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   Chapter 13 The Doorway Of Company Was Blocked

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Usually, the more Malcolm smiled at her, the angrier he was.

Poppi was thinking about what she had experienced in the past three years, but her strength around her waist suddenly increased. She took a deep breath and looked at Malcolm. The anger on her face was no longer replaced by a girlish voice. She smiled bitterly, "honey, last time I said I wanted to interview you, but you refused me with a righteous reason. I was the one who felt sad, right?" After a pause, Poppi boldly put her arm around his neck and said, "I had no choice but to find someone else!"

"Really? It's my fault. " ZEMO raised his eyebrows, as if he enjoyed the intimacy action of poppi.

"Of course not! It's my fault. " Poppi subconsciously retorted. She blamed him for his wrong doings. Was she getting enough of living?

"Then what do you think we should do?" Malcolm waited.

What should I do? It was really a hard question for Poppi. Did she turn to interview Mr. Malcolm? No, he would definitely refuse. All those questions were just illusions. He was just angry. What should she do?

However, before she could figure out a solution, her body was pushed by Malcolm, who pushed his leg and fell into the sofa.

Hearing that, Malcolm stood up. His face was expressionless with no smile on it. He reached out his hand to flick the wrinkles on his clothes and walked upstairs.

"Poppi said that she would go home to take care of an old man who can't take care of himself. How pitiful he is!"

Thinking of what Hugh had said, Malcolm was furious. He had known that Poppi had a double mind, but he didn't know that she would describe him like this way in front of others. It was really good!

"What a heck..." Poppi muttered and shouted at him, "what are you doing here today?"

As soon as Poppi finished her words, Malcolm stopped at the staircase. Why did he come here? 'Okay, it doesn't matter

"Why can't I come here if I have nothing?" Then he went upstairs, after snorting sarcastically. Poppi was speechless and thought, 'Okay, okay! My house will come at any time as you like be rather baffling!

"Time to get up, time to get up!"

Early in the morning, the mobile phone rang loudly to wake up Poppi from her distant dream. Poppi stretched out her hand to close the phone. She opened her sleepy eyes and her eyes were hollow.

After lying on the bed for a few minutes, Poppi opened the curtain and was ready to get up with all her strength. However, she found that the morning sunshine was shining on the bed, so she was lazy at that moment and rolled on the bed for a few times. When she got to the place where there was sunshine, she smiled comfortably.

She might be late if she gave up!

Poppi had already known her fate of being late on the way here. She thought of an excuse early in the morning and was ready to slipped into the company. However, as soon as she got out of the car, she was frightened by the company's doorway.

All of a sudden, the entrance of the company was cordoned off. The reporters were guarded by the three floors and three floors outside the cordon. who were all holding their cameras and waiting. The sound of their conversations could be heard incessantly. Poppi stood on the side of the road and tiptoed to see what was going on? Why are there so many people here? Was there an accident? Anyway, I don't care. Just squeeze forward

"It's a pity that we didn't take any pictures just now!"

"I took a picture of her blurry back. It's useless..."

"But this is Malcolm! He'll be on the headline tomorrow! "

"Did you really see Malcolm come in just now?"

Poppi was pushing her way into the crowd when she heard that they were talking about Malcolm. She stopped and grabbed

one of them and asked, "what did you just say? Who? Who went in? "

"Dear reporter, which magazine company are you from? You don't know the news yet! Malcolm! Then he entered the building opposite! We are all here to wait for him. You are late! "

"If you are late, please don't push forward..."

All of a sudden, poppi opened her eyes wide and pushed forward with all her strength, regardless of what others said. Did she hear it right? But it was Malcolm? Did he go to her company?

"Hey, don't squeeze!"

"No, no, no, you can't even move!"

What Poppi did aroused the dissatisfaction of the crowd, but she didn't stop her steps. When she was about to squeeze to the front of the crowd, she stumbled and stumbled forward.

"Ouch!" Exclaimed Poppi.

"Miss. Poppi, be careful!" At this moment, a familiar male voice came from the top of her head and someone reached out to hold her.

As she thanked the person, Poppi raised her head and saw clearly the person in front of her. She said excitedly, "Sean, it's you!"

"It's me." Jonny nodded, "are you okay, miss. Poppi?" He would naturally call her Poppi in public.

"It doesn't matter." Poppi waved her hand and suddenly thought of something and asked, "Quan Mr. Malcolm is here? "

Actually, it was obvious that he was here, because Sean was here.

"Yes." Sean nodded.

"Why is he here?" With a frightened look on her face, Sean lowered his voice and was about to say something.

"Poppi! 'Poppi! Why are you so late? " At this moment, the chief of the editorial department, Teresa's voice came from afar and closer. She ran to the side of Poppi like a gust of wind, pulled her up, crossed the cordon and walked past the guard. "This is the employee of our company. Let her in..." she said to the guard After that, she dragged Poppi and said, "all the members of the company are waiting for you!"

"Wait for me? Why are they waiting for me? " Confused, Poppi was dragged forward without even saying goodbye to Sean. After taking a few steps, Teresa suddenly turned around and said to the guard, "lead these reporters back away! Seriously affected the normal operation of our company! "

She raised her eyebrows and was dragged into the building by Teresa. "These people are so fearless and smart. We haven't got an interview for them from the magazine yet. They still want to get something from us? That's out of the question! "

"Director, what happened?" Entering the elevator, Poppii couldn't help asking, "those reporters are here to interview..."

"Hugh, they are here to interview him. Poppi, you did a good job. " Teresa couldn't help but praise her, but her face darkened again. "But Tina is not easy to deal with."

"What? Hugh is here? " "Does it have anything to do with Tina? By the way, Mr. Malcolm are here, too? "

"Yes, Mr. Malcolm are also here." After that, the first thing Poppi did was to curse in her heart, 'that guy really arrived at her company! It was out of expectation that he was invited by Tina!

"It's none of your business. Let's deal with the thing about Hugh first."


When the elevator arrived at the first floor of the reception room, Poppi was taken to the door before she could realize it.

When Teresa opened the door, Poppi quickly straightened her face. However, when she looked around, she was surprised to find that all the important managers of the periodical office had come. They were staring fawningly at Malcolm and Hugh, who were sitting on the middle seats. In the reception room, seeing that Poppi came late than the guest, some senior executives showed their dissatisfaction.

Poppi felt scared and looked around the room. When she saw Malcolm, she was shocked and even froze.

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