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   Chapter 15 You Were So Cold, Honey

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Poppi couldn't believe what she had heard. It never occurred to her that Barry was Malcolm's friend. And she started to worry about her safety.

Tina and Teresa were more surprised. They couldn't even speak.

"Did I say something wrong?" Hugh was a little confused.

"No, you didn't." Malcolm put his hands back in his pockets and ignored them. "Hurry up if you want to talk about the interview. I have something to deal with later, so I will not have time to give you a ride by then."

Hugh pursed his lips and looked at Poppi. "Miss Poppi, it seems that we can't have lunch together today."

"It's okay. It's okay." Poppi waved her hand and said, "Mr. Hugh, please go ahead with your work." Although Poppi pretended to be polite on the surface, she was relieved in her heart. It would be a disaster for her if she had dinner with the three of them. She was happy that she didn't have to go there.

"Then it's settled for the interview." For fear that Poppi might go back on her word, Hugh actively offered, "I'm free these days. Miss Poppi, when can we discuss the details of the interview together?"

Poppi glanced at Teresa and smiled. "It depends on you, Mr. Hugh. Now that you are free, how about we making the arrangements now?"

"Okay, no problem! Where should we go and talk about it?"

"How about going to the meeting room?" After putting forward her suggestion, Poppi glanced at Teresa and the latter nodded her head.

"This way, please." Teresa gestured towards the door. Hugh looked at Malcolm and said, "Please come with us. We can leave after the discussion."

Malcolm made no reply. As he was about to take a step forwards, Tina stopped him and said, "Mr. Malcolm, can I have a talk with you?"

Poppi didn't turn back. Malcolm answered coldly, "Okay."

Hugh said with a shrug, "Then we will go to the meeting room first. I will call you later. Don't wander away." After that, he looked at Poppi and said, "Miss Poppi, let's go."

Poppi nodded her head and went to the meeting room with Teresa and Hugh.

Putting his hands in his pockets, Malcolm watched the three of them take the turn. He then looked away indifferently and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Mr. Malcolm, I called your assistant last time and asked him about your interview. Do you agree?" Tina asked with a hopeful expression as she stared at him.

"Hugh has already agreed, hasn't he?" Malcolm cast a glance at Tina.

"But your own opinion shouldn't be affect by others," Tina replied. "As the saying goes, the more the better. I would be honored if you are agreed."

After a long silence, Malcolm was about to refuse her, but he saw Poppi coming back in a hurry.

"Catherine is my good friend," Tina continued as she perceived the slightest change on Malcolm's face. "And she also wants..."

"Since you are Miss Catherine's friend, of course I should do you a favor." Malcolm slightly replied as he stared at Poppi.

"Do you mean that you have agreed to the interview?" Tina asked with excitement.

"Yes," Malcolm answered in a neither light nor heavy tone.

Poppi walked up to them. When she saw that they were blocking the door, she politely said, "I forgot to bring my mobile phone and laptop, so I have to go to the reception room. Mr. Malcolm, Tina, could you please step aside?"

Tina grunted arrogantly. She stared at Poppi and moved her feet reluctantly.

"Since you are Miss Catherine's friend, of course I should do you a favor. Humph!" Poppi murmured to herself. On the way to the reception room, Poppi twitched her lips and repeated what Malcolm had just said. She even pretended to vomit. The thought of those words really disgusted her. Poppi knew that Malcolm did it on purpose. She wanted to interview him, but he directly refuse her. When someone else wanted to interview him, he gave the permission immediately. Poppi thought t

hat Malcolm was just a man who chose beauty over her!

'But Miss Catherine? Which Miss Catherine? The woman who was photographed when she entered a hotel with Malcolm?' Poppi thought to herself.

Poppi went to the corner where she had just sat and began to pack her things. However, she was so immersed in her thoughts that she didn't notice that Malcolm had come in. Therefore, when she turned around and was about to leave, she found that Malcolm was standing three steps behind her and staring at her coldly.

"Ah!" Poppi screamed and stepped back with fear.

"What have you done? Why are you so scared?" Malcolm took a step forward.

"I..." Poppi opened her mouth and looked behind Malcolm. "Where is Tina?"

"I don't know," Malcolm replied indifferently and walked towards her.

"Back off! What are you doing?" Poppi was shocked. She crossed her hands in front of her chest and said, "The glass window is right in front of you. If someone comes over and sees us, you will never be able to clear yourself!"

"Why do I do that?" Malcolm snorted as he stopped in front of Poppi. "Actually, our relationship is complicated."

Poppi was stunned. She then frowned and murmured, "What you said is somewhat reasonable..." As soon as she finished saying that, her eyes shone. She stared at Malcolm and said, "But this is the first time I have greeted you in front of so many people. It seems that you have always been so cold, haven't you? I thought you only treated me with indifference!"

"You are the same." Malcolm opened his thin lips slightly. "You are still obnoxious."

"Honey, you are so good at jokes," Poppi said as her mouth slightly twitched.

"Humph!" Malcolm grunted and looked at her up and down. "It's just that I've been married for three years, but I haven't known that my wife is good at making coffee. I'm really impressed."

It seemed that the word "wife" was uttered by Malcolm with special meaning, and it made Poppi suddenly blush. Malcolm looked at Poppi affectionately. When he saw her pink face, he couldn't help but reach out his hand and touch her cheek, and it felt very smooth. Poppi's face became even redder as she listened to the deafening heartbeat in her chest. But Malcolm then spoke with a threatening tone, "Don't mess with Hugh, or I will not let you off."

"What are you talking about? I didn't mess with Hugh." Poppi frowned and her face changed. She then laughed and said, "If I knew he is your friend, I would never go to find him." After that, Poppi asked angrily, "You called Hugh last night? Why don't you tell me? Let me act like an idiot. Who would have thought that you are his friend?"

Malcolm narrowed his eyes and took back his hand.

He then quietly thought to himself, 'Although we have been married for three years and sleep on the same bed every day, it didn't change anything between us. Poppi still the girl who know nothing about my life and I still don't know what kind of person she is. Although we have agreed that we won't interfere with each other, I can't hide my true feelings anymore when I picture her with Hugh.

And Hugh told me he fell in love with Poppi at first sight?' Malcolm's eyes darkened as he thought of what Hugh said.

"Cut off all contact with him after the interview," Malcolm said as he came to his senses. "In addition, I will buy the stamp."

Poppi raised her eyebrows as she heard Malcolm. Just when she was about to say something, her phone suddenly rang. After she looked at the screen, she immediately smirked. Then, she deliberately picked up the phone in front of Malcolm. "Hello? Mr. Hugh, what's wrong?"

Malcolm stared at her in silence.

"Okay, I'll be right back. Mr. Hugh, please wait for me for two minutes. Okay, I see. Bye." Poppi hung up the phone and sighed. "I didn't mess with Mr. Hugh, but he called me first. What should I do?"

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