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   Chapter 6 Having A Baby

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Malcolm's eyes had been following the figure of Poppi to the kitchen. If grandma loved such a childish cold joke, he could understand. But what he couldn't understand was, where did she hear these jokes?

"Malcolm, how are you doing recently?"

"Not bad."

"Then I'll be at ease in these few days..."

In the living room, the old lady kept talking with her grandson. Although it was a trifle, Malcolm listened carefully and said a few words from time to time. He looked very warm.

Hearing that, Cora stood by his side silently. She only looked at him in silence. She was not only responsible for taking care of the old lady, but also a bodyguard for her personal safety. She had never expected anything more than this

Poppi rolled up her sleeves and began to cook in the kitchen. Luckily, the maid was there to help her.

"Mrs. Quan, please don't mind if our old lady is unhappy. She has been looking forward to your visit every day." "She asked you to cook because she love it. After you left, she missed you every day!"

A nice and gentle smile appeared on Poppi's face, which was totally different from the cheerful smile just now. She said, "I know that grandma has a soft heart and a sharp tongue. But in fact, she likes me very much, right?"

"That's it." The servant nodded her head and said, "Mr. Quan is so lucky to marry such a good woman as you."

Hearing this, Poppi stopped and said, "yes, that's right."

Poppi had always been living an extremely delicate life. In order to meet her pursuit of food, she had trained herself to be a good cook. She was very proud to see delicious dishes were placed under her hands.

"Grandma, is the dishes I cooked so delicious that you can't wait to taste them?" Poppi came out of the kitchen with the last dish and saw the old lady had already been on the table. She said with a smile.

"No way!" In a rage, she put down the chopsticks and said, "I just want to check it is ripe or not! Humph! "

But Poppi just smiled and said nothing. She shouted at Malcolm, "honey, time to eat!"

Malcolm cast a warning glance at her. Poppi shrugged and said, "Malcolm, come here to eat."

When Malcolm was about to get up, his face darkened even more when he heard what Poppi called him.

"Cora, Sean, come and have dinner with us. There are so many dishes that we can't finish them all." Poppi asked the two people who had been standing in the living room in silence again.

"You want me to dine with them?" The old lady refused again and said proudly, "this is for me. You have to ask me if you want to eat. But you ask them to eat here."

Poppi stuck out her tongue at the old lady. His grandmother was the daughter of a wealthy family. She had a traditional and respectful idea, and she would never eat with these so-called servants. When she met the old lady for the first time, she couldn't accept her. But later she knew that the old lady was very good to servants. It was just that her habit for so many years had caused her a little proud and small character. But when she thought it carefully, she was still very cute

"Okay, let's eat!" Malcolm said in a plain voice and sat down at the table first.

Poppi sat next to Malcolm and said to them, "it's not nice that you are wait now. Fortunately, I prepared food in the kitchen for you. Please enjoy your dinner!"

The old lady snorted, "don't pretend to be


"Haha." Poppi just smiled without saying anything.

"Let's go to eat!" Then he waved to them, and they bowed and went to the kitchen together.

On the dinner table, Poppi acted as a good wife, picking up food for Malcolm from time to time. Although Malcolm looked cold, he still ate a full bowl of food and chopsticks in front of his grandmother.

After dinner, the old lady chatted with Mr. Malcolm. All the housework were done by Poppi. Although she was used to this kind of "abuse", she still felt a little uncomfortable.

"Malcolm, you have been married for three years. You are not a little boy anymore." The old lady held Malcolm's hand and asked, "when are you going to have a baby?"

"No hurry." Malcolm smiled, "not yet."

"It's not the time yet." The old lady took a look at the kitchen and said in a low voice, "I'm afraid it's not the matter of time, but the matter of you two? You tell me, you or she can't? I know a famous traditional Chinese doctor... "

Malcolm frowned and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Grandma, we are fine."

Old lady pouted her lips. "You're always fooling me. I really don't understand why young people nowadays are not interested in having children."

"Grandma, I have washed the dishes." At this moment, Poppi came out from the kitchen and asked, "is there anything else you want to make?"

"How about having a baby?"

"Uh..." Poppi was speechless. She glanced at Malcolm and said, "I can't give birth to a baby by myself."

The old lady suddenly stood up from the sofa, patted Malcolm's shoulder and said, "my grandson is here! If you can't have a baby by yourself, you can do it with my grandson.please you go now. "

Poppi was so tired that her waist and back ached, so she was thinking about how to go to bed as soon as possible. When she heard the old lady's words, she quickly nodded, "Okay, okay! I'll do it right now! " Then she asked in a sweet voice, "honey, aren't you leaving?"

Before he could say no, he saw granny looking at him with great expectation. He stood up casually and said: "I will send granny back to her room first."

"I'll wait for you upstairs." "I'm going to bed. Good night, grandma," she said to the old lady

The old lady looked at the figure of Poppi going upstairs, then she murmured lovingly, "bad girl."

As far as Malcolm knew, grandma seemed to be strict with Poppi, but actually she liked her very much in her heart. This woman was just good at putting on an act, and was not worth being treated sincerely. But that's okay, as long as grandma is happy.

Actually, the old lady was not sleepy at all. She just wanted to urge Malcolm to have a baby so she asked he to go upstairs frequently. Then he walked out of her room.

Hearing the sound of door opening, Cora, who was standing at the door, turned around, took a look at Malcolm and said respectfully, "Mr. Malcolm."

"Yes." Malcolm slightly nodded his head. When he was about to pass through the Cora, he suddenly stopped and asked: "several days that I went abroad, how was grandma?"

"Everything is okay."

"Yes." Malcolm nodded, "I'm fine. Go to bed early."

"Yes, Mr. Malcolm." The Cora answered. Then, Malcolm turned around. In a daze, she looked up at the familiar back that she had never touched. He walked to the end of the corridor and opened the door of the room that he and Poppi shared.

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