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   Chapter 20 Are You Jealous

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"Hey? Where is my phone? " After the meal, she packed up the things and went to the couch to look for her cell phone. But it was useless. She asked Malcolm confusedly, "Malcolm, do you see my cell phone?"

But before he could go upstairs, Malcolm paused and snorted guiltily, "No."

"It's so strange..." Poppi muttered and squatted down on her knees again. She looked down under the sofa and asked, "why is my phone missing? Did it run away?"

"Since you cannot use it, why bother to find it?"

"Maybe it can be repaired! It makes my heart ache to see so many things were lost in it. " Said Poppi.

"Go ahead." Malcolm disappeared from the second floor. With disgust on her face, Poppi glanced at the direction of the second floor and sighed again. No matter what, the phone was full of her memory!

On the second floor, Malcolm entered his bedroom and sneered at her broken phone on the table. What's wrong with him? He stole Poppii's cell phone and wanted to fix it for her.

Sitting at the table, he picked up the parts of her phone that he had already opened before the dinner and took a look at them. Some parts of her phone were still made of water even if it was soaked in water. There was a circuit broken on the main board, and the phone screen was flooded with water It was only a problem whether it was worthwhile to repair it

Knock, knock, knock

"Mr. Malcolm, are you sleeping?"

Just as he was thinking, he heard what Poppi said to him all of a sudden, "Mr. Malcolm, would you please open the door? I have a difficult question. Can you answer it? Three minutes? It takes you three minutes. "

Malcolm frowned and shouted to the door, "what's the matter?"

"I won't use my new iPad. Can you guide it to go up? Which was launched from your company recently, it was just arrived yesterday. "

Malcolm paused, but still got up. He went to the door and opened it, seeing that Poppi was waiting there with the iPad in her arms. Seeing that Malcolm came out, she grinned exaggeratedly.

"Mr. Malcolm, please teach me? I don't know much about electronic products. " Poppi gave the iPad to Malcolm and murmured, "I wouldn't have bought it with Wendy if she hadn't said that it is cheaper to buy two together than one at unit price. I think It's useless to buy it for me but I didn't know it could be used today."

Malcolm took the iPad with a straight face, turned back with the other hand and closed the door behind him.

"Humph!" Poppi saw what Malcolm did and said, "there is no love nest. Why should you close the door?"

"You talked too much." Malcolm even didn't look at Poppi, he opened the iPad and said: "it seems that your father really doesn't have much money recently, which is why you're living such a well-heeled life."

Poppi was stunned and said with a fake smile, "thank you, Mr. Malcolm. but the money you gave me is more than that."

Malcolm cast a sidelong glance at Poppi and remembered what Barry said to him at noon. Did he really need to find someone to spend money for him? There was no need to prepare one. As long as it was expensive, Poppi could buy in.

"What do you want to play?" Malcolm opened her iPad and asked.

"E-mail me now. I'll send Mr. Su an email." Poppi stared at the screen and spoke, not noticing the sudden change in Malcolm's eyes, "I'm afraid that Mr. Su will be anxious if he can't get in touch with me."

"He will be anxious? !" "Who do you think you are, Poppi?" asked Malcolm in reply

Poppi frowned and looked at him up and down. Finally, her eyes rested below him. "Have you been very angry recently?" Then she rolled her eyes and added, "why do you always prevent me from having contact with him Is it...


"What?" Malcolm controlled his anger and said.

"Are you jealous?" Poppi acted as if she suddenly realized something. She came close to Malcolm and said in a low voice, "do you fall in love with Hugh..."

"Poppi!" Malcolm gnashed his teeth and called. Suddenly, he turned around, grabbed Poppi's arm and pressed her against the wall behind. He leaned against her and whispered in her ear, "are you curious about whether I like men or women?"

The manly breath coming to her made her blush all of a sudden, and the words of Malcolm had a temptation. Poppi was not a little girl, only feeling that her heart beat up, something was about to come out.

"Do you want to verify it by yourself?" Malcolm asked again in a low voice.

Poppi swallowed hard and turned her bright eyes to Malcolm. When their eyes met, the air froze.

"Hahaha..." A few seconds later, Poppi laughed and asked, "Mr. Malcolm, are you sure?"

Hearing this, Malcolm stiffened immediately. Then Poppi continued, "I don't mind you giving me another sum of money because you broke the agreement. But don't forget that Celine..."

"Enough!" Malcolm interrupted her coldly, put the iPad into her hand, and turned around to go downstairs.

Poppi, holding the iPad, spit out her tongue at him.

"Poppi, don't make a face at me. You know I hate small tricks." When Malcolm went downstairs with his back to Poppi, he suddenly spoke with a pair of eyes on his back. Stunned for a second, Poppi turned around with a guilty conscience. When she was about to leave, she saw the closed door of Malcolm's room, which aroused her curiosity.

"Don't try to open my door secretly. I don't think you want to know the consequences of angering me." Malcolm said again. He turned around and disappeared in the living room.

"Malcolm, why don't you change career as a diviner! Close the door when you leave! " Poppi humphed and walked to her room with the iPad in her arms, her mouth plumped up. After walking a few steps, Poppi's face suddenly turned serious. She was really annoyed as the joke just now was too far. As for who Malcolm liked, how could she not know?

Her sister, who was in a vegetative state because of a car accident, was exactly the one in charge of Malcolm? How happy she was to meet her man's unchanged love for four years! However, it was not until she woke up that she got this happiness

"Wake up, Celine. Please wake up. I've given him completely to you.".

Ding Dong

The iPad in her hand suddenly let out a noise. When she looked down, a new email popped up in her e-mail box. It was from Hugh.

"Miss. Poppi, I called you but failed to get through. I wonder if you are okay. If you see the e-mail, please send me back."

After reading the content of the e-mail, Poppi returned to her bedroom immediately. She threw herself on her bed and sent a message to Hugh with the iPad. "Mr. Su, I'm sorry to make you worry. I'm fine at home. I'm sorry that I can't use my phone because it was soaked in water and Mr. Su didn't get in touch with me. "

After she wrote back the letter, Celine couldn't help laughing out loud. It seemed that lyndsy was from a literary family, she could speak out such words like "good". But why did she make a living in the entertainment circle?

Ding Dong

"I'm glad that Miss. Poppi is fine, then I'm relieved. By the way, my assistant has brought some authentic Blue Mountain coffee beans. I'll invite you to have a taste some other day. "

"Taste it? Do you want to I go on making coffee for you? "

Hugh sent a laughing Emoji and continued, "it's my pleasure if Miss. Poppi would like to do that."

"It's also my honor to receive your invitation, Mr. Su."

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