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   Chapter 8 Can't Get Pregnant

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The next morning, both Malcolm and Poppi woke up to the same alarm. All night, they slept soundly, not even touching each other's clothes.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Poppi put on light makeup and headed out with her husband.

His grandmother had gotten up earlier for breakfast. When she saw them come down, she greeted them and invited them to the table. "I don't need the little turtle to cook breakfast for me. I'd starve to death waiting for her to wake up."

"What are you talking about so early in the morning, Grandma?" Poppi asked as she headed downstairs.

"Humph!" The old lady turned her head defiantly. "Why didn't you come downstairs sooner to cook?"

"I was too tired last night," Poppi said deliberately. But seeing Malcolm's dark face, she was secretly pleased. Turning to the old lady, she said sweetly, "Grandma, do you like my makeup today? And this floral dress…

Isn't it beautiful?" she asked, twirling a little in place.

Malcolm threw her a glance without responding. The old lady merely snorted. "When I was young, I was far more beautiful than you."

To that, Poppi smiled and went to get a seat at the table, ending the conversation. After eating as quickly as possible, she vaguely said, "I have to go to the company early today."

"How busy is your company?" She pouted and continued, "You'd better stay here. The mountain is so quiet, I need a talkative person's company. This girl," she said, pointing to Cora, "has her mouth glued shut, it seems. She doesn't respond no matter what I say. It's like she's always bored to death. Malcolm, please take my Cora with you and leave Poppi with me."

The sentiment had Poppi pause for a bit. She looked at Malcolm and smiled, "That's a great idea, Grandma. I'll stay here to take care of you. But I'm not so sure if Cora would be happy about becoming your grandson's wife."

All the while, Cora remained standing at the side without saying a word as though what they were talking about had nothing to do with her. But the way she was biting her lips indicated her uneasiness. 'If the young master wants to take me…will I leave with him?' she asked herself.


From the other end of the table, Malcolm slammed his chopsticks down, frowning angrily. "Don't be silly, Poppi."

Even his grandmother was startled by his sudden outburst. Keeping her composure, Poppi picked up an omelet for him and shrugged off his short temper. "I'm just kidding, Malcolm. No need to be so angry. Here, take this as an apology."

Malcolm merely glanced at the fried egg and said nothing. Hearing that, Cora glanced at Malcolm, looking pale.

"You're always so naughty." The old lady snorted and said to Poppi, "You may be his wife but you always want to push him away. No wonder you can't get pregnant. In my time, if I failed to get pregnant within three years, I would have been divorced."

Poppi smiled in return, about to say something in response but stopping herself once she thought about what the old lady had just said. Her face suddenly changed as a trace of loneliness flashed through her eyes. She bowed her head and started casually stirring her chopsticks in the bowl. "Grandma, if I really am divorced one day, I won't be able to see you anymore. Won't you miss me?"

Malcolm's hand froze in the air. After taking one look at Poppi, he turned to his grandmother. "I don't miss you," the old lady frowned.

"That's good," Poppi almost whispered to herself, failing to notice the way Malcolm looked at her.

After breakfast, the two were ready to leave. While Malcolm's grandmother said nothing, she was clearly unhappy. "Grandma, we'll be back in a couple of days. I'll call you the moment I'm free," Malcolm said coax


"Yes, Grandma. You can also head to Ye City to meet us when you're free. I'll take you out to buy beautiful clothes and good snacks. It's great here on the mountain but you can't stay away from the world forever."

Instead of answering, the old lady waved them away. "Don't delay your work. Just hurry and go!" Once they got on the car, the old lady turned to Cora and said, "We haven't gone to the city in quite a while. Let's go to Ye City to have a look in a few days."

"Yes, madam."

After leaving the villa, Malcolm had already taken out the meeting files to continue to work. Checking her watch, Poppi said, "Mr. Malcolm, I got up late today. Don't drive me to the station and have me take a bus to the company. It'll delay my work. Can you ask Sean to drive me there directly?"

"We are not on the same way," Malcolm said coldly.

"I didn't ask you to go there. We can go to your company first, and then Sean will drive me to my company." Making her own little suggestion, Poppi said, "Take me to the crossing in front of the company and I can get off there secretly." This car's license plate was considered noble in Ye City. If it arrived there leisurely, she could guarantee that within half a day, Malcolm and Poppi's relationship would be known everywhere—such was the worst scenario she could think of.

Malcolm remained untouched. Before Poppi could say anything more, the phone suddenly rang. Excusing herself, Poppi pulled out her phone. The name on the screen made her eyes light up before she eagerly answered the call. "Shirley! I'm so glad you finally called! Oh my god! You're back? You're finally back?"

"Yes, I just got off the plane," said a pleasant voice coming through the other end of the line. "By the way, why were you looking for me? Is it something urgent?"

"You know me, don't you?" Poppi giggled and got straight to the point. "So, are you coming back with your boss this time? Can you give me your boss' phone number?"

"You're quite well-informed, aren't you? What are you doing? You're going to chase him?"

"Can I even catch up with him?" At that, Malcolm merely frowned and snapped, "Be quiet."

"Admit your ulterior motives. Leniency will be given to those who confess, severity to those who refuse to."

Throwing a glance at Malcolm, Poppi turned around and put a hand over her phone, lowering her voice. "Stop it, please give me his phone number immediately. It's important. Okay, okay. That concerns my future marriage. Are you satisfied now? Yes, I know. I'll have to ask you for help when I tell you the details later!"

As he stared at the documents in his hands, he couldn't quite focus his attention on anything. 'Marriage? You're telling me you can't wait to find the next husband so soon?' he sneered in his mind.

"Text me his number later and I'll treat you to dinner another day." Having achieved her purpose, Poppi hung up the call.

Meanwhile, Sean turned a corner heading downtown. But Malcolm suddenly interjected, "Get out."

Following the order, Sean pulled over at the side of the road.

Poppi's brows were furrowed in confusion as she turned to Malcolm to find him coldly glaring at her. Her jaw went slack. "You're telling me to get out of the car?"

"Or what?" Malcolm asked in return.

Looking through the car window, Poppi merely shook her head and said, "Thank you for the drive. This was so kind of you!" Then, she opened the door and left.

"Let's go." Malcolm immediately withdrew his gaze from her and had the car drive away instantly like an arrow from the string.

"Humph!" Watching the car speeding into the distance, Poppi snorted in disdain and hailed a taxi. "Sir, head to the Information Building, please."

"Got it!"

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