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   Chapter 11 Regret We Didn't Meet Sooner

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"Since your magazine company is so good, why did you ask Shirley to meet me in private? What do you mean by that? We are just friends. " Inquired Hugh.

"I found you through Shirley. It's a little selfish of me." Poppi continued to rub her coffee gently with her mouth curved.

"An ulterior purpose? What kind of personal request is it? " He didn't realize that his voice sounded expectant.

"Oh, it's just my love towards your stamps!" she explained. "I saw your comments on one of the collected forums. I saw your post and wanted to contact you for a long time. However, I didn't find an appropriate opportunity," she continued frankly

"Have you been following me for a long time?" Hugh raised his eyebrows and felt secretly pleased.

"Uh..." After hesitating for a moment, Poppi said, "Yes! I once wrote you an invitation, so I am familiar with you. And so, when you asked me to come to the hotel, I came without hesitation. "

Hugh was slightly surprised and relieved, then he asked, "what name did Miss. Poppi with when you leave me the message?"

"It's just my name, Poppi. P-O-P-P-I. " After that, Poppi just made a cup of coffee beans and took out the powder to make coffee. She mumbled, "the rose drinking coffee pot is a little difficult to use, but the coffee which maked is very delicious."

Hearing this, Hugh didn't say anything more. He just looked at the serious eyes of Poppi, the soft expression on her face and her skillful movements, and suddenly felt that he had found a treasure.

Poppi was fiddling with the coffee pot carefully and said to Hugh from time to time.

Sitting on the sofa and listening to her soft words and smelling the faint coffee aroma in the room, Hugh felt that time seemed to have slowed down, so that he was intoxicated with it and the weariness of returning from abroad had all gone away.

Yes, I found an interesting girl.

Not knowing how long it had passed, a slightly excited voice of Poppi came through, "all right."

Hugh suddenly stood up from the sofa and walked to the side of Poppi, watching her all the movement without blinking. Poppi poured the coffee in the coffee pot into the cup, and she held the bottom of the cup with her slender hand in front of Hugh, "Mr. Su, have a taste?"

His Adam's apple moved as his breath. After taking a sip, he tasted the flavor of the wine in his mouth. After a while, he said, "it's really good."

"I'm glad that you like it, Mr. Su. My efforts to please you not in vain," she added

Hugh was stunned by her words and asked, "miss. Poppi, is this how you speak? Have you always been so frank?"

"I just think that everyone knows it clearly, there is no need to hide it." "That's what you mean."

"Haha..." "Nice to meet you again, miss. Poppi." Hugh smiled

"Mr. Su, are you going to accept the interview?"

"You never forget what you came here for," Hugh could not help laughing.

"Of course. That's why I am here." She took it for granted.

"Then I have to think about it carefully." Taking a sip of his coffee, Hugh couldn't help but nod his head.

"If Mr. Su says yes, we'll have a cup of coffee."

"Haha..." "It's my pleasure to meet such an interesting person like Miss. Poppi as soon as I came back from abroad." Hugh burst into laughter

"It's also my honor to meet Mr. Su."

At the same time, in the CEO's office in the headquarters of the SG Group.

When Malcolm was drinking a cup of coffee. Apparently, he had no intention of leaving. When he was about to put down the coffee cup, the door of the office was knocked. Malcolm answered, "come in!"

Sean opened the door and walked in. "Mr. Malcolm, a magazine called just now and that would interview you. It's a tight schedule. who hope you can consider it as soon as possible.


"Which magazine company it is?" Malcolm asked. But in fact he knowed the answer early.

"Mr. Entertainer which was under the Entertainment Magazine."

"Who called you?"

"The associate editor for" Mr. Entertainment "is named Tina. She said she was a friend of Miss. Catherine."

Then he put down his pen and looked up, "Tina? is she a Catherine's friend? "


Malcolm frowned and waved his hand, "I see." Sean bent slightly and was about to leave when he was stopped by Malcolm.

"Take me to the Imperial Palace. I want to see Poppi"

"Shall we inform Mrs. Quan in advance?" Although Malcolm had known everything, he didn't object to the fact that Sean was still calling her "Mrs. Quan".

"No, thanks." Malcolm said coldly, "wait for me downstairs!"

"Okay, Mr. Malcolm.

After Sean left, Malcolm leaned his body against the back of the chair with a faraway look in his eyes. Why not Poppi? He was about to reject her in a serious manner. Didn't he have this chance?

he calmed himself down, started to pack up his stuff, and then left the room. On their way, Malcolm looked out of the window, lost in thought. However, when he returned to the house at nearly seven o'clock. Behind the door of the apartment was dark. there was nobody here. He frowned.

At Blue Sea Hotel.

She talked about the stamp again. which was the interest of Hugh so they have many things about it to cheat.

"I know Mr. Su is an expert in collecting stamps, so I always want to know you." "I'm so happy to have the chance to talk with you. I'm happy even if you don't accept the interview. "

"Miss. Poppi, why do you like stamps?" Asked Hugh.

"Do you like this feeling?" "I'm a literary woman, and there might be a little sour and romantic factors in my bones. I like to write, I like the feeling of fingertip rubbing paper, I like to put away the letters, and I like to collect the stamp of the letters. That's how it is like."

Staring at Poppi, Hugh kept smiling all the time and said, "I heard so much from Miss. Poppi today. I have a feeling that I meet a bosom friend and regret we didn't meet each other sooner very much at the same time."

"Me too," "I think we are friends now," she continued

"Of course, we are friends." Hugh raised his hand and looked at his watch, "it's half past seven. Did Miss. Poppi have a dinner?"

"Not yet."

"How about we have dinner together?" As soon as he finished his question, Hugh added in a hurry, as if afraid of being refused by her, "let's talk about the interview."

"Did Mr. Su agree the interview?" Poppi's eyes lit up. When she was about to nod her head, her cell phone rang a second before her behavior. Her cell phone rang and a message popped up on the screen. Poppi took a glance at the screen, "go back to the house.".

Poppi frowned and bit her lips. She dared not to break the appointment with Malcolm. Bearing her anger, Poppi said sorry to him, "Mr. Su, I'm really sorry. I have to go home to deal with something. May I can't have the diner with you tonight together. How about eating together some other day? "

"You must go back?" Hugh's words ruined the harmony of the conversation. And her words disappointed him.

"Alas." Poppi sighed and said sadly, "there is an elder in our family who can't take care of himself. He didn't have dinner. I have to take care of him at home!"

Hearing that, Hugh hastily showed his understanding. "I see. Then we can make an appointment another day."

"Okay, Mr. Su." Poppi nodded her head and said, "please keep the stamp for you!"

"No, I won't. please take it back. I will visit you some other day."

"Uh..." Poppi paused and nodded embarrassedly. She admired the enthusiasm and acquaintance of Hugh in her heart and said, "Okay, okay."

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