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   Chapter 12 Her Name Is Poppi

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After a few more catching up, Hugh didn't return to the hotel until he sent Poppi to the taxi. On the way back to the hotel, he almost jumped up. When he got back to the room of the hotel, The waiter was about to put away the coffee. At this moment, Hugh shouted beside the door, "stop!"

"What... What's wrong? My boss? " He was scared.

"There still are some coffee in the cup. Why did you waste it? !" He dashed to the room and drank up the coffee.

"But they are all cold!" this pearson mumbled.

"Are you sure it is cold?" Raising his eyebrows, he looked out of the window at the heavy traffic, "I feel very warm."

So the waiter nodded his head and continued, "Yeah, Ye city is really hot..."

At Poppi's home.

After hanging up the phone, Malcolm received the message from Poppi about fifteen minutes later. She told him that she was on her way back. Malcolm was about to urge her again when his cell phone rang suddenly. It was a phone number with a nickname of eight. He lifted the corners of his mouth and said," hello?"

"Malcolm! Ha-ha! I'm back! "

"I know that you are back early. So what are you excited for?" Malcolm hummed and laughed.

At the other end of the line, there was a burst of laughter, and his voice was somewhat proud. "You know that I have returned, but you must not know my specific position."

"So where are you? You are in Ye city, aren't? " Malcolm lifted his right eyebrow, with a touch of teasing in his eyes.

"Malcolm, you win How do you know it? "

"I was just guessing." Malcolm chuckled, "where are you now? Why didn't you come to me? "

"I was thinking about coming to Ye city for two days later, but when something happened, I came to the Blue Sea Hotel first. Are you busy tonight? So can I come to you? " Hugh's voice was filled with excitement.

"Tonight..." After a moment's reflection, Malcolm unconsciously glanced at the door, "I may be busy tonight."

"I see." Hugh's voice sounded a little depressed. After being silent for half a second, he suddenly said: "Malcolm, I met a woman this afternoon."

"A woman?" "Why are you so excited?Is it because of this woman that you come to Ye city?"

"Yes!" "It's a long story. She asked someone to call me. I didn't accept it, and even got angry at her. Because she wanted to interview me. She even threatened me with the thing that I've always been keen on collecting stamps. I was very disgusted with it But when I met her, I found that I was completely wrong! "

Interview? Malcolm frowned and asked," what's wrong?"

"Do you know what falling in love at first sight is?" "You definitely don't know that. It feels so wonderful! She is the most sincere girl I have ever seen, and her personality is in line with my interest. She meets all my requirements and protects me well. I just hate to see her so late! Malcolm, do you know my mean?I think Ye city is an magical place! I want to buy a house here! "

"What kind of girl is so attractive?" Malcolm asked again.

"Okay, I'm telling you now, this afternoon she..."

When something exciting happened to him, Hugh would spout and tell him exactly what happened this afternoon. He could even imagine that Hugh was dancing happily.

"I agree with what you said. Don't be impulsive." Malcolm commented indifferently, "you've just come back. Be careful not to be deceived. Especially women. "

"Am I that stupid?" "I have to hang up now. I'm going to drink some water. Then I'll go to see you tomorrow. I'm tired today. "

"Okay." More than half past seven, he asked, "by the way, what's her name? I'll find out where she comes fro

m and other informations."

"It's not necessary to investigate her. You know, I always believed that the love depend on fate." "But I can tell you her name, but you are not allowed to look for her in private," Hugh said with an embarrassed smile

Malcolm pinched his eyebrows helplessly, "are you afraid of being snatched?"

"Oh, that's hard to say. You can't bully your friend's wife. You have no chance to get close to her." "Her name is Poppi," he added


Feeling a buzzing in his head, the smile on his face disappeared in an instant. His hand holding the phone tightened slightly, and he could not help but want to shout. 'Poppi?!

Without being aware of what was happening on the other end of the line, Hugh continued, "Yes, it's right. her name is Poppi, P-O-P-P-I. She works for the Entertainment Magazine and said that she wanted to interview me. Although I haven't promised her, I can't wait to get an interview with her in my heart. Malcolm, don't laugh at me It is said that love comes so fast, just like a Tornado... "

Malcolm's face was ghastly pale, and the blue veins on his head were throbbing. It was Poppi! The woman who married him for three years but never announced to the public!

Ding! Click

Just at this moment, the door of the apartment was opened by someone. It was Poppi and she ran in in a hurry. She put on her slippers at the door and shouted, "I'm back!"

When Hugh was about to hang up the phone, Malcolm glanced at Poppi, clenched his teeth and said on the phone, "I know. Let's talk later Bye. "

After putting on her slippers, Poppi walked into the living room. She was a little breathless, so she stood beside Malcolm and said, "I'm sorry. I'm late. I didn't know you would come here today and I didn't have dinner either. What do you want to eat? I'll cook for you."

Malcolm looked up coldly and glanced at Poppi. When he saw the large bag on her back, he asked, "what's in your bag?"

"Okay," But Poppi didn't take it seriously and answered, "it's my stamp album."

He narrowed his eyes dangerously, while his heart was entangled with a coldness. Some complex emotions spread in his heart. "What did you do just now?"

Poppi stood in front of Malcolm and felt the aura from him In a bad mood, she frowned and said while she was thinking carefully, "I met a man today, oh, a client. Our magazine office is going to interview him."

"Come here." Malcolm closed his eyes and said suddenly.

Not knowing where the aura of Poppi was strange, but she was already quick to react in mind. She slowly walked to next to Malcolm. When she was about to speak again, her arm was grabbed by him. Malcolm's brain went blank and her whole body lost its center of gravity. She spun and shouted that she was going to lean back to Malcolm. Malcolm pressed his lips tightly, reached out to hold her waist and held her in his arms.

When Poppi came to her senses, she found herself half leaned on his laps and nestled in his arms. They looked quite intimate.

"What are you doing?! Let go of me! " Poppi reacted immediately and shouted with an angry expression on her face.

Malcolm did not speak, but his eyes were so deep that it seemed that he was going to sucked Poppi in. Seeing no response from him, Poppi's face turned red unconsciously.

The place was full of the smell of Malcolm. Anyone at such a short distance would be in great danger

"What's wrong with you?" Poppi asked directly

Malcolm pinched her waist tighter and smiled. "You want to interview me, but why did you ask for someone else? Aren't you afraid that I will be sad? "

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