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   Chapter 498 Grow Old Together

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In the CEO Office of the Hua Group, Heidy finished her work and stretched herself. Touching her face with her hands, she frowned. Recently, her life was so relaxing that her face became much more round. Thinking of this, she lowered her head and said, "I still envy those who can't get fat."

Warren came in and said with a smile, "President, it's time for us to go."

Patting her head, Heidy remembered what she had ignored, "Yes, we are going to check the project today. I almost forget it."

Looking at her, Warren joked, "Yes, boss's life is too happy. Recently, he feed you like a pig and your memory has become bad. It seems that next time I meet Mr. Hearst, I should remind him to take it easy on you."

"Screw you!" Said Heidy with a smile. Then she stood up, picked up her bag and left. Having worked with Warren for many years, the two of them were no longer simple superior subordinate, but more friends. In the past few years, no matter what happened in the company, Warren had always been by Heidy's side, facing with her. Such a relationship was precious to Heidy.

When they went downstairs, Warren went to drive the car, and Heidy waited there. Suddenly, a young man came to her, holding roses in his hands, "Miss Heidy, this bunch of flowers is for you."

Seeing him again, Heidy frowned, "Sir, I should have told you clearly yesterday not to do these meaningless things, okay? I have a lover."

Before she finished speaking, the young man said seriously, "But if he doesn't marry you, it means that he doesn't really love you. Heidy, I really love you. In terms of appearance, although he is more handsome than me, I'm younger than him. Besides, although I'm not as rich as him, I'll try my best. I have fallen in love with you since the first time I met you."

Hearing his confession, Heidy covered her face with her hands and looked helpless. She went to a dinner party three days ago and ran into him by accident. But yesterday, the young man came to confess his love for her, saying that he fell in love with her at first sight. This young man looked pretty. It was said that he was the owner of a company. He was a young man about twenty-two years old.

Embarrassed, Heidy smiled and said in a euphemistic way, "Maybe I should treat you as my brother. I don't like people younger than me. My man is more charming and I like him. Besides, we are not married, not because he doesn't want to marry me, but because I don't want to. Now I live a good life with him and there was no need to get the marriage certificate. I hope you can give up. I won't fall in love with anyone else."

Hearing this, the young man said firmly, "You will fall in love with me. As long as I have the determination, you will definitely fall in love with me." After saying that, he put the roses into her hand, turned around and left. See

h each other. Since you are in love, you should stick to it. Since you have decided to get married, you should be with each other for the rest of your life." The old granny said with blessing.

Nodding her head, Heidy said sincerely, "Yes, I also hope that Hearst and I can be as affectionate as Grandpa and grandma. Grandpa and grandma are our goals and models. Such a relationship is really admirable."

The old lady nodded and said with a big smile, "Yes, I'm also very happy to meet him. Let's go now. Since we can still walk, let's take a walk." Then the old lady helped him leave.

Watching them walk past her, Heidy fixed her eyes on their backs. With a warm smile on her lips, she was moved. "Life is long. It's not easy to be together for sixty years."

Holding her hand, Hearst replied in a low voice, "We can do the same."

Looking up at him, Heidy smiled sweetly, "Yes, I believe we can. Hearst, in fact, I'm as lucky as grandmother. Although we haven't been together as long as they did... I believe that we can do it."

Touching her head, Hearst opened his arms and hugged her. Caressing her head gently, Hearst replied in a hoarse voice, "Of course, we will not only be together for sixty years, but also seventy years, and the rest of our lives.."

She leaned against his chest and breathed the familiar smell from him. He didn't smoke, and now he drank less. Because he said he was seven years older than her, so he had to take good care of himself and live longer. He didn't want to die early and leave her alone in the world.

After leaving his arms, Heidy held his arm again and said with a bright smile, "Hearst, let's go."

"Okay." With a gentle smile on his lips, Hearst replied in a spoiled tone. The two of them continued to move forward side by side. The life was long. They had to walk side by side. For the rest of their lives, they only had each other.

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