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   Chapter 441 Fake Friendship

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Hearing this, Kevin raised his eyebrows and asked, "Appreciate me?"

Hearst replied calmly, "Yes, it's because you didn't fight for it. In fact, you can fight for it. I will give you a chance. I know you love Heidy very much. Otherwise, you wouldn't have done nothing. Sometimes I wonder if Heidy can still stay with me if we compete fairly. You are a strong opponent, always."

"But you don't treat me as an opponent. Otherwise, you won't allow me to meet her." Kevin replied with a smile.

"Yes, in my eyes, you are my brother." Said Hearst seriously.

Patting him on the shoulder, Kevin said sincerely with a smile on his face, "So do I. As long as you two are happy, I won't fight for anything. I know you love her so much and she loves you so much. I'm really gratified. Therefore, I have never thought of ruining your happiness and becoming a person who took away your happiness."

Hearing his words, Hearst didn't know what to say. Kevin's love for Heidy was so deep, but he had never taken the initiative to fight for it. He felt a little sorry, but he had never thought of giving in. "Thank you." Said Hearst slowly.

"Don't be silly. Love is not fair. You met her earlier. I was doomed to lose from the beginning. Hearst, you should love her with all your heart, okay?" Kevin said seriously.

Hearst nodded and answered seriously, "I will." Hearst wanted to persuade him to find someone he loved as soon as possible, but in the end, he held back such an idea. Kevin was very clear about what he wanted. Hearst believed that as long as Kevin was given time, he could start a new life.

Heidy drank a lot of water, so Jessica went to the bathroom with her. As this was a strange place for her, Heidy walked very carefully. Jessica held her and kept reminding her, "Slow down. There are plants here. Be careful not to bang into them."

Just as the two of them were walking, some people suddenly blocked their way. There were two people

"Now you know, Cathy. Sometimes you can't trust people too much. They took advantage of your kindness to bully you. You don't have much experience in this world. It's easy for you to be tempted by a few words. I hope I can teach you a lesson this time."

With tears in her eyes, Cathy said melancholy, "Hut the price is too heavy. I have tried many times, but James still won't forgive me. Heidy, I really don't know what to do. I don't want to give up James. I don't want to."

Hearing the sadness in her voice, Heidy said in a low voice, "I still remember when James didn't like you at that time, you tell me that you give yourself a period of time and let yourself work hard. Did you give up once you fail? Why don't you make up your mind now? Why can't you be more decisive?"

Without saying anything, Cathy just lowered her head. After a long silence, Cathy looked at Heidy and asked, "So, do you want me to give up?"

"I'm not asking you to give up. I just want you to give yourself a chance. If you insisted for a long time and still couldn't succeed, why didn't you choose to let go? Maybe you can get better after you give up. Give yourself a direction to work hard. If you fail again, give up." Said Heidy sincerely.

Looking at her sincere expression, Cathy nodded, "I see, Heidy."

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