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   Chapter 437 I Love You

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In the school, with the help of Hearst, Heidy came to Gavin's class with him. Before the ceremony, all primary school students had to gather in their own classes. Gavin sat in his seat, and Heidy and Hearst came to the classroom together.

Seeing that Heidy was blind, some parents whispered, "Can't that parent see anything? Why didn't she go home instead of attending the ceremony?"

Hearst frowned. When he was about to say something, Heidy seemed to understand him and stopped him in a hurry. Turning her head, she smiled.

Seeing that they didn't say anything, a parent who knew them immediately reminded them, "Let's not talk about it anymore. That's Hearst Tan, the chairman of the Hua Group. That's his wife, and the chairman of the Hua Group, Heidy Hua. It was said that not long ago, Heidy was accidentally injured by a neurotic man, which led to her blindness. Don't talk too much. If they hear and offend them, you will suffer a lot."

Hearing the parent's reminder, the parent who had spoken immediately shut up obediently. This primary school was a exclusive school. The students who could come here not only needed to be smart, perform well in the kindergarten, but also had a rich family. Otherwise, how could their parents afford the tuition of more than 300000 dollars a year?

Heidy and Hearst sat down behind Gavin, listening to the teacher's speech and congratulating them for becoming primary school students. With a faint smile on her face, Heidy listened to the teacher. Even if she couldn't see, she couldn't be looked down upon.

The process in the classroom was finally over. The next step was to go to the playground and attend the ceremony. The children went downstairs first, and all the parents went downstairs under the guidance of another teacher. Heidy walked slowly. Some parents behind her urged, "Can you walk faster? When we get downstairs, the ceremony will be over."

Hearing that the parent was a little anxious, Heidy turned around and said apologetically, "Sorry, you can go first."

Seeing that Heidy was talking to another parent, the parent who complained curiously looked into Heidy's eyes and immediately understood. When he was about to say something, a cold gaze swept over. Seeing that Hearst was looking at him with cold eyes, which were full of warning, the young parents couldn't help but close their mouths and walk forward.

After dealing with this matter, Heidy continued to walk forward. Turning her head, Heidy smiled and said, "Hearst, don't you think it's a shame to go with me?"

"No, don't talk nonsense." Hearst said in a low voice, "Take your time. Think of it as an exercise."

Hearing his reason, Heidy smiled. Sometimes, she really appreciated Hearst's patient. Otherwise, she would have broken down and wouldn't stand here now. Finally, they came to the playground and the cere

arst also helped her apply the cushion cream and lipstick. At the beginning, Hearst didn't know anything. He painted Heidy's face ugly and was laughed at by Jessica two times.

Therefore, it took Hearst two days to learn the simplest makeup from a professional makeup artist. Although she couldn't see, her heart would be full of love when she imagined the way Hearst put on make-up for her.

Heidy still remembered that once, she asked him why he didn't ask others for help. Hearst told her that since he could do it himself, why should he ask others do it? He was her husband, and it was his responsibility to take care of her.

Hearing her questions, Hearst really wanted to pat her on the head, but he restrained himself in the end. "Let me give you a massage. Hold on." As he spoke, he applied the red oil on the sprained part and began to rub it with strength.

In silence, Heidy watched him apply medicine to her wound. Seeing that the medicine went into the injured position with the heat, she felt so warm. All of a sudden, the originally painful wound became better.

"In the past, every time I accidentally sprained my ankle, you would apply medicine for me like now." Said Heidy with a smile.

Hearst rubbed it hard so that the medicine could work faster. He didn't feel tired. "Well, it's my responsibility." Said Hearst.

"I know. Since I knew you, you have always been a responsible man. No matter before or after we get married, you haven't changed for so many years." Continued Heidy.

After applying the medicine, Hearst held Heidy's hand and said, "Let's go. I'll take you home."

Heidy didn't refuse and opened her hands. Then Hearst walked towards their house with her in his arms. Leaning against his chest, she smiled happily. From beginning to end, Hearst's attitude towards her didn't change because she was blind. She didn't want to give such a good man to anyone.

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