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   Chapter 10 To The Blue Sea Hotel For Me

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"Where is the stamp? Miss. Poppi! " Shouted Hugh.

Poppi put the phone in her ear and said, "Mr. Su, I'm so sorry. If the personal deal you mentioned is to buy it in the way of selling them. I don't like that either. Goodbye."

After saying the words "Bye" to Hugh, Poppi hung up the phone quickly. She took a deep breath, looked at the phone and murmured to herself, "I can only take a gamble."

The phone in her hand was silent for half a minute, and then the pleasant ring tone did ring again. Seeing that, Poppi's mouth suddenly lifted. She lightly slid the screen and lightly said, "Mr. Su, anything else?"

"You are a winner," "I can arrive at Ye city this afternoon. Come to the Blue Sea Hotel at 6:00 tonight. I'll give you the room number later," said he with a sigh. After saying that, he added, "Please take it to here."

"Okay, no problem." Poppi agreed and then asked, "will Shirley go with you?"

"She's going to another city to shoot for a magazine and a show, and she'll be at Ye city in two days."

"…… Well, then see you in the afternoon, Mr. Su. " After hanging up the phone, Poppi glanced at herself and take a pose of yes. However, she didn't notice that her colleague was very jealous when she passed her.

After she got off work in the afternoon, Poppi went back to her house for take the stamp and went to the Blue Sea Hotel by taxi.

"1201……" Seeing the message, Poppi came to the door, found the right room and pressed the doorbell. The door was opened quickly. A round head came out of the door, and it was a young man. He looked at Poppi and asked, "are you miss. Poppi?"

"Yes, I am," Poppi nodded and asked, "excuse me, is Mr. Su there?"

"Yes. please come in."

There came the voice of Hugh in the suite. The man made way to welcome Poppi in.

When Poppi came in, she saw many opened suitcases, scattered clothes and messy tables. And Hugh was walking out from inside, wearing a shirt and pants, young and fashionable.

His eyes were like a clear spring, with short hair on the ears and thin lips, and his dazzling and handsome face was more handsome than in the photo. This kind of person had completely overturned the usual impression of "boss" of Poppi.

Hugh also looked at Poppi and marveled at her beauty. In his heart, he had long imagined Poppi as a cunning businessman. Now seeing her so stunning, he felt a little guilty.

Poppi's hair was very smooth and it's tail was slightly curly because of the heat. Her delicate facial features, smart eyes and curvy figure made her like a great model in plane. And her smile was not stingy at all. It was so bright that it seemed to have infected him.

"Mr. Su, nice to meet you. I am Poppi." Poppi reached out her hand friendly.

"Hello." Hearing this, Hugh came to his sense and gently held the hand of Poppi and said, "sit down, please."

Poppi raised her eyebrows and took a glance at the messy room. Following her sight, Hugh suddenly felt embarrassed and shouted, "Waiter, what are you doing! The room was so messy because of you. There is no place for guests to sit. Please come here quickly and clean it up! "

"Yes, my boss!" The young man ran to clean it up hurriedly.

Poppi smiled lightly and said, "it doesn't matter. As long as it is possible to give me some space, that Mr. Su can have a look at my stamp."

Hearing this, Hugh came to himself in a hurry, "miss. Poppi, can I have a look now?"

Poppi nodded her head and took out her collection from her bag. She turned to the last page, on which there was a stamp "the palace gate is engraved". It was old but well preserved. At the sight

of the stick, his eyes lighted up. Unconsciously, he reached out his hand and said, "I've been looking for it for three years. The only thing I want is that this whole stick is set." He took the pamphlet and touched it through the protective shield with her fingers, and then said in an exciting voice, "that's it. Miss. Poppi, how much will you sell it?"

"Mr. Su, please don't mention the money." "As long as you accept the interview of my magazine, I will give you and it is free of cost."

Frowning, he gazed at Poppi and said, "It was sold at an auction last year for 180000 dollars. Miss. Poppi, are you sure you want to send it to me?" He emphasized on the word "send" with a suspicious look.

"If you know this stamp, I can send it to you at any cost. But if you don't, I won't sell it at all. I just want to watch the whole to find its' partner '! " Poppi smiled and looked at her collection. "It is so pitiful. I hope I can have a chance to see them often. Mr. Su, I hope you won't be stingy then."

"The mean of you that you will present it to me. But if you want to have a look, I have to give them to you."

"That's totally understandable." Poppi burst into laughter and asked, "Mr. Su, what do you think?"

A feeling of freshness crept over him. He was surprised to find that the word 'boss' he was used, but now the 'Mr, Su' became more and more pleasant to his ears when he heard Poppi was calling him in this way.

"Oh, I've heard that Mr. Su has a collection of very valuable zombies." Poppi went on, "I didn't get much experience and was only interested in the stamp. Mr. Su, could you please show me your collections?"

As he was about to say something, he suddenly heard a "crackling" sound behind him. Immediately, he and poppi turned around at the same time and saw that Pearson was standing in front of the coffee machine in a panic, the coffee beans in his hands bouncing on the ground.

"What are you doing?" Shouted Hugh.

"I..." Pearson scratched his head and blushed, "I want to make a cup of coffee for miss poppi, but the coffee machine seems to be broken."

"You've been working for me for a month. Why are you still so insensitive? !" With his eyebrows knitted tightly, Hugh shouted, "go! Go out to buy it!"

"Yes, boss!" Pearson said and was about to leave when poppi stood up and said, "Mr. Su, how about I make you a cup of coffee? It's boring just sitting here and doing nothing. "

Perhaps it was because the light of setting sun was so tender or the passion of the stamp was so enchanting that Hugh couldn't help nodding in agreement as he stared at her for a long time.

"Thank you!" "Give me the coffee beans," she turned to the waiter and said.

The pearson was a little surprised. He handed the coffee beans to Poppi and thanked her. Then he began to clear the beans on the ground with a tool.

Looking at the whole set of coffee beans grinding machine and coffee teapot, Poppi smiled and said, "Mr. Su, are you also a person who loves coffee? The hand washing machine is so delicate. The coffee beans are also of the best quality. "

"Yes, I like coffee, so my assistant went to learn how to make coffee. She hasn't arrived at Ye city yet today." "Miss. Poppi, you like it too?" said Hugh, shifting his eyes at Poppi.

"I like making coffee, very much." Poppi smiled and found a chance to put the coffee beans into the slot machine, stir the beans, and said, "Mr. Su, would you consider accepting the interview? Our entertainment magazine is one of the best magazines in the country. We're reliable and professional. Mr. Su, don't worry about that. "

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