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   Chapter 3 He is Said To Be Married

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Seeing this, Tina squinted and threw the draught on the desk with a snap. "It's not enough. If you redo it, I will consider continuing to use it. Besides, send me an electronic copy. " Then she left in her high heels.

Wendy stuck out her tongue and made a face behind Tina. She said in a low voice, "you haven't got it so you're green with envy. You always make fun of Poppi with your work. You thinks you're somebody. Do you think you're the judge?"

Looking at Wendy, Poppi smiled and said, "you dare to say anything, if she hear you, she will fire you."

"If she fire me, I'll be with Poppi." Wendy held on to Poppi's arm and shook her around. She said enviously, "I don't be more greedy, Poppi. I can really get along with you. You are wearing a new limited edition bag every week that you are full of noble temperament. Poppi, why are you so rich?"

"To marry with a wealthy man."

"Yeah, that's a good idea. Poppi, you..." After saying that, she felt something wrong and continued, "Poppi, you played a trick on me again. You don't have a husband. Why did you ask me to find that?"

"I have a husband!" Poppi grinned at Wendy evilly.

"Humph! What a liar you are! I don't want to talk with you anymore! " Wendy went back to her desk with a pout, but was greeted by Poppi's laughter. Wendy and Celine were quite alike. It seemed that the way Poppi looked at Wendy was different from that when she saw another person

With a sigh, Poppi also sat in front of the desk. Thinking of the topic about "husband", she sighed in her mind that she and Malcolm were really married, but no one would believe her if she told it to others? They had to keep it as a secret!

Stretching herself, Poppi was about to take out a pen to modify the draft, but remembering what Tina said, she turned on the computer. She liked to write manuscript with her hands. Although it was a little difficult, it had become her habit. Which just as she had developed the habit of existence of Malcolm. The feelings of can't losing or breaking up with him were really annoyed

The draft was revised for half a morning, and it was informed to have a meeting near the off-duty time. Celine took her notebook and followed everyone to the conference room.

In the meeting room, there was only one light being turned on the big screen, and Poppi sat in the dim corner, almost falling asleep. She didn't sleep for a whole night yesterday because of the heavy rain and nightmares, that she was so tired.

"Our fashion magazine is going to be the annual business interview. We have confirmed a few candidates." Standing in front of the screen, with a confident smile on her face. As the slide changed, Tina said at the same time, "the first candidate is Malcolm, the CEO of SG ."


The pen in Poppi's hand fell on the ground and made a light sound, which attracted the attention of people around. Tina took a look at Poppi and then looked away with a sneer. She continued, "if Mr. Malcolm was selected as the cover person, the sales of our magazine will be soaring..."

Poppi forgot what Tina was talking about, but couldn't move her eyes from the picture of Malcolm on the screen.who make her no longer tired. Interview Malcolm? It was difficult to do that.

"If the magazine has to invite Malcolm, I will be the first one to sign up for an interview!"

"Fuck off! Who do you think you are! I'm the first to sign up for the contest! "

"Mr. Malcolm is so handsome. I wonder

what the real him is like."

At lunch time, Poppi was having lunch with some colleagues of the editing department. They were talking about the morning meeting. She couldn't help but put in a smile and said, "maybe in real life, Mr. Malcolm is not that handsome. After all, the photo technique is so advanced, right? What if our dream is shattered? "

"What?" Wendy bit the chopsticks and frowned. She looked disgusted. "Really? It is said that Malcolm is the most eligible bachelor in Ye city. It is said that he has some relationship with the daughter of the mayor. His face should not be too ugly. "

"Yes, don't guess." "Have you met Mr. Malcolm, Poppi?" asked Aileen Tang

"Me?" Taking a sip of soup, Poppi forced a big smile on her face and replied calmly, "of course not."

"That's it." Then she drew closer to them and whispered, "but it's hard to say whether Mr. Malcolm is single or not."

"What do you mean? !" Jenny covered her mouth and gave her a pat. "he is not a single man?"

"I heard that Mr. Malcolm has been married for a long time." It seemed that she had known a big secret.

"Get married? !" Cried Wendy.

"Ahem!" Poppi was choked by the rice that her face turned red.

"What's wrong with you, Poppi?" Wendy hastened to support her. Seeing this, Poppi took the opportunity to explained and scolded, "it's all your fault. You roared so loudly that I was almost scared to death! It's none of your business. "

Wendy pouted, "I was just too surprised!"

"Yeah, it's too shocking." Jenny couldn't help but sigh, "where did you hear of Mr. Malcolm's marriage?"

"Gossips are all about women. I also forget where I heard it." Aileen Tang shrugged.

After Poppi appeased Wendy and started to eat, Wendy couldn't help but ask, "if he really get married, why does he keep it as a secret?"

"Haven't you heard of it?" Aileen clicked her tongue in exasperation. "The male star we interviewed last time was not the one who got married. It was said that he had a child a few days ago He probably wants you girls to continue to like him. "

"Then being his wife would be in a living hell." "She have to hide her true feelings all the time. He is the man that many women all over the world want to sleep with. But she should pretend that nothing has happened. That's so annoying!" she added

Poppi nodded her head in secret. But when she heard what she said next, she was shocked and speechless. Even if they got married, they didn't sleep together, such as she and Malcolm.

But, the news of Malcolm's marriage should be conjecture? If anyone found out the truth, Poppi would be thought to break the contract and then she would have no money to spend.There is no more horrible than no money for her!

"You are wrong. I think it's good to keep the marriage as a secret!" "If I were his wife, I would laugh up my sleeves. When you cry and miss my husband, I could sleep with him aboveboard Perfect! "

"You are so shameless!" Aileen pretended to be angry and giggled, "just eat!"

"Wait a minute, has Mr. Malcolm been married or not?" Wendy kept asking.

"I also want to know if he is married or not." Poppi said timely.

"Well I don't know either! Maybe it's just a rumor! " "Marriage or not, it's none of my business." she continued, waving her hand

Poppi touched her nose as she did not hear anything about Malcolm's marriage. She guessed it must be someone who was talking nonsense so that she became a little sensitive.

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