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   Chapter 17 Barry Wei Is Coming

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Malcolm smiled lightly and didn't answer. Hugh huddled up in the car, closed his eyes and muttered, "don't worry about Miss. Poppi and me. Just now, you said that you wanted her to interview. Her face turned pale. I will comfort her later. You are just picking on her! "

Malcolm frowned and turned to look at Hugh. Tangle, contradiction and some other inexplicable emotions emerged in his dark eyes.

No one knew that he had married, except themself and his grandmother as well as Abner Shen, who was the lawyer who had made the draft agreement. Nobody had ever thought that such a coincidence would happen in three years later. If Hugh knew that he had been married to Poppi, what would he do? What would happen? Now, it was either to be honest to him, or to hide the truth from him to the end. What should he do?

"Here we are, Mr. Malcolm." Sean's voice came from the front, and before Malcolm could answer, Hugh said, "thank you, Sean. Malcolm, I have to work now. Please pick me up at noon to have lunch with Barry Wei. "

"Yes." Malcolm nodded. After watching Hugh get off the car and walk to the studio upstairs, he told Sean, "let's go back to the company."

"Okay, Mr. Malcolm."

Malcolm lifted his eyes and looked out of the window. For the first time, he wanted to escape. He didn't want to talk about Poppi with Hugh, very much.

At this moment, his phone rang

Before getting out of the car at the headquarters of SG group, Malcolm's phone suddenly rang. He took it out and found it was from Catherine. He smiled sarcastically and answered the phone in no hurry, "hello?"

"Malcolm, are you busy now?"

"I'm fine."

Without waiting for his reply, she continued, "Malcolm, do you remember what I told you last time? A magazine wants to interview you."

"Yes, I did."

The car stopped. Shirley got off the car and opened the door for Malcolm. Malcolm held his phone and got off.

"My good friend is named Tina. She's working for the advertising department now and is about to become the vice editor in chief. She want to interview you. Could you please give her a chance? She is no match for any ordinary servant. " After that, she added, "just for my sake Do you know that Ye city is a pilot unit for promoting the new mobile phone business? The bidding is about to start. I believe your company will definitely win. But whose phone be used is on the decision of my father, right? "

"Mr. Malcolm!"

"Mr. Malcolm!"

When Malcolm entered the building, the people around all stopped to greet him, but he ignored them and kept walking with his long legs. He opened his thin lips and said, "Okay, I'll think it over carefully. If I suddenly decide not to accept the interview, I'll be sorry."

"Of course I see," Hearing this, Catherine felt relieved, but she thought that Malcolm really save her face, so she took the opportunity to ask, "do you have time recently? I'll hold a party with my friends. They all have boyfriend. I'm alone. Malcolm, could you accompany me to the party? "

"You know I don't like to show up in public." But Malcolm rejected her politely, "I'm getting in the elevator. Keep in touch later."

"All right." Catherine hanged up the phone confusedly.

Malcolm walked into the elevator and ordered Sean, "tell every operator to stop purchasing the cellphones of other brands. Before the bidding, we must ensure that the stock price of our company goes up by ten percentage points. "

"Okay, Mr. Malcolm."

Malcolm frowned. He hated to be threatened like a mantis trying to stop a chariot. Just like her father, who was also wise but not practical.

All of a sudden, Poppi became a popular star in the company. After all, with two interviews, her status was naturally not to be mentioned.

"Sister Poppi, can you take me to the interview?"

Wendy came to Poppi again and blinked like a cute puppy. "I'm getting more and more convinced that only when I follow you can I have more money to earn. Please, Poppi! Please take me with you! "

Poppi pinched Wendy's face and smiled, "Wendy, I'm afraid that I can't protect myself now."

"What's wrong?" Wendy asked.

"Well, it's quite a long story!" Poppi shook her head and caught a glimpse of the sharp eyes boring into her from the corner of Tina's eyes. She swallowed her saliva because she hated overt struggles the most. "But," Poppi said, turning to another topic, "Shirley will be back soon. Then we can go out for fun and take you with us!"

"Ouch! Thank you so much, Poppi! " Wendy held her in her arms excitedly, "except my parents, you are the only one who treat me well!"

She laughed and started a fight with Wendy. Wendy was two years younger than her, about the same age as her sister, Celine, and had the same personality with her. Since she couldn't see her, Poppi could only give her whole love and selflessly to Wendy. Well, this little girl was very fond of her

At noon, in a beautiful and warm restaurant with cool atmosphere, Malcolm and Hugh were sitting by the window, drinking water and waiting for someone. Malcolm had already taken off his suit jacket. His upper body was only left with a white shirt. His sleeves were slightly rolled up to his forearm. He looked more casual.

"Why hasn't Barry Wei come yet? Is he busy at noon? " Hugh was a little impatient. He drank half a glass of lemonade to relieve his impatience.

Malcolm sipped his water, "you can ask him when he comes."

"Welcome to our restaurant. How can I help you?"

Facing the door, Malcolm heard the sound. He looked up and said, "He is coming."

A tall, strong but evil looking man walked in, wearing a short T-shirt and a pair of short pants. While Hugh turned his head around and burst into laughter. He scolded the captain of him, "Barry. Wei, can you put on any more clothes? After all, it's the first time I have seen you since I came back. You are really disrespectful! "

"Little boy is angry!" After he came over, he rudely rubbed Hugh's hair and said with a smile, "how about I ask my friends to dress up one by one for you to hold a welcome party tonight?"

"Do you want to go with me?" Asked Hugh.

"No, I won't go." Malcolm refused without hesitation. He raised his hand and called the waiter to order.

"Then I won't go either." "When Abner Shen is back, the four of us will have dinner together."

"Okay." Barry Wei nodded and sat down beside Hugh. "Actually, it has been a long time since we met last time. Malcolm is very busy and can't make an appointment with me, especially at night."

"What?" Raising his eyebrows, Hugh asked, "was there anything happened?"

Malcolm stared at him, "I'm not like you. I'm busy too in the daytime." After saying that, he looked meaningfully at the neck of Barry Wei.

Seeing that, Hugh turned his head to have a look. As soon as he saw the red print, he scolded, "Mr. Wei, I thought you had something important to do, but it turns out that you are hunting for women! There are lipstick marks on your neck! "

A wicked smile appeared on Barry Wei's face, but he didn't show any guilt or shyness. Instead, he gracefully took some paper towels to wipe his neck while saying, "those women are really annoying. They can't go away without taking advantage of me."

"Go to hell!" Hugh said and pushed him again. Then they had a noisy fight suddenly.

"What can I do for you?" A waiter came over with the menu.

After ordering a lot of food, he went to the washroom while waiting for the dishes. As soon as he saw Hugh leaving, Barry Wei immediately leaned forward and said to Malcolm, "doesn't Hugh know that you are married?"

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