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   Chapter 8 Can't Get Pregnant For Three Years

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The next morning, when the alarm clock rang, Malcolm and Poppi woke up at the same time. They slept soundly and all night, they didn't even touch each other's clothes.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Poppi put on a light makeup and went out of the room with her husband, Malcolm.

The old lady got up very early and had her breakfast. When she saw them coming down, she greeted, "come and have breakfast. I don't need the little turtle to cook breakfast for me. I will starve to death when she wakes up. "

"What are you doing?" "What are you talking about in the early morning, grandma?" Poppi said as she went downstairs

"Humph!" The old lady turned her head away and said, "why don't you come downstairs and cook?"

"I was too tired last night." Poppi said it on purpose. But when she saw out of the corner of her eyes the black face of Mr. Malcolm, she was secretly pleased and said to the old lady, "grandma, can you see that I'm wearing makeup today? And this floral dress, is it beautiful? "

She circled around and asked, "is it beautiful?"

Malcolm glanced at Poppi and didn't respond. The old lady snorted, "when I was young, I was much more beautiful than you."

Poppi smiled at the old lady and sat at the table to end the topic. She ate quickly and said vaguely, "I have to go to the company early today."

"How busy your company is?" She pouted her lips and went on, "we'd better stay here. The mountain is so quiet that I need a talkative person." Then she pointed at Cora. "This girl always shut her mouth and didn't make any response no matter what I said. She was bored to death. "Malcolm, please take my Cora with you and leave Poppi with me."

Hearing this, Poppi stopped her hand holding chopsticks. She looked at Malcolm and suddenly smiled, "that's great, grandma. I will stay to take care of you, but I'm not sure whether Cora would like to be your grandson's wife."

However, Cora just stood aside, without saying a word, as if what they were talking about had nothing to do with her. However, the lips that were slightly biting showed that she was in a tangle at the moment. She asked herself, 'if Mr. Malcolm wants to take me, will I leave?'?


On the other side, Malcolm threw his chopsticks on the table, frowned and said angrily, "don't be silly, Poppi."

Even the old lady was startled by his bad temper. Trying not to be shocked, Poppi picked up an omelet for him and said, "I'm just kidding. Why are you so angry! Here, I want to apologize to you. "

Malcolm glanced at the fried egg and said nothing. Hearing this, Cora glanced at Malcolm and with a pale face.

"You're always so naughty." The old lady snorted and said to Poppi, "you are Malcolm's wife, but you always want to push him away. No wonder you can't get pregnant. If I hadn't been able to get pregnant for three years in our era, I would have been divorced. "

Poppi smiled and was about to say something, but after she carefully thought about what the old lady had just said, her face suddenly changed. A trace of loneliness flashed through her eyes, she lowered her head and stirred her chopsticks in the bowl casually. "Grandma, if I am really divorced one day, I can't come to see you again. Will you miss me?"

Malcolm's hand paused in the air. He took a look at Poppi and then turned to his grandmother. The old lady pouted. "I don't miss you."

"That's good." Poppi almost whispered to herself, but she didn't notice the way Malcolm looked at her.

After dinner, the two were about to leave. The old lady didn't say anything, but she was very unhappy. "Grandma, we'll come back a couple of days later. I'll call you as soon as I'm free," Malcolm coaxed her

"Yes, grandma." "You can also go to Ye city to meet us whe

n you are free. I'll take you to buy beautiful clothes and eat snacks. Even though it's great on the mountain, you can't stay away from the world."

The old lady didn't answer but waved her hand, "don't delay your work. Hurry up and go!" After they got on the car, the old lady said to Cora, "Cora, we haven't gone downstairs for a long time. Let's go to Ye city to have a look a few days later."

"Yes, madam."

When they drove out of the villa, Malcolm had already taken out the files of the meeting and kept on working. Poppi looked at her watch and said, "Mr. Malcolm, I get up late today. Don't drive me to the station and then ask me to take a taxi to the company. It will delay my work if you don't send me back to work. Can you ask Sean to drive me to the company directly?"

"I'm on your way." Malcolm said coldly.

"I didn't ask you to go there. I just asked Sean to sen you off and then take me to the company." Poppi made her own 'little suggestion'. She said, "take me to the front crossing of the company and I will get off secretly." The license plate of this car was so noble in Ye city. If it arrived at the company leisurely, she could guarantee that within half a day, the relationship between Poppi and Malcolm would be realized, which was the worst situation she could think of

Malcolm remained untouched. When Poppi was about to say something more, the phone suddenly rang. Poppi apologized and took out her phone. When she saw the name on the screen, her eyes suddenly lit up. She answered the phone in a hurry, "Shirley! Finally you called me! OH, my god! You came back? You're back at last? "

"Yes, I just got off the plane." A bright female voice came through from the other end of the line. "By the way, why are you looking for me so urgently? Do you have something to ask me for?"

"You know me, don't you?" Poppi giggled and came straight to the point, "so, are you coming back with your boss this time? Can you give me the phone number of your boss? "

"You are really well-informed, aren't you?" "What are you doing? Chase him? "

"Can I catch up with him?" Hearing this, Malcolm frowned and said, "be quiet."

"Tell me your ulterior motive. Leniency to those who confess, severity to those who refuse to be punished."

Taking a glance at Malcolm, Poppi turned around, put her hand on the phone and said in a low voice, "stop it, please call me quickly. It's really important Okay, okay. That's an important affair of a final settlement in my life! Are you satisfied now? Yes, I know I will ask you for help when I tell you the details later! "

He stared at the documents in his hands, but couldn't focus his attention on anything. marriage? You can't wait to find another home so soon?

"Send it to my phone later and I'll treat you to dinner another day." Having achieved her purpose, Poppi hung up the phone directly.

Sean turned a corner and drove to the downtown. But Malcolm suddenly said, "get off the car."

The gate opened with a creak

Sean stopped the car at the side of the road. Poppi was wondering what had happened when she turned her head and saw Malcolm staring at her coldly. She opened her mouth wide and said, "you mean, let me get off the car?"

"Or what?" Malcolm asked in reply

Looking out through the car window, Poppi shook her head and said in a deep voice, "thank you for sending me back. You are a good person!" Then she walked to the door, opened it and left.

"Let's go." Malcolm withdrew his eyes and gave an order. Then the car drove away quickly like an arrow from the string.

"Humph!" Looking at the taxi that was going far away, Poppi humphed with disdain and just took a taxi. She quickly got on the taxi and said, "Sir, go to the Information Building."

"Got it!"

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