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   Chapter 462 It Was Not Him Who Accompanied Her

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At home, after washing her hair, Heidy walked out of the bathroom while drying her hair. Sitting on the bed, Heidy picked up her phone and looked at the time. There was no missed phone calls. A touch of loss flashed through Heidy's eyes.

Yesterday, Hearst went on a business trip. As usual, he would call her even if he was on a business trip. As long as they had time, they would talk for a while. This seemed to have become his habit. But on this business trip, there was only one phone call from Hearst. The sharp difference made her feel disappointed.

Lying prone on the bed, she thought for a while, and finally picked up her phone and dialed Hearst's number. The phone rang for more than ten seconds before it was answered. Hearing the familiar voice, Heidy said with a smile, "Hearst, are you busy now? Have you finished the meeting?"

In a low and deep voice, Hearst replied lightly, "Well, the meeting is done. There's a social engagement later."

Hearing his words, Heidy said in a hurry, "Don't drink. Your stomach is fragile now, so you can't drink, understand?"

Knowing that she was caring about him, Hearst replied in a hoarse voice, "Okay, go to bed early too. It's already ten o'clock. Go to bed early."

Looking at the time on the bedside, Heidy smiled and said, "Well, I thought you had forgotten me because you were so busy recently. Then I'll go to bed first. You should also take good care of yourself. Good night." Then, she hung up the phone.

Putting the phone aside, she wanted to dry her hair, but because she was a little lazy, she lay directly on the bed. She covered herself with the quilt and closed her eyes. Sometimes habits were terrible. Once one got used to having warm companionship, it would be difficult to fall asleep when someone left. For this reason, Heidy didn't like Hearst to go on a business trip. But she couldn't control his work.

In the middle of the night, she opened her eyes in a daze and felt a little uncomfortable. With her hand on her head, Heidy sat up in a daze. "Why do I feel dizzy?" Puzzled, she covered her head and frowned.

She felt the heat on her forehead was different and an abnormal heat swept over. Seeing this, she immediately realized that she had a fever. She wanted to drink some water, but she felt a little tired. "How did I get a fever in the middle of the night?" Said Heidy gloomily.

In the middle of the night, the servants had already fallen asleep, and Hearst was not at home. Heidy was a little nervous. At this moment, the first thought in her mind was to call Hearst. Thinking of this, she picked up her phone and dialed his number.

After a few seconds, the phone was picked up. In a reproachful voice, Hearst asked, "It's so late. Haven't you gone to bed yet?"

Leaning against the head of the bed, Heidy said in a hoarse voice, "Hearst, I have

. Are you feel better now?" Hearst said calmly.

Trying her best to put on a smile, she nodded, knowing that he couldn't see her at all. "I feel better. I'm in the hospital."

On the other side of the phone, Hearst kept silent for a few seconds and said, "That's good. Heidy, I'm a little sleepy. Let's talk after I wake up."

Hearing this, Heidy stared blankly ahead and said slowly, "Okay, you go to bed first. Good night." Then, she hung up the phone.

Hearing the conversation on the phone, Kevin frowned and asked, "Is Hearst sleeping?"

"Yes, he is sleeping." Heidy smiled, but with unspeakable melancholy. Knowing that she had a fever, Hearst could still sleep as if nothing had happened. Even before going to bed, he didn't call to ask about her situation, which made Heidy feel a little disappointed. This feeling was a little bad.

Kevin frowned and comforted, "Hearst might be so tired that he forgot to call you."

Leaning against the wall, Heidy said softly, "Maybe. Hearst is very busy. It's understandable." Although she said so, her mood was still affected. She felt that Hearst was changing.

On the other side of the phone, Hearst opened his eyes, sober. He sat there and looked out of the window. Knowing that she was getting better, he could finally rest assured. Thinking of that it was Kevin who accompanied Heidy, Hearst felt bad. However, there was also a sense of relief. At least, Kevin still loved Heidy.

Thinking that he was pretending to be asleep while talking with her on the phone, Hearst could imagine that Heidy would feel disappointed. He knew that when people were fragile, they hoped to be accompanied and cared. But now, he couldn't give her.

He stood up and walked to the window. With his hands behind his back, he looked out of the window at the dark night, lost in thought. Under the moonlight, his back was full of unspeakable loneliness.

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