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   Chapter 4 Visit Grandma On The Mountain

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In the CEO's office, SG Group Headquarters.

Knock, knock, knock——

"Come in." A calm male voice came from the office. Malcolm was reading the documents left behind these days.when Sean Xiao, his assistant opened the door and walked in with a mobile phone in his hand. "Mr. Malcolm, it's Miss Lin's call."

"Yes." Malcolm slowly signed his name and then raised his head. His long eyes squinted. He took the phone and said, "you go out first!"

"Yes." Sean Xiao nodded and took a few steps back. Then he turned around and gently closed the door for Malcolm.

He dialed the phone with his slender finger and asked: "hello?"

"Malcolm!" "Are you busy now? I heard that you went to the company without taking a break yesterday after you came back to y city. You must take care of yourself! "said Catherine Lin with a sweet voice.

"Yes." "Do you have anything to tell me?" Malcolm replied in a cold voice

"Can't I call you since I have nothing else to do?" She pouted her lips, acting like a spoiled child.

"I'm busy. I won't answer your phone if there's nothing important. Bye."

"Wait! wait! I am busy! I have something to tell you! " "I have something to tell you," she added hurriedly


Hearing his response, Catherine heaved a sigh of relief and said, "I heard that a magazine wants to interview you. Can you..."

"Interview me? Why didn't I know? " Malcolm asked while looking at the documents.

"Well, my friend told me that she works in this magazine Anyway, they have the right to interview you! " After a few words, she changed the subject. "Could you tell the media something about us during the interview?"

"Our business? What's our business? " "It's still unknown whether I accept the interview or not." Malcolm said without even raising his eyes.

"I'm twenty-six years old. It's time for me to get married. You know, my father has always been optimistic about you. Why don't you tell them more about our relationship? " Catherine Lin looked happy and proud. She was the daughter of the mayor. In Ye city, perhaps no one was more suitable to be Malcolm's wife than her. And Malcolm was so excellent that no one was more suitable to be the son-in-law of the mayor than him.

"Miss Lin, we are just friends now. It's too early for us to talk about marriage." Malcolm put down his pen, tapped his fingers rhythmically on the table, "and I don't want to get married now."

She had expected that he would say so. It was just a bold idea of hers. She had no chance to win.

"Are you free tonight? Let's have dinner together. " Catherine Lin said and naturally changed the topic.

"I'm busy tonight." Malcolm said in a low voice.

"What are you doing?"

"having a dinner with my family."

"Can I go there?" Asked Catherine Lin, full of expectation.

"It's not suitable for you to go to such an occasion."

"…… Okay. " Though she was active, she had higher self-esteem than others. She would no longer follow him because of many times he had refused.

When Malcolm was about to hang up the phone, he thought of something and asked: "I wonder which magazine are going to interview me, Miss Lin."

"Under the Entertainment Magazine, Mr. an Entertainer." Then she added, "and next time, just call my name directly. Don't call me miss. Lin."

Malcolm raised his eyebrows, and a happy smile of Poppi appeared in his brain.

After hanging up the phone, Malcolm sent a message to Poppi -- "go to my grandma's home for dinner tonight."

When Poppi received the message, Tina Ai was counting the benefits of Malcolm's interview on the meeting. The bris

k ringtone of Poppi's mobile phone made her feel like being poured cold water on her head. She put on a false smile and said, "miss. Poppi from the editorial department seems to have an objection with my ideas."

"Of course not." Poppi said tactfully, "there is a trash message, and it's not the right time to come, so I have deleted it." As she spoke, she clicked the message and quickly replied, "okay.".

"Now that you have no complaints, I'll leave the interview to Poppi." Trying to suppress her anger, Tina smiled, but the resentment in her eyes couldn't be concealed.

When she came out of the meeting room, Poppi was still a little shocked and annoyed.

Wendy bit her fingertips and followed her all the way to the office. "Are you scared, Poppi? It's true that Tina did this to bully you! As for the matter of interview Malcolm, Tina analyzed a lot of benefits. She didn't even find any person to do it. It was simply talking on the paper! Enough! "

"After all, she will be the vice editor in chief soon. The new broom sweeps clean." Poppi shook her head and consoled her, "may I understand her young lady better!"

"Poppi, you are so generous." "We are in the editing department and I have no obligation to make the orders. What can we do, Poppi? Do you have any idea? "

Poppi turned her neck and replied, "yes."

"What's it?" Wendy's eyes lit up.

"Don't worry. When our director comes back tomorrow, we'll ask her for help. She still takes our side. She will definitely refuse such kind of jobs." A determined look flashed through Poppi's bright eyes and she said, "moreover, I don't think it's a good idea to interview Mr. Malcolm. I have a better candidate. "

"Who is it?"

"Well It's a secret. " "I'm going to see my grandma tonight. I have to pack up my things and go home early. Wendy, you should also go home early!" Wendy said with a smile

"Thank you, Poppi. you are going to eat something delicious. It's so nice."

Without saying anything, Poppii packed her things and left in a hurry. delicious? She wasn't that lucky. But her mother-in-law wouldn't let her go so easily

The subway returned to the Imperial Tang Residential Quarter. As soon as she entered the gate of the community, she saw Malcolm's car stopped downstairs. Poppi thought Malcolm was waiting for her upstairs, so she bypassed the car to leave.

"Mrs. Gu!" But as soon as she took one step forward, she heard Sean Xiao calling her name. Poppi turned her head and saw the window rolled down. Sean Xiao grinned and said, "it's getting late. Let's go."

Poppi rolled her eyes and came up to the car. She knocked on the window and said, "Malcolm, are you inside?"

Malcolm looked at her through the window and kept silent for a second. Then he opened the window and said to her calmly, "get in the car."

"Haha..." Poppi put her bag on the backseat with a flattering smile and said, "wait me for another five minutes. Last time grandma said she wanted to eat the cucumber salad, so I made some by myself. It's upstairs and I'll go get it. Wait for me!"

Then she rushed upstairs, leaving no chance for Malcolm to speak.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Poppi, he squinted his eyes and suddenly said, "is this woman becoming more and more casual?"

Sean Xiao covered his mouth and coughed, not knowing whether to answer it or not.

After a while, Poppi came downstairs with a whole refrigerator box of pickles. She got on the car and said, "we can go now."

Sean looked at Malcolm from the rearview mirror, who nodded slightly and said, "let's go."

"Okay, Mr. Malcolm."

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