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   Chapter 16 Let's See What Kind Of Person She Is

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"Hang up it." Malcolm raised his eyes and said, "don't challenge my patience. You can find a boyfriend, but not Hugh."

boy friend? What are you saying? Poppi whispered to herself. Did it mean the provocation that mentioned?

Just when Poppi was about to explain, she saw someone coming over outside the reception room. After taking a look at it, Poppi rushed to get involved in the interview. Malcolm raised his eyebrows and she deliberately raised her voice. "Oh, Mr. Malcolm, I don't know what to say. But let the advertising department handle the interview of you! We are too busy to interview Mr. Su in the editing department! I'm so sorry! "

Hearing this, Malcolm frowned, but he was not angry. He turned around indifferently and stared at Poppi.

"Hey! Tina " Poppi passed by, wiping her hair. She raised her hand and waved her fingers. She smiled happily, but there was no sign of flaunting. However, such an expression made Tina even angrier.

"Mr, Malcolm." Seeing that Poppi left, Tina asked in a hurry, "what did she say to you just now?"

Putting his hand into his pocket casually, Malcolm's face fell. "Are you asking me?"

"No, I won't." Tina felt stressed and shook her head while swallowing her saliva. "I'm just Mr. Malcolm, haven't we reached an agreement just now? I even brought the material... "

"Interview? Isn't it the job of the editing department?" All of a sudden, Malcolm broke the silence. After taking a glance at Tina, he turned around and walked outside. He was still worried about Poppi and Hugh

Tina clenched her teeth, but she could do nothing but watch Malcolm leave. 'Poppii, it's Poppi again. Isn't it enough to invite Hugh? Will she even grab the chance to interview Mr. Malcolm'?

Thinking of this, Tina threw the materials on the table angrily. After a long time of hesitation, she took out her phone and called Catherine.

"Hello? Catherine, would you like to have dinner with me? Uh "Yes, something has happened! About Malcolm Okay Okay See you tonight... "

"Miss. Poppi, why are you so late?" In the meeting room, Hugh couldn't wait to ask as soon as he saw Poppi coming back.

"Really?" Poppi asked him back and continued, "I think it will be finished soon. Where did the head and Mr. Su talk to? "

"We are talking about you." Teresa smiled and said, "I've told Mr. Su that Poppi is a rare talent in the magazine. She is beautiful, smart and not to mention would be a mother and a good wife in her future."

Seeing this, Hugh couldn't help laughing. Poppi shrugged her shoulders helplessly and said with a smile, "my chief, what you just said is just like a blind date. How embarrassing it is for Mr. Su!"

"No, I think what she said is right." Hugh said with a faint smile and appreciation in his eyes.

Teresa nodded with a tacit understanding and said, "OK, fine. Let's stop here. Let's talk about work."

When Malcolm arrived at the door of the conference room, Hugh was talking with them pleasantly. Teresa talked to other people in the ward and most of the time, it was Poppi and Hugh who were talking. They looked at each other and smiled occasionally as if they had known each other for a long time.

It seemed that Poppi was making a plan. She held the pen in her hand and constantly made a gesture in the air. Her expression was confident.

Malcolm stood still, watching her in a daze and forgetting to move. Thinking of this, Malcolm felt that Poppi had never bothered him for three years so they had most interactions: having a sleep and having dinner together. Is she always like this in fact? Is it because of her confidence that she no longer needs his help?

At this momen

t, the seed of curiosity grew stronger and stronger, almost covering all over Malcolm's body. Suddenly, he wanted to know if Poppi was really so happy under her fake smile and whether she could really solve all the difficult problems.


While thinking, Mr. Malcolm had already opened the door of the meeting room. Just as what Poppi was talking about, when she suddenly heard the door open, she turned her head unconsciously with some confusion and innocence in her eyes.

"Deal? As long as you can save my sister and father, as long as you can help me get rid of those people I promise you whatever deal you make. "

Malcolm was unable to look away from Poppi's face. The scene of their meeting was still vivid in his mind. At that time, Poppi was confused and timid, not as cunning as she was now That should be what she looked like before!

Seeing that, Malcolm fixed his eyes on Poppi and he stood up from the chair all of a sudden, asking, "Malcolm, why are you here?"

"Yes." Hearing this, Malcolm came to his senses and slowly walked towards the meeting table without saying anything more.

They all looked at him confusedly when he walked in, which made Poppi even more stressed. But when he really stood in front of her, looking down at her disdainfully, he said: "Miss. Poppi, then I'll leave the matter of interview to you."

Hugh stunned and reflexively looking at Poppi Poppi opened her eyes wide and stared at him in disbelief. Was he insane? Interview him? When did she say that?

Just as she was about to ask, a hint of cruelty flashed across Malcolm's eyes. Poppi was shocked, thinking of her tease in front of Tina, and became speechless. But what? Malcolm wanted to kill me? Did he want Tina to think that she snatched the opportunity from her? Then there was a terrible war between the women?

This time she really shot herself in the foot. Poppi clenched her teeth and said nothing.

"Miss. Poppi doesn't agree?" Malcolm urged again.

"Agree!" Teresa quickly responded.

Poppi was stunned and forgot to refute for a moment.

They chatted for a long time. After Hugh and Malcolm avoided the reporters at the front door and left through the safe passage, Poppi was a little absent-minded. She had to think of a way to get rid of Malcolm's interview. Otherwise, give him a honey trap?

"Why do you want Miss. Poppi to interview you all of a sudden?" Sitting in the car at the right of Malcolm, Hugh asked with a hint of worry and curiosity.

Malcolm chuckled, "I want to see what kind of person she is." He wanted to see if she could handle the interview well and deal with Tina.

"Are you going to make things difficult for her? Are you doing this for me? To test her? " After throwing a glance at Malcolm, he continued with a big smile on his face, "I know you and my layer, the two of you are really annoying. Both of you treat me like a child. I will deal with my affairs with Miss. Poppi. As the master of Barry Wei, I think he was better than you. "

"Are you sure he was more better than me!" Malcolm chuckled, "his only remaining conscience is that he doesn't sell you for money"

"Aren't you two brothers who shared the same hardships? He is heartless. What about you? "

Malcolm raised his eyebrows, "maybe so am I." Then, he glimpsed at Hugh, "we take you as our little brother. You're impulsive and it's good for you to have your layer take care of you abroad. Now you're back and you're curious about everything, so I must keep an eye on you."

Hugh heaved a long sigh and said, "Malcolm, you're so annoying. You act like my guardian. I'm only two years younger than you. Can you just ignore it?"

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