi glared at Malcolm, turned around and took the other pile of clothes from the bed, and said, "I tell you, no way!"

"No way? What?"

"No way You can't find another wife. " Poppi put on her cunning smile again, secretly glanced at Malcolm, whose eyes darkened, and said, "see, you are angry again! I knew you wouldn't make fun with people. Fine, fine. I was wrong? I mean, Mr. Malcolm, please don't find a woman as your wife. Just find a dozen of wives for each day, okay? "

At this moment, his phone rang

Just as she finished her words, his phone rang. He looked at the phone, turned around and walked out. Suddenly he stopped and said, "a dozen of wives Which are making me exhausted. "

"Hello? Granny What's up? Oh, you are setting out! Be careful... "

Malcolm's voice was extremely gentle. Seeing this, Poppi stood still, blinked her eyes and suddenly burst into laughter. Thinking of what Malcolm said just now, she smiled more happily. It seemed that the guy could also make jokes.

After that, Poppi realized that her grandmother had already set out, so she packed up her things faster. However, in the middle of the process, Sean brought some clothes and daily necessities to Malcolm. When seeing them, Poppi whined and kept on moving. Standing in the bedroom, Malcolm saw that Poppi kept busy with her work and didn't give her a hand until she begged him over and over again. Although he was reluctant to do that, he felt that he was not going to be worn out.

He must be crazy.

"Malcolm, I'm going to the supermarket downstairs." After putting all her stuff together, Poppi took her bag and left directly. Malcolm sat on the sofa and read the magazine. He saw her rushing out like a gust of wind, leaving the whole room in deathly stillness. Such a peace belonged to him.

There were many people in the supermarket. Poppi was chatting with a group of old ladies in the vegetable zone, but her phone rang.

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