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   Chapter 7 We Just Sleep Tonight.

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In the bedroom, Poppi lay down early to take a rest. But when she thought that she had to get up early to go to work tomorrow and deal with the Business Interview, she was in a mess all of a sudden. She wanted to sleep, but she couldn't sleep no matter how hard she tried.


After a long time, the door of the room was opened and the light was turned on smoothly. Hearing the sound, Poppi opened her eyes quietly and looked around. Seeing that Malcolm took a glance at her side and went into the bathroom directly.

Without thinking too much, Poppi turned over and went back to sleep.

When she heard the door open again, Poppi was a little sleepy. He walked towards the bed and said in a cold voice, "get down, you sleep on the ground."

Poppi was half awake. She groaned and murmured, "no, the floor is too hard."

"Are you sure you don't want to get off?" Said Malcolm in a threatening tone and took a few steps forward.

Poppi was shocked. She paused for a few seconds and quickly turned over. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Malcolm was close to the chest in front of her. She swallowed silently and moved out a little bit. She said, "I'll give you half a bed."

"I want a piece of full." Then he lay down on the bed.

"Fine, I'll go to sleep outside." Poppi sighed and was about to get out of the bed. But as soon as she got up, her arm was grabbed by Malcolm and she fell down on the bed.

Malcolm turned over and pressed Poppi under his body. He held her arms tightly and said, "do you want to make Grandma angry again? Go out to sleep? How did you know that? "

Poppi's chest heaved slightly, looking up at the man just in front of her. Smelling the smell of the bath liquid on his body, Poppi's heart beat faster and faster, and her eyes unwinkingly, Hearing no answer, Malcolm only saw the innocent and seductive eyes of Poppi. He was having a hard breath, while her body remained motionless like a statue, allowing the somewhat loving air to circulate in the air.

There were barks from somewhere in the mountain which made the night more tranquil and the room more quiet than before.

"I'm in period. Please forgive me." Poppi twitched her mouth and said, "how about sleeping in the same bed?"

Malcolm frowned, "are you sure?"

Poppi turned her head and asked, "are you going to force me to in this opportunity?"

"Poppi..." Malcolm gnashed his teeth and called out the name of Poppi. After a few seconds, he got off from her quickly and lay beside himself, staring at the pure white ceiling, "sleep."

Poppi blinked her eyes and she breathed a sigh of relief. She put the quilt on her face and said, "well, we just sleep tonight."

They just slept like that everyday, didn't they? It wasn't the first time that they had spend such night in the past three years. This time, they did not feel embarrassed or bashful at all, probably because they both knew that nothing would happen between them when they were sober enough to sleep in the same bed.

Because there was always Celine between them.


There were always some unknown insects chirping in the mountains, which seemed to be thousands of miles away or near ears. The bright moonlight, in combination with the summer breeze in the mountain, made the whole night filled with a layer of romantic and mysterious color.

Malcolm closed his eyes and was about to fall asleep quietly, when he suddenly felt the slight movement of Poppi next to him. He opened his eyes quietly and turned his head for some unknown reason. Poppi showed her face from the quilt. Her eyes were closed, but a sincere and enjoyable smile hung on her lips. Even her breath was light and happy.

Her long eyelashes trembled, and her smooth face was very gentle. He

r delicate features fascinated him. What was more unbelievable was that he saw sincerity on her face


Just then, Poppi suddenly opened her eyes and turned her head at the same time. But when she opened the half part of her words, she was stunned. With a little innocence in her eyes, she looked directly at Malcolm.

They were so close to each other that they could smell each other's breath. When they looked at each other, tenderness filled the air.

"What is it?" Looking at each other for a long time, Malcolm opened his mouth in a low and sexy voice.

Hearing this voice and tone, Poppi felt like drinking a glass of mellow wine and was totally fascinated.

"Well..." Poppi pressed her lips together and stared at Malcolm without any blinks, and her head began to spin rapidly.

"What?" Malcolm was a little confused, with a bit of expectation in his heart.

"Okay!" Poppi patted her head and suddenly enlightened, "I just wanted to say that turn off the light and go to sleep, since the light is too bright! Which is in your side, "

The eyebrows furrowed slightly, and Malcolm was a little displeased, "do it by yourself."

Poppi shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes. She got up and went around the bed to turn off the light. And then the light was turned off. The silvery moonlight shone into the room from the window. Seeing Poppi in a nightgown, Malcolm felt that she was like a fairy.

Poppi ran to the bed with her bare feet and quickly slid into the quilt. After she gave a comfortable snort, she turned her back to Malcolm and wanted to rest. Turning his head to look at her smooth back, Malcolm asked unconsciously, "what were you laughing at just now?"

"What?" "When?" Poppi asked confusedly

"In front of you turn off the light,"

"Before I turn off the light?" Finally, Poppi turned over and stared at him, "did I just laugh?"

Malcolm narrowed his eyes and saw the expressionless look on her face. He sneered in his heart. This was Poppi. She would always pretend to be innocent in order to deceive others.

Seeing the paleness of Malcolm, Poppi closed her eyes without saying a word. She didn't know why she said something wrong and was stunned for a few seconds. When he was about to turn around, an idea struck him. "Mr. Malcolm, are you going to accept an interview?"

Malcolm snorted and asked deliberately, "who wants to interview me?"

Hearing this, Poppi thought there would be a chance, "me!"

"You? There is no way. " Malcolm said in a light voice without opening his eyes.

"Mr. Malcolm, please think again? We are here for business. I will completely treat you as a stranger. What do you think? "

A stranger? Malcolm frowned. He found that Poppi was becoming more and more speechless.

"Mr. Malcolm? Have you decided? " Poppi said in a flattering tone.

"No need to think about it." "You don't need to treat me as a stranger, because we are just strangers, except in my home and in grandma's home."

Speechless for quite a while, Poppi pouted her lips and rolled her eyes to Malcolm. Then she turned around and said slowly, "we all know that we are married, but I can't even get the chance to interview you. I'm so sad..."

"You..." Malcolm opened his eyes suddenly and stared fiercely at Poppi. He was about to say something but was interrupted by Poppi in a quiet way. She said, "Oh, it's so late! Go to bed now. We have to get up early tomorrow and go down the mountain. "

After hearing this, Malcolm repressed his anger, closed his eyes and began to rest. He didn't bother to talk to her any more.

In the moonlight, however, Poppi gave a smile. She didn't hold much hope for the interview right and it was really hopeless. Fortunately, she had a plan B.

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