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   Chapter 19 I Will Get Him

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"Malcolm..." In the quiet room, Poppi spoke first with a hint of grievance, "stand up, the ground is so cold, my back is still painful."

Malcolm kept silent with a cold look.

"What's wrong?" After a while, Poppi hung her hand around his neck with a guilty conscience. Because of the pain in her body, she ignored the undercurrent in his eyes.

"If it's your trick to lure me, it's too cheap." After saying this coldly, Malcolm fell off holding Poppi's arm and stood up agilely. "Go and cook."

Poppi leaned on the ground and rolled her eyes. Then she held her waist and stood up slowly. Okay, Okay.. She think she likes the Miss Malcolm's maid. She bore the pain to cook dinner for Mr. Malcolm.

At night, various streets and alleys of Ye city were enveloped. The city was bustling with streams of people and flashing neon lights, wearing a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

"Sorry, the number you dialed cannot be reached at the moment, please..."

"What happened?" Inside a suite of the Blue Sea Hotel, Hugh was lying on the bed, raising his arm and holding his mobile phone, with his eyes fixed on the screen of the phone. He muttered, "no one answered the phone just now. Why can't I dial it now Is it... " As soon as he heard that, Hugh sat up from the bed and asked, "what happened?"

"Mr. Su, here are the documents you want." At this moment, his assistant walked in with a stack of files.

As soon as he saw what was written on the piece of paper, Hugh frowned and took over the document in his hand. He decided to wait for some more time. After reading the files, he would look for her else if there was still no information about Poppi.

In the living room of the first floor of the Imperial Tang Yard, Poppi rubbed her waist and was going to the kitchen. When she was halfway to think of her mobile phone, she turned back and walked to the sofa while humming. She looked around for her mobile phone, but her eyes suddenly froze at the moment when she saw the glass of water. Her pupils shrank all of a sudden. She felt pain all over her body and cried out with pain, "my mobile phone..."

Malcolm stood on the stairs and was about to go upstairs when he heard the noise. He looked back and saw that Poppi's mobile phone was quietly soaked in the water. Seeing that she stumbled to get her mobile phone out, he was speechless.

"Is it useful?" Holding her phone that was still dripping, Poppi twitched her mouth and mocked herself, "you threw it so precisely..."

"What kind of phone is this?" Mr. Malcolm said while he is going downstairs.

Poppi did not expect that Mr. Malcolm would come down. She turned around in a daze and suddenly remembered something. Her eyes were bright and she said, "my mobile phone comes from your company. Can you help me repair it? The engineer of your company must be fine with it, right? "

Malcolm cast a glance at her phone, "our engineer is really good. But he's not God."

His words broke all of her illusions, but Malcolm continued, "besides, you have been suspended for almost two years because of the payment was three years ago. It will be soon eliminated even if which have been repaired."

"But it has been with me for so many years. I can't bear to lose it!" Poppi puckered up her lips and stole a glance at Malcolm, "Mr. Malcolm, isn't your company launching new phones recently? Began to launch the pre sale the day after tomorrow? I think that white one is great It looks like my phone. If I have a new one... "

Malcolm interrupted, "I can't see any similar between them except that both are white."

Poppi rolled her eyes and said, "all right I'm starving to death. Malcolm, what do you want to eat? " Saying that, Poppi stood up and put the phone on the table, then

she walked to the kitchen and asked, "how about spicy noddles today? Do you want to eat? "

"Yes." Malcolm answered in a calm voice. He was not particular about food. Moreover, the food cooked by Poppi was quite to his taste. Even if he had spicy food at night, it didn't matter. Thinking of this, Malcolm took a look at her phone on the table and pondered for a while. Then he picked up his phone, turned around and went upstairs.

Malcolm's grandmother once said that if Poppi lost her job, she could totally run a restaurant and her business must be great. Smelling the delicious aroma of the kitchen, Malcolm looked at Poppi who was humming the song while cooking, and suddenly felt the granny's proposal was good.

"Okay, It's all right!" Poppi pulled out the noodles from the bowl, put some condiments on it and turned around to speak to Malcolm: "Malcolm, the noodles are very hot. Come here."

Poppi always acted like a spoiled child in front of Malcolm. She behaved so naturally that he couldn't tell if she was pretending or not. And such uncertainty upset Malcolm.

"Are you ordering me?" Then he sat down at the table and said, "take it yourself."

"You have no tenderness for women!" Poppi puckered her mouth and took a deep breath. She picked up the bowl and walked out of the kitchen with it in her hand. "Hurry up!" she rushed and put the noodle on the table immediately. Then she put the scalded fingers on her earlobe and jumped anxiously, "it's so hot..."

Seeing what poppi did, Wade lowered his eyes and wondered, 'does Hugh like cute girls? 'so adorable? Does he think so?'?

"What are you thinking about? Come on, eat it quickly. It get cold soon. " Poppi quickly took a seat opposite to Malcolm and said, "there are still a lot of things to do after dinner!"

"What is it?" Malcolm asked.

"You need to send a message to Hugh, prepare an interview draft for him, give it to him..."

"I've told you not to provoke Hugh," Malcolm interrupted her coldly.

Poppi was stunned for a moment, then she smiled and said, "Okay, okay, I won't provoke him anymore. When the interview is over, I will draw a clear line with him. Is that okay?"

Hearing this, Poppi snorted and continued, "by the way, Mr. Malcolm, didn't you refuse my interview? I'm scared to hear an interview again. If Tina is so interested, just let her do it. What do you think? "

Malcolm cast a cold glance at her, his eyes full of anger, "I don't like to hear you reject my words."

Poppi pursed her lips and said, "Okay, I see." Then she began to eat the noodles.

She was afraid of him, wasn't she? When he was not angry, She could play the woman with him, but when he was angry, Poppi was coward She knew their relationship was always not fair.

In the center of Ye city, there was a bustling scene. A lot of people went out to eat, go shopping or have fun at their leisure time after work.

After dinner, Catherine and Tina walked in the square arm in arm. Wearing a high-heeled dress and a mature and lovely temperament, Catherine looked confident and arrogant.

"I've called Malcolm and he said he would think about it again." "If you have any good idea, tell me and I'll help you talk to him," she added

"Catherine, you are so kind!" Tina hugged Catherine, feeling grateful. But she knew in her heart that Catherine was just helping herself.

"Of course. After all we are best friends." She suddenly stopped and looked up. The light in the square screen made her face dim.

Kalyn followed her gaze and saw the advertisement of the JS group on the screen.

"ZEMO is an excellent man." Kalyn said leisurely.

"Yeah, excellent." Staring at the screen, she nodded. "So I'm determined to have him," she declared confidently

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