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   Chapter 18 The Reaction Time Is So Long

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Malcolm paused and took a glance at him, "I don't know. What's wrong? "

"Aren't you afraid that he will get angry with you if you keep it from him? After all, he is the only one among us who don't know this secret. "

Malcolm's eyes turned cold, "I didn't want to tell you. You found it yourself. Don't tell me as if I tell you on my own initiative."

"Humph!" "Anyway, I know it already. But this time, he is not going to come back for fun. Sooner or later, he will know it. So, you should tell him. "

Malcolm narrowed his eyes, "No. you can just pretend that you know nothing about it."

Drinking the water, Barry Wei paused and looked at Malcolm up and down, "Why are you so serious? What's wrong? "

"Why the dishes are not yet served?" Coming back from the bathroom, Hugh said, "I'm so hungry. I should let Miss. Poppi come with me."

"Who? !" Surprised, he turned around and asked, "who's that?"

"Miss. Poppi! What's wrong? " In a daze, Hugh asked, "do you know her?"

"I..." Looking at Malcolm, who was pursing his lips with a grim face, Mr. Wei answered while shaking his head, "No. I heard it wrong. I thought it was the man I was looking for."

"Miss. Poppi is a very sincere girl."

All the dishes were served soon, talking and laughing. He seemed unconcerned about the episode just now, and Malcolm looked indifferent, as if nothing had happened. But both of them knew that they had to put this matter on the table.

'Poppi Interesting

"Why do you want to accept an interview all of a sudden?" When the desserts were served after dinner, Barry asked casually, "do you really come here for Hugh?"

"Humph!" "Is it possible? Perhaps he came back for the acquisition of the Fashion Magazine and the SG Group And Malcolmi must have a reason to do this, right? "

Taking a sip of water, Malcolm curled his lips into a noncommittal smile. Seeing this, both Barry and Hugh did not ask any more questions. But he quipped, "Malcolm, I want to tell you, You only earn money, but don't have time to spend it. It's time to find someone to spend money for you."

"You are right." "Do you mean that you have to be in that vegetative state all your life?" But he suddenly stopped, shut up his mouth and stole a glance at Malcolm, without saying anything more

The person in a vegetative state in hospital abroad was a taboo of Malcolm, so no one dared to mention it. Even the woman's name hadn't been mentioned a few times The name of the woman seemed familiar to him but he can't remember it.

The facial expression of Malcolm quickly changed, but returned to normal. Barry Wei was just making small talk about his gambling house. The three of them all ate their meals with their own ideas in their minds.

After working with her colleagues for a whole day, Poppi looked at them with a fake smile. She was exhausted physically and mentally when she saw that they were courting her. When she was about to get off work, she received a message from Malcolm saying "go back home quickly". Doubtfully, Poppi packed up her things and rushed back home. As soon as she came back, she saw Malcolm sitting in the living room, reading documents with his legs crossed in a casual manner.

"Why did you come here today?" "you come back here frequently in recent days," said Poppi as she walked in

"Don't you like it?" Then he looked up at Poppi with an indifferent expression in his eyes.

"Great! Of course great! " Poppi nodded her head and smiled, "every wife wants her husband to go home! Right? In case I worry about my husband's safety. "

Malcolm narrowed his eyes and thought, 'this woman has a sharp tongue. Why does Hugh like her?

The phone bell rang——

Poppi put down her bag and naturally sat next to Malcolm. She was so thirsty that she asked for some water. When she just poured the water into the cup, Poppi's phone suddenly vibrated. She quickly put down the cup and

picked up her phone. When she saw it was Hugh, she immediately raised her eyebrows.

Malcolm noticed the unnatural expression on Poppi's face, and he knew what she was going to say even without looking at the screen of her cell phone. "Don't answer Hugh's phone."

"Phew!" Poppi took a deep breath and held her vibrating phone, "what if Mr. Su asks me for something about work?"

"Then you can call him back tomorrow at work." Malcolm said in a firm manner.

"What You win! " "maybe Mr. Su doesn't know that we are married, does he?" Poppi asked as she suddenly thought of something

"your reaction time is so long !" Malcolm hummed, "do you think he will come to your company today if he knows?"

"You are right," Muttered Poppi.

The phone bell rang——

The phone rang again and she sighed and shook her head. "It seems that I have been out doing something behind my husband and caught by you? I didn't do anything! "

Malcolm hummed, "you haven't done anything. How could he treat you..." Speaking of this, Malcolm paused, and looking at Poppi, inexplicably a bunch of anger inexplicably ignited in his heart.

"What! But you need to finish your words. " Poppi grumbled. She didn't try to find out the real meaning in his words, but just kept on the phone of Hugh. The phone kept ringing, making both of them feel a little disturbed. After pausing for a while, Poppi suddenly smiled cunningly and quickly reached out to press the phone screen.

"Hang up it, Poppi!" Seeing through Poppi's intention, Malcolm shouted and reached out to grab her phone.

Poppi held her phone high and stood up, stepping back and said, "I just answered a phone call, so what? Haven't you decided not to interfere with each other? "

Malcolm narrowed his eyes, with a hint of displeasure flashed in his eyes. The action of grabbing the phone instantly changed into the gesture of cutting. He chopped at the wrist of Poppi. The phone threw out in a beautiful arc. With a "thump" sound, it fell directly into the glass of water. The phone hummed twice, and a string of bubbles rose. The screen darkened, and there was no more sound.

But neither of them saw this. Because the action of them was in a critical moment.

The moment the phone flew out, Poppi stepped back and fell back like a falling leaf, tripped over the sofa leg.

"Poppi..." Malcolm's pupils shrank in an instant. When he was about to reach out to hold Poppi, an idea flashed in his mind. He felt it unnecessary to do and she won't die, let alone this woman should be in pain! Thinking of this, Malcolm was ready to watch the fun, but he didn't expect that Poppi would suddenly put her arms around his neck. Caught off guard, Malcolm pounced forward and pressed her down on the ground together with two tumbles.


"Uh..." Within two seconds, Poppi's back fell heavily to the ground. She groaned with pain, but her hands wrapped around Malcolm's neck tightly.

Hearing this, Malcolm pulled a long face. He leaned on her with push ups and shouted in a low voice, "let go of me!"

"Aha It's killing me... " Poppi's face puckered. She closed her eyes and shouted out in pain. It seemed that she didn't hear what Malcolm said but still held him tightly.

"You deserve it." Malcolm cursed, "this is what you get if you don't listen to me. It hurts more next time."

Hearing this, Poppi opened her eyes. Her eyes were covered with mist and looked at him with illusions. She pouted and didn't say anything. But when he looked directly into her eyes, he felt his heart break into the warm clouds. He looked at her stiffly and forgot to move his eyes away. His mind was very empty and full 'her eyebrows, her cheeks, her lips, her beautiful hair, and herself She presented it all in front of him. They stood very close and looked into each other's eyes. It seemed that the summer was so hot that they forgot about the cellphone.

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