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   Chapter 23 Grandma Is Going Downhill

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"Who is on the phone?" Wendy was curious, and the desire of gossip rose quickly in her body.

"It's Mr. Su." Poppi's tone relaxed and said sweetly on purpose. Her voice was not too loud and could just be heard by colleagues who pricked up their ears.

"Hello, Miss Su!"

"I just wondered why she is familiar with Mr. Malcolm!"

"Mr. Su? Poppi have an unusual relationship with him!"

The colleagues around them began to whisper, but Poppi did not respond. She just felt that it was much better to talk about her and Hugh than about her and Malcolm. This was why she had a guilty conscience! Heaving a sigh, Poppi said to Wendy, "I have to take this call." As he strode towards the bathroom, he asked on his phone, "Mr. Su, is that you?"

"How do you feel now? Have you received my phone?" Hugh asked.

"So that Mr. Su gave me the phone! I was surprised and moved! " Poppi passed through the hall and came to the corridor.

"You said your phone was broken yesterday, so I got one from Malcolm and gave it to you." Hearing what Poppi said, Hugh was moved and could not help becoming happy.

He got it from Malcolm! Feeling a little complicated, Poppi smiled and said, "Mr. Su, I appreciate your kindness, but I can't take the phone." After a short pause, she added, "I can't take it."

There was a moment of silence on the other side of the phone. After a while, he said slowly, "why not? You said you would send me the stamp. this phone is not much to be particular about your stamp. "

Poppi was speechless and said, "the stamp was paid off by We share the same hobbies. Besides, I didn't give it to you for free, I also want to see your collections! "

"What are you talking about! Is it worth mentioning the collection? " Hugh snorted and said, "if you want me to receive the stamp, you must take my phone."

"I won't send you that stamp." Poppi said subconsciously.

"You..." Being choked and unable to speak for a while, Hugh suddenly burst into laughter after a few seconds. "Miss. Poppi, haha You are so cute! " Hearing Hugh's laughter, Poppi was a little embarrassed but he said, "how about this? You give me the money of your phone and treat it as you bought a it for yourself. And the stamp I can give it up."

Poppi blinked her eyes and said, "no, you can't. It seems that I am too stingy. I really want to make friends with Mr. Su. "

"Then leave your phone here." "I don't mean anything else. If Miss Poppi thinks that I'm too enthusiastic about you Don't forget that you came to me with a stamp at the first meeting. You are the person who tried to seduce me. "

What he said really embarrassed Poppi.

Poppi pressed her lips together and made a decision, "well, Mr. Su, we can only do it for you this time. Give me your phone and I'll give you the stamp in return, but I can't take such a valuable gift from you next time. "

"…… No problem. It's a deal. " "Say something to Miss. Poppi. I think we are negotiating."

Poppi giggled and asked, "Mr. Su, are you satisfied with the result of the negotiation?"

With a faint smile on his face, Hugh said, "I'm quite satisfied with IT on the whole. But there is one point I hope Miss Su will like it."


"That mobile screen saver is my most satisfactory picture, you just keep it, Miss. Poppi."

Poppi couldn't help but laugh out louder, "Oh, yes. I will keep it! I must keep such a handsome photo. When I was having dinner with my colleagues, some of them had Mr. Su's photos on their phones. They were all girls! I guess that when I show this photo to them, they will scramble to get it. "

"Am I so popular?"

"Of course you are," After saying that, Poppi raised her hand and looked at her watch. Then she said dir

ectly, "Mr. Su, it's almost work time. Am I..."

"Oh! I almost forget if you didn't mention it. Let's go to work, Miss. Poppi. " With an apologetic look on his face, he added, "by the way, Shirley had some little trouble with the magazine thing, so she had to leave the city and wasn't able to come back home these days. She might haven't contacted you yet."

"In trouble? Is it serious? "

"It's okay. don't worry." "It will just take some time to shoot again," explained Hugh

"That's great." Hearing that, Poppi felt relieved. After saying goodbye to Hugh, she grabbed her cell phone and went back to her office.

And why did he make a friend with Malcolm and Shirley, she was her best friend. But she didn't tell her about his marriage and had been hiding it from her all the time. Thinking of this, all sorts of feelings, including guilt, sorry and regret, welled up in her mind. 'what did you do, Poppi!

However, no matter how much she wanted to say to her, she had to give it up.

A morning meeting was held by the people in the editing department, mainly arranging the task to interview Hugh. Everyone was ready, waiting for a formal interview shoot.

Recently, Hugh's return had already become the headlines of the newspapers and magazines.

"What?" After the meeting, Poppi twisted her neck and walked out of the meeting room.

"Poppi!" Teresa shouted at her.

"Director, what happened?" Poppi turned around and asked.

Teresa waved her hand, walked with Poppi and said, "Mr. Su will definitely come to pick me up. How about Mr. Malcolm? Did you talk to Mr. Malcolm again? "

"I We had a talk. " Poppi was a little embarrassed.

"What did Mr. Malcolm say?" Teresa's eyes lit up.

"He said he wanted us to do this. After all, the commercial department is of great importance. " After that, poppi continued, "it takes our department so much energy to interview Mr. Su. We may not be able to cope with it if we keep Interviewing Mr. mo Besides, Maggie was promoted. We have to save her face in the advertising department. "

Teresa nodded slightly and said, "I understand that you need to follow up with Mr. Mo for this case, Celine. But I won't stop them. I will follow the arrangement of the marketing department."

"Yes." Poppi nodded her head to show her agreement.

"All right. Let's talk about it in the afternoon. Now let's go to have lunch!"


At three o'clock in the afternoon, someone knocked at the door of the CEO's office.

"Come in!"

Hearing that, James Xiao pushed the door in gently, holding the vibrating phone in hand. When he was about to open the door, he was shocked by the scene in front of him and forgot to say anything.

She saw that Malcolm was sitting in front of the desk, wearing only a shirt, his sleeves rolled up to the middle of his small arms, and the desk was filled with scattered mobile phone pieces. Malcolm was holding a small pincer to fiddle with the main board. After twisting a screw, he raised his head. With sweat on his forehead, he looked at James and asked, "what's up? Why don't you say anything? "

"Okay!" Shirley came back to her senses and handed the phone to smart, "it's an old lady's call."

ZEMO frowned, put down the things in his hand and took the phone. Xiao Jingjing bowed and left the room respectfully.

"Grandma, what's wrong?" ZEMO answered the phone.

"Smart, why can't I get through to little turtle?" She complained.

Looking at the parts on the table, he curled his lips and said, "her phone was broken. Grandma, why do you want to see her? I'll tell her. "

"Nothing important. I can talk to you," The old lady sounded excited. "Simon, I'm going down the mountain for a couple of days."

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