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   Chapter 24 How To Skip Work

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"Down the mountain?" Malcolm thought about it and frowned when he recalled the news this morning. "When will grandma come down?"

"Today!" She went on confidently, "I should have come down with you that day! It's all your fault. The little turtles have reminded me of going down the mountain. "

"Isn't today too hasty?" Malcolm knocked on the table with his slender finger, "grandma, what about..."

"I don't care. I want to go down! I can't wait anymore. " She interrupted him, "are you afraid that I'll disturb your date with the little turtle?"

"No, it's not." Malcolm raised his eyebrows, bit his lips and made an unconsciously compromise. "Well, grandma, can I send someone to pick you up?"

"No, thanks! You don't have to do that! " The old lady said with a smile. "Let Cora accompany me downstairs! You can go back to your work. By the way, don't tell the little turtles yet. I want to surprise her. "

"Yes." Then he curled his lips into a helpless smile. Granny went down the mountain, which was absolutely a shock for Poppi.

"Then I'll pack up my stuff and set off. Focus on your work please!"

"Okay, grandma, if you need anything, just call me."

"Okay, I know!" The old lady sounded excited on the other end of the phone and said, "Cora, go and pack up my things. Malcolm, I have to hang up the phone now! "

"Okay, grandma, please go ahead with your work." Hearing no sounds on the other side, Malcolm hung up the phone calmly, but he didn't put it down. Instead, he dialed another number, and his expression and voice became serious. "Go up the mountain to pick up grandma."

"Yes, Mr. Malcolm."

Hanging up the phone, Malcolm dialed by reflex. A series of familiar numbers appeared on the screen of the phone. Malcolm frowned and deleted them all.

It was impossible to dial the number since Poppi's cell phone card was still here with him.

But to his surprise, he remembered Poppi's phone number quite well?

"Gee..." Then he raised his hand to his mouth and put it against his mouth. Before Grandma went down to Ye city, it must be well cleaned in the Imperial Tang Yard. But how should he contact Poppi now?

Hugh! His pupils suddenly tightened, and the hand of Malcolm paused in midair. After a second, he pressed the internal phone. "Help me check today's call records of Hugh."

"Okay, Mr. Malcolm."

At this moment, her phone rang

In the afternoon, when Poppi was writing manuscript in front of her desk, her new mobile phone suddenly rang. She glanced at a series of familiar telephone numbers on the screen and quickly picked it up. She asked in a low voice, "Malcolm? What's wrong? "

On the other side, Malcolm hummed, squinting a little, sending out a dangerous light. "You have changed a new phone so soon?"

"Uh..." After Poppi replied, she suddenly remembered and asked, "right, how do you know my new phone number?"

"I guessed," Then he continued, "grandma is going downhill, and she will go to the Imperial Tang Yard today. She is packing her things now."

"Today? Why is she in such a hurry? " Poppi bit her fingertips and said, "then I'll go home early to pack up my things!"

"Yes." "Move your things to the master bedroom." Malcolm replied

In this house, although the name of Poppi was written on the property ownership certificate, Malcolm was still the owner of the house and occupied the master bedroom all the time. Gran

ny had gone down the mountain several times, and it was Poppi who took the initiative to move all the things into Malcolm's room to create a perfect illusion of the harmony between husband and wife.

"Anything else? Do you need me to call grandma and ask her what she would eat for dinner? " After that, Poppi muttered, "I have changed a new cell phone. I am a little fondle it admiringly, so I want to give a call to my grandma. By the way, Malcolm, your company's cellphone is really useful! "

Hearing her praise, but instead of being happy, Malcolm looked angry. He said coldly, "grandma said she would give you a surprise. Don't call her. Go back early. I'm hanging up. "

"You hung up? I haven't finished yet! I say Beep! Beep! Beep Before she could finish her words, there was a busy tone on the phone, "hello? It's not clear yet! " After hanging up the phone angrily, Poppi humphed and said, "Damn it..."

"What's wrong, ?"Poppi With her manuscript in her hand.

"Nothing." Poppi smiled at her and asked, "what's this?"

"Which was the draft written by myself and I want to give it to the director." Wendy was a little embarrassed, "I'm afraid that the script may not be good. I want you to have a look at it first."

"Of course!" Poppi took the paper from her hand and turned two pages. "Wendy, you have worked as an intern for more than two months, right?" she asked with a smile

"Yes, that's right." Wendy nodded and said, "I am going to be a regular worker and I feel a little nervous."

"Don't worry. you will pass." Poppi smiled and patted on Wendy's shoulder, "I'll take a look for you soon."

"Thank you, Poppi!" Wendy put her hands on her cheeks and pouted, "it's so nice of you! Are you so kind to everyone? "

"That is a fool who is kind to everyone!" Tyron snorted and shook his head. He pinched Wendy's nose in anger and said, "human beings are unpredictable in this world. How can they be good to everyone. 'what did he mean by returning good for evil? He must have been fooling the fool!' she thought! Be more careful. "

Wendy put on a big smile, "then, are you only good to me? Why? I'm so happy! "

"You look like my sister very much."

"Poppi, you have a younger sister?" Wendy asked curiously.

Poppi's eyes became empty. She nodded her head slightly and smiled, "yes."

"Where is she? Why didn't you mention her? "

"She..." "Let's stop talking about her," said Poppi with a sigh She had been sleeping in a hospital abroad. She had not seen her for three years. She had been sad for her.

Looking at the sadness on her face, Wendy said weakly, "let's stop here, Poppi. I was just asking. "

"Well, Wendy, could you please do me a favor later?" Poppi asked smilingly

"What?" Wendy asked.

"I will go back home after looking the draft for you. If anyone asks, you can tell them that I am going to prepare for the interview with Mr. Su."

"What? !" Wendy was shocked and said in a low voice, "can you do this? Will you get caught? "

Poppi raised her eyebrows at Wendy, "I once taught a lesson called 'how to skip the class'. Trust me, it's true."

"Is there such a course?" Wendy widened her eyes.

"Haha..." Hearing this, Poppi bent over the desk and laughed with tears in her eyes. "Wendy, Wendy, you are so you are too simple! Ha-ha Or my acting skill is so good that you believe all I said? "

"Poppi! You are bad! "


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