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   Chapter 5 The Cold Joke Is Not Funny

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At the entrance of the housing estate, the car drove along the way to the mountain in the west of Ye city.

His grandmother lived alone in the mountain. She like quiet in here, so he had to take her up the mountain once in a while. Malcolm was so nice to his only family in the world. He met all kinds of needs, even Poppi also spoiled her extremely.

After a full hour, the car was driving around the twisting mountain road. It was already late for August.

The large iron gate of the villa was slowly opened by the bodyguards when the car drove in. Sean drove to the garden and stopped beside the fountain. Then, Poppi and Malcolm held the hands of their men and got off the car.

"Grandma, we are here!" When they approached the living room, Poppi called out pleasantly, but there was no response.

When the door of the living room was opened, a capable and experienced young woman came into view. She looked Malcolm and Poppi up and down and called them respectfully: "Mr. Quan, Mrs. Quan."

"Yes." Malcolm answered in a low voice.

"Cora, where's grandma?" Poppi said to the woman.

Cora glanced at the sofa. Obviously, she was implying something. The old lady stood up from the sofa with dissatisfaction and said in a shrill and spoiled tone, "Little Turtle, I'm sitting here. Don't you see me? You are the only one who can bully me. "

His grandma had silver hair, but she was in a good mood. Especially her eyes, they were so shiny that she must be a beauty when she was young.

"Grandma, I am not a little turtle." Poppi let go of Malcolm naturally and walked towards the sofa with the kiwis. "Every time you call me tortoise, it is you who bully me."

Poppi had long been used to the way she talked to her grandma. Because of her age, her temper became more and more like a child. Every time she came to coax the old, she soothed the old as if she was a child.

Glancing at his weak arm, Malcolm rubbed his nose and walked towards the sofa, "don't get angry with her, grandma. What would you like to eat tonight?"

"My grandson is the best!" With a happy face, the old lady walked over to Malcolm. She held her grandson's arm and asked him questions all the time. At last, she asked: "do you have anything to eat, Malcolm?"

Malcolm smiled, "whatever grandma wants to eat, I'll like it."

Poppi turned to look at him with a smile. Although there was only a slight curve on his face, his eyes were bright and his facial profile was very gentle. This was the real smile from the bottom of his heart.

"I have prepared all the food in list that I want to eat." The old lady snorted complacently and said, "Cora, give the menu to the little turtle and tell her to cook quickly. I'm starving to death."

"Yes, madam." The Cora nodded and took a piece of paper, ten centimeters long, in front of Poppi.

Poppi's eyes widened and she said with her mouth wide open, "grandma, the amount of this dish is twice as much as usual. Unexpectedly How could there be stewed pig's feet in brown sauce? Grandma, it's too greasy to eat this at night. "

"You should respect the old and cherish the young, understand! I want to eat this, you must cook it for me. " The old lady looked away. "Why haven't you come to see my grandma for such a long time? Malcolm has gone abroad, and you haven't gone abroad either. Can't you come here by yourself? I'll punish you tonight. "

"Haha..." Poppi gave her a flattering smile and said, "grandma, my car broke down, or I would have come here earlier."

"That's your excuse!" The old lady said angrily. She left Malcolm's hand and walke

d to the side of Poppi. "I'm angry. Tell me a joke again. You should talk about the little turtle. "

Poppi pouted her lips and said in a spoiled manner, "I don't want to. Since the first time I told you the cold joke of little turtle, you have been calling me little turtle. I don't want to talk about it any more. "

"So you are bullying me." The old lady didn't want to give up, "come here, Malcolm."

Standing in the middle of the living room and watching the two women chatting, Malcolm didn't notice that he was wearing a smile all the time. When he heard her grandma calling his name, he came to his senses and his expression suddenly disappeared. "Grandma..."

"Grandma, you are bullying me. I know your grandson is on your side." "Just two," Poppi said suddenly

"Tell me, little turtle!"

While the two women were talking, Malcolm put aside immediately. Malcolm closed his eyes and took off his suit jacket.

"Mr. Malcolm, give me the clothes." Cora came over at the right time and said respectfully.

Malcolm paused for a second and nodded, "yes." At the same time, he handed his suit to her.

Taking the clothes and turning around, Cora hanged them up on the clothes rack. Feeling the warmth left by Malcolm, Cora blushed slightly.

"Well, grandma, do you know who will win when a rabbit race with a turtle wearing sunglasses?" Poppi raised her eyebrows and spoke in a vivid way. Although it was just a few words, she told a beautiful story.

"Little Turtle!" The old lady answered without a second thought.

"That's wrong! Haha! " Poppi clapped her hands and laughed, "grandma, I've told you. It's a turtle wearing sunglasses. It cannot run fast because it can't see the road. Hahaha..."

The living room was filled with her own laughter. The old lady was unhappy when she guessed wrong. Malcolm walked over and sat on the sofa. He said expressionlessly, "Poppi, I want to listen a simple story."

"Just one more please, grandma. Think twice before you make a decision," she said

The old lady looked forward to it, but she pretended not to care. "Go ahead," she snorted

"Ahem!" Poppi cleared her throat and said, "let me put it this way. A little rabbit is racing with a tortoise which runs very fast. Who will win?"

The old lady was so excited that she blurted out the answer without hesitation. She looked at Malcolm and asked, "Malcolm, who's the winner in your eyes?"

Malcolm raised his eyebrows. He saw that Poppi was looking at him with expectation. After thinking for a while, he said, "grandma, are you sure you want me to tell you?"

The old lady hesitated for a moment and said, "I'll tell you myself. Well, the little rabbit... The little rabbit won."

"Oh, I'm sorry, grandma. you made a mistake again." "I've told you, grandma, it's a turtle that runs very fast! She runs very fast. Of course she can win. Hahaha... "

Looking at the woman who was laughing so hard that she almost couldn't stand up straight, MalcolmMalcolm's eyes flashed a complex emotion that he didn't realize. The old lady pulled a long face and said, "Poppi, go and cook now. It's not funny at all!"

"Uh..." Poppi stopped laughing abruptly. Looking at the look on Malcolm's and his grandmother's faces, she smiled awkwardly, "OK, OK, go and cook." Then she clapped her legs and stood up. Walking towards the kitchen, she asked, "Cora, don't you think what I just said was funny?"

There was no expression on her face. "It's funny."

"……" Poppi's mouth twitched slightly and said angrily, "you are a liar." After that, she went straight to the kitchen.

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