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   Chapter 21 Did You Believe In Love At First Sight

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The summer of Ye city was close to the end, but it was still hot. Poppi woke up in a dry and hot morning, with sweat on her forehead.

"Ah..." Poppi yawned and stretched, waking up from her dream. She rubbed her face and touched the iPad next to her with one hand. Last night, she had a long chat with Hugh. From the poem to Philosophy of life, Poppi never knew that men could be so talkative. In the end, she almost closed her eyes and sent "good night" to him. Then she threw the iPad away and fell asleep.

But speaking of collection, Hugh was a real master.

Poppi got out of bed in a daze, then she scratched her hair casually. She went out of the door with a stretch.


When poppi opened the door of the bathroom, she suddenly saw a man standing in it. Resisting the scream, she looked at him and found it was actually Malcolm!

All of a sudden, her eyes widened. Poppi could not help but raise her voice and covered her chest with her hands. "Malcolm! Why are you here?"

Malcolm caught the series of movements of Poppi. He felt that she was like a lethargic cat, frightened, sexy and novel. But her movement to block her chest was so unnecessary. He didn't want to see it at all. But after she blocked it with her hands, he was even more attracted by her.

"You didn't leave last night?" Poppi asked. "I saw you go downstairs! What were you doing downstairs last night?"

Malcolm looked away and said, "Drink some water."

The corners of her mouth twitched. "Then you should at least tell me in advance, right? Having a man sleep over in my place is frightening."

Malcolm's face darkened as he heard what Poppi said. He ignored what her said and walked around her and went out of the washroom. "I didn't sleep over in your place. I live in my own house. And you need to make breakfast as soon as possible."

"Okay, Mr. Malcolm. You can order me as you like. I won't complain about it." The corners of Poppi's mouth curved into a radiant smile, but there was a hint of anger in her smile.

"That's good." Malcolm stared at Poppi with a smile as if he didn't understand what she meant. "After all, I have to earn money to support you, so you shouldn't complain about me." After saying that, he turned around with a smile. After taking two steps, he added casually, "Oh, I forgot to tell you that there is something in the corner of your left eye. You know what I mean."

Poppi took a deep breath and hurried into the bathroom. She checked her left eye in the mirror and found that there were sleepies on the corner of her eye. It was all because she slept too late last night and now she was mocked by Malcolm...

When poppi came out of the bathroom, she was radiant. She hummed the song and went to the kitchen. She said to Malcolm, who was sitting on the sofa and watching the morning news, "How about eating sandwitch this morning?"

"Okay," Malcolm replied, with his eyes on TV the whole time.

"Let's watch the news. The CEO of the SG Group, Carl, who is seven-five years old, was sent to hospital in the Ye city in a hurry this morning. It was reported that he had a sudden hemorrhage and had arranged an emergency operation. Up to six o'clock in the morning, the surgery was still not over. Since Mr. Carl is sick, will the stock of the SG Group shake severely?"

Hearing the voice from TV, Poppi stopped her steps. She stood in the kitchen and turned around to take a secret glance at Malcolm. When she found that there was no expression on his face, she bit her lip secretly.

Carl, who was the so-called grandpa of Malcolm, was a bastard.

Malcolm was so unlucky to have such a grandfather! As for Malcolm's grandmother, Poppi was sad when she thought that the old lady fell in love with Carl, who was such an irresponsible man. What the old lady was waiting for was his promise when she was pregnant, but she was heartbroken when she heard that Carl was going to get married...

Standing in front of the stove, Poppi made fried eggs, roast bacon, and hot bread. She then made sandwiches while she was lost in her thoughts.

That year, Malcolm's grandmother changed from a noble lady to a "slut" who had been pregnant before marriage overnight, and bore the humiliation and gave birth to the child. However, the child's father, which was Carl, did not admit the child's identity, and the child became an illegitimate child. Malcolm's grandmother had suffered for dozens of years, and during her middle age, she even had to endure the pain of the death of his son and daughter-in-law in a car accident...

It was amazing for Malcolm's grandmother to have him cultivated into such an excellent man. No wonder that Malcolm was so nice to his grandmother.

When Poppi thought of Malcolm's grandmother, she suddenly smiled. She want to prepare a few more jokes to tell the old lady the next time she visited her. Because it was his grandmother who told her all these things. When Malcolm's grandmother said those things, she seemed to tell other people's stories. But those things seemed too heavy to let it pass for the rest of her life.

"Poppi, did you fall asleep in the kitchen?" There was in a bit of mockery in Malcolm's voice.

Poppi was shocked and regained her composure quickly and said, "All right. I'm done." After saying that, she put the sandwich in a plate, turned around and put it on the table. Then she took a seat opposite to Malcolm and said, "Here, eat."

Malcolm looked at the sandwich and suddenly realized that Poppi was indeed a good wife.

There was only a slight chewing sound at the table.

Poppi looked at Malcolm and wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Malcolm didn't even take a look at her, but Poppi couldn't take it anymore. She asked, "Mr. Malcolm, do you really want me to interview you?"

"Yes," Malcolm replied.

"I'm afraid that I can't do such a big thing alone." Mr. Malcolm, as you see, you usually don't accept interviews. It's not easy to get this opportunity to interview you. Everyone in this city must pay attention to it. What if I mess it up..."

"Aren't you afraid of making mistakes when you interview Hugh?" Before she could finish her words, Malcolm butted in. "Are you look down on me? Or him?"

"I..." Poppi choked on bread in her throat. After she drank some milk and swallowed it, she said in a hurry, "I absolutely don't mean that! Mr. Malcolm, I'm loyal to you. Trust me!"

Malcolm raised his eyebrows. There was an ambiguous smile on his lips which made him look like a devil. Poppi bit the sandwich heavily and mumbled, "Can I find a helper?"

"Whatever you want," Malcolm answered casually. He then took the tissue with his slender fingers and wiped his mouth gracefully.

"Then can you arrange your interview to the late September?" After all, it's Hugh who was first agreed on the interview. He took the lead, and you came the second."

After hearing what Poppi said, Malcolm froze immediately after he stood up. With the advantage of height, he looked down at her and said, "He gets the first and I come the second?"

Poppi put the sandwich on the plate, felt the slight anger in Malcolm's tone, and quickly explained, "I didn't mean it that way. It is just because I don't know whether the business interview will go well or not. So I think Hugh should take the lead, for the sake of your good image, if you..."

"Do you believe in falling in love at first sight?" Malcolm interrupted her and looked at her. Poppi stared at him with surprise in her eyes.

"Fell in love at first sight?" Poppi raised her head and didn't know why Malcolm asked such question all of a sudden. But she said reflexively, "I think those people who falling in love at the first sight are only love the appearance. Because you can't figure out what is going on deep inside one's heart at first sight. I don't think such a relationship is reliable, is it?"

Malcolm looked at Poppi up and down for a long time with his black eyes as deep as the bottomless sea. After a long while, he raised his hand to fix his suit on his wrist and said indifferently, "Then arrange an interview for me in the late September."

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