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   Chapter 22 Who Gave You The Phone

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The tall and strong figure of Malcolm disappeared in the distance, and his words were still echoing in her mind. Since when is Mr. Malcolm so easy to get along with?

"It's good that he agreed. Anyway!" Poppi waved her hand and raised her wrist. When she found it was late, she grabbed the sandwich left on the plate and ran outside while eating.

Downstairs, they were walking towards the outside of the community. When Poppi saw that Malcolm drove out of the garage, the car passed by her directly without the slightest intention to stop. It drove out of the community and joined the traffic on the road.

Poppi tutted and shook her head. Although it was stipulated that out of the apartment, Poppi and Malcolm were strangers, they had lived together for three years. Although there was no love between them, would they reach an agreement? As expected, such an excellent moral character as "tender to a beautiful woman" would never appear in his mind.

From the rearview mirror, Mr. Malcolm saw that Poppi pouted and slightly raised the corners of her mouth, which seemed that he didn't even notice himself. It was not until his cell phone suddenly rang that Malcolm unwittingly drew back his smile, turned on his Bluetooth headset and answered the phone.

"Malcolm, I take a phone from SeanSean and inform you now." Early in the morning, Hugh's clear voice came through the telephone receiver.

"You've already taken it all. Why did you tell me? I think you'd better at acting first and report later. " Malcolm said in a relaxed tone.

"Haha..." With a smile on his face, Hugh answered, "Its surface is white, the one recently released by your company. It is not sold yet, so I have to report it to you in advance."

In an instant, a flicker of doubts and uneasiness appeared in Malcolm's eyes.

"Mr. Su, there are two documents which need your signature, and your schedule today..."

"We'll talk about it later." "Malcolm, I have to go back to work. I'll call you later," Hugh said to his phone and hung up the phone

"Yes." "Go ahead with your work," said Malcolm Then, he hung up the phone. 'is Hugh going to give Poppii's phone? However, he remembered that Hugh asked for a phone from him the day they had dinner. May which would be used by himself?

Then he tilted his head to glance at the file bag on the passenger seat. There were some parts of the cell phone of Poppi which was stayed in water last night. Is it necessary to repair it?

"Welcome to the morning broadcast. Today, the share price of the Quan Group has fallen, and the people are selling it... "

Just then, the radio in the car rang. Hearing the voice, Malcolm regained his composure. He snorted and called Sean, "buy all the shares in the retail investor as much as you can."

"Okay, Mr. Malcolm."

"And," After a pause, Malcolm said again, "the life of Carl Quan must be saved!"


Hanging up the phone, Malcolm angrily took off the headphones. 'The Quan Group? Are you going to collapse without my help?' Carl Quan, I will let you watch your company when you are living was destroyed by me little by little

Poppi arrived at the company by subway. She planned to spare some time to sell her scrapped car and then buy a new car and a new phone. The more she thought about it, the more satisfied she was.

"Poppi, you are in a good mood!" Wendy leaned over and looked at her with a pair of blinking eyes.

Poppi rubbed Wendy's hair and smiled, "I plan to buy a new car and a new phone. Is it worth happy?"

"It's worth it!" Wendy nodded like a chicken pecking rice, "sister Poppi, you ar

e really something! You are my idol!"

"Haha..." "Sweetie, stop worship me please. It's time to go to work. Don't be caught red handed," she said to Wendy with a smile as she sat down at her desk and looked at her admiring eyes

Wendy stuck her tongue out.

"Excuse me, is miss. Poppi here?"

When she was turning on the computer, a man's voice suddenly sounded from the door of the Department. His voice was quite loud and instantly attracted the attention of more than twenty people in the office hall. Poppi was shocked and turned around, seeing a courier.

"Miss. Poppi..."

"I'm here!" Poppi quickly stood up and walked to the door. She took a look at the box in the courier's hand and said, "I am Poppi. What can I do for you?"

"Oh, Miss. Poppi, here's your package. Please sign for it." The delivery guy smiled and handed her the box.

"I didn't buy anything." Poppi was confused

"A client asked us to bring it here." The delivery guy smiled, "miss. Poppi, please sign for it."

"Which client?" "What's in this?" asked Poppi

"Well It's customer's privacy. We have a rule. Don't gossip. " The delivery guy scratched his head.

"…… Well, all right. " Poppi took the form, hesitated to sign her name on it, and then took the box. Was it a gift from an interview client?

"What's it, Poppi?" After Poppi went back to her seat, she leaned over to Wendy.

"I don't know." Poppi shook her head and took out the envelope and said, "it might be a gift from a star we have interviewed before."

"Great! Poppi, open it quickly!" Wendy asked with expectation.

"Yes." Poppi answered and opened the package, then the new mobile phone box appeared in front of them.

"Wow! It's a phone! Isn't it the new cellphone produced by the SG Group? !" Wendy screamed. "It's sold tomorrow. Who gave it to you? My God? Oh, my God! "

Holding the phone box, Poppi was so frightened that her heart skipped a beat. Is it gave by Malcolm?

"Poppi, does it A gift from Mr. Malcolm? " Wendy asked directly what Poppi had in mind, which caused a commotion in the hall immediately.

"Mr. Malcolm? Do you have a relationship with Mr. Malcolm? "

"I heard that Mr. Malcolm appointed you to interview him! Is it... "

Sitting in her own seat, Tina looked steadily forward, but her clenched teeth revealed her feelings. She had forgotten since when Poppi became more and more popular in the office, including the self-criticism drafts and the interviews, and the leaders' compliments to her. What was more hateful was that she lived too comfortably that she could get whatever she wanted A woman would be frightened by jealousy. For no reason, Tina regarded Poppi as her enemy and hated her very much.

On the other end of the line, the word 'Mr. Malcolm' kept popping out in her head and she became very nervous. She glanced at Wendy, not knowing what to do. "The relationship about Mr. Malcolm with me It's nothing. "

"Then who gave you the phone?" With a mischievous smile on her face, Wendy thought that Poppi was bashful and didn't know that she felt uncomfortable in her heart.

The names of Poppi and Malcolm were the two most distant names in the world.

At this moment, the phone rang

Just when Poppi did not know how to respond to the ridicule of her colleagues, her mobile phone in the box was ringing. Poppi was startled and opened the box in a hurry to take out her mobile phone, only to find that the screen saver was Hugh and the caller's name was exactly him.

As soon as she saw the screen, she realized that it was a phone from Hugh!

Poppi was finally relieved.

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