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   Chapter 14 Hello, Mr. Malcolm

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In public, it was the first time that they had seen each other at such a short distance. She was a little nervous. How should she face Malcolm? 'should I pretend to be surprised or something?'? Would their plot be exposed later?

Sitting next to the chief editor, Malcolm looked calm. But his intimidating manner made people present dare not ignore him. When Poppii was about to move her eyes, she found that Malcolm seemed to look at her with some special meanings which made her forget to respond for a while.

Seeing Poppii, Hugh waved his hand quickly and said, "Miss. Poppi, nice to meet you again."

"Mr. Su." Poppi swallowed and politely turned her head to greet Hugh.

"Oh, please sit down." Teresa said, nudging Poppi.

"Chief editor, the employees in your company have such a great personal charisma. I was really impressed by Miss. Poppi yesterday." Hugh said to the chief editor of the magazine besides him, "last night Miss Poppi went home too late, but I didn't expect her to be late."

Poppi was stunned as she suddenly felt several people staring at her with a little funny and suspicion. She knew it would be bad. Malcolm sipped his tea, as if he didn't care about anything.

"Haha! that's great?" The chief editor was a slick old man. He looked at Poppi and said with a smile, "now that you are with Mr. Su and you are busy with your work yesterday. What's more, you are not too late for this morning, so I think Poppi deserves my praise!"

"Thank you, chief editor!" Poppi showed her gratitude and followed Teresa to her seat.

Several leaders of the magazine gathered together. In the face of Malcolm and Hugh, they flattered the two and praised the periodical office, saying that it was their honor to invite them. Poppi could not help but fall asleep again.

"Okay, that's it. You must do your job well to interview Mr. Malcolm and Mr. Su. We will leave now..."

Hearing the voice, Poppi suddenly opened her eyes wide and yawned secretly. Seeing that everybody was going to send the directors away, she also got up and followed them. Then Malcolm was clustered around and walked in the front, leaving only a familiar and strange back to Poppi.

They talked a few more words at the door and finally left. Poppi breathed a sigh of relief, but when Malcolm turned around and glanced at her, her heart was in her throat again.

"Miss. Poppi look so pale. Didn't you have a good rest last night?" Hugh broke the silence first and went to Poppi.

"Not bad." Poppi gave an awkward smile. When she heard the word "last night" in front of Malcolm, her ears were extremely red.

Poppi cleared her throat and asked, "why do you come to our company suddenly? Do you agree to accept the interview? "

"Sort of." With his hands in his pockets, Hugh gave a bright smile. Then he took a look at the right hand of Mr. Malcolm and said, "I just heard that your company has invited Mr. tMalcolmo be the cover man. What do you think, Mr. Malcolm? Let's ask for your opinion."

"Accept the interview if you want. I'm here today just to keep you company. What do you want to know from me? " Malcolm said calmly. His words shocked Poppi.

"What do you mean? Do you know Mr. Malcolm, Mr Su? " Poppi's face darkened as she swallowed the duck egg.

Teresa also had a confused look on her face. It was Tina. Her face was darkened with rage. All of the employees in the company thought Mr. Malcolm were invited by her. However, they didn't expect that he would refuse to the interview of Tina, who just company with Hugh this morning. So that they are great friends!

Hearing that, Hugh smiled and nodded. "Yeah. I'm a good friend of Malcolm. What's wrong? Isn't it like?" Then he put his hand around Malcolm's neck as if they were good brothers.

"Haha Like, like! " Poppi still forced a smile but everything went black

in front of her and a large "what" happened appeared in her mind. What a small world! How could Hugh be a friend with Malcolm? It was a waste of three years when she was with Malcolm as his wife. She didn't even know Mr. Hugh was his friend while she came to his hotel in private.

Poppi put her hand on her forehead and suddenly felt uncertain about what was going on. She was doomed.

Looking at the tangled look of Poppi, Malcolm sneered in his heart and raised his hand to slap Hugh's hand away. After saying that, Hugh made a gesture of disdain towards Malcolm.

"Oh, that's great." Teresa happily said, "Mr. Su and Mr. Malcolm are good friends. And Mr. Malcolm is also one of our good friends. In this way, it will be more convenient for us to communicate with each other." After that, she looked at Poppi and pushed her out of the behind. "Poppi, hurry up and say hello to Mr. Malcolm. you're so late. We're waiting for you," she said

"What? …… Oh. " Poppi was pushed in front of Mr. Malcolm. She trembled with fear, reached out her hand, swallowed, and said, "Mr. Malcolm, I've heard a lot about you. Nice to meet you."

Malcolm stared at her hand for a while without any response. Standing aside, Hugh poked him in the waist and said, "what are you doing?"

"Gee..." Malcolm gave Hugh a dissatisfied look. Embarrassed, Poppi was about to take her hand back. But before she could do that, Malcolm quickly reached out his hand and gently held it. "Hello, Miss. Poppi."

"Hello, Miss. Poppi. I'm Mr. Malcolm and want to make a deal with you. I'm wondering if you are interested in it. "

A voice said from a distance in her memory, and the scene in her mind seemed to have overlapped the one she was seeing now. She had met him for four years. During these four years, something seemed to have changed in him.

"Miss. Poppi?" Looking at the slightly stunned look of Poppi, Malcolm felt a little unhappy.

"Okay," All of a sudden, Poppi came to her senses. She drew back her hand from his hand gave an awkward smile.

Hugh smiled and said, "I don't knew your magazine office also wants to interview him until I called Malcolm yesterday. It seems that it's fate, so I come with him. It happens that we haven't seen each other for a long time. Why don't Miss. Poppi have lunch with us today? "

"Really?" Poppi's eyelids twitched, so she didn't hear the last part of what Hugh said. She only heard him saying that she had a phone call with Malcolm last night. She was totally in a bad mood.

"It's not necessary." "I have something to deal with in the noon," said Malcolm in a cold voice

"Okay. Then I will have dinner with Miss. Poppi alone." Hugh put a smile on her face and asked.


"You can't go either." Malcolm intentionally ignored what Poppi was going to say and raised his voice to Hugh, "we have made an appointment to have dinner with Mr. Wei today. Have you forgotten it?"

Turning his eyes, Hugh suddenly felt discouraged and said, "Yeah, I forgot it." After saying that, he glanced at Poppi. Suddenly, he came up with an idea. "Miss. Poppi, would you like to go with us to meet our another friend, Billy Wei?"

How did she know that there was another friend of Mr. Malcolm called Barry Wei? She knew nothing about the circle of friends of Mr. Malcolm, but she didn't expect that these two people were also friends with Barry.

In Ye city, if the person who held power in the name of Mr. Malcolm was white, then Barry was the representative of blackness. He ran casinos and gangsters, and it was said that he was heavyset. Besides, there was a scar on his face. He usually chopped people with his axe.

Poppi did not want to think about it any more and sighed that there was another relationship between them in addition to competition. So, it seemed that Malcolm was not that "white"

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