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   Chapter 435 The Perpetrator

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In a twinkling of an eye, Heidy had been blind for seven days. During this period of time, Hearst had been trying to find the cornea, but it was not easy to find the dead. The hospital was a good source of information, but except for the hospital, there were few other channels.

After exploring these days, Heidy could remember the decorations of the bedroom. Therefore, when she moved in the bedroom, Heidy was not limited. Waking up from her sleep, Heidy stood up and felt a little thirsty. Not wanting to bother others, she lifted the quilt, put on her slippers and walked outside.

When she just reached the stairway, Heidy heard the servants chatting about her gossip. "Mrs. Heidy is so pitiful that she lost her sight at such a young age. Her child is still so little, and Mr. Hearst is still so young. I'm afraid he will have a hard time in the future." Servant A said sympathetically.

Before she finished speaking, servant B continued, "Yes, I heard that there are many people chasing after Mr. Hearst now. Mr. Hearst was born in a rich family and loved his wife very much. I think my husband is also good to me, but he couldn't compare with Mr. Hearst. No wonder those young and beautiful girls are so eager to marry a man like Mr. Hearst."

"Yes. After all, Mr. Hearst is a rich man. Everyone wants to marry him. If Mrs. Heidy hadn't been blind, they might not have a chance. Now that there was finally a chance, they would not give it up easily. I heard that the famous star named Bettie Qiao was often photographed by paparazzi recently when she went to Mr. Hearst's company." Maid C added.

Hearing this, servant A asked curiously, "Are you talking about that big star? That woman was so beautiful that every man would be attracted by her. Do you think Mr. Jacob will really give up his wife and marry someone else in the end?"

Shaking their heads, the other two said in one voice, "It's hard to say. Who knows what will happen."

Hearing the conversation of the servants, Heidy didn't interrupt them. If it was before, she would definitely go straight forward and tell them that Hearst wouldn't do that. But now, she didn't have the courage to do so. She knew how well Hearst treated her. If he really fell in love with someone else, it might be a good thing...

Slowly turning around, she fumbled back along the wall. There were plants in the corridor. Since Heidy became blind, Hearst had asked someone to take the plant away. In case that Heidy accidentally touched it and got hurt. Hearst took care of her in every details.

In the bedroom, Heidy thought carefully about what the servants had just said. She knew very well that once she was blind, others would take advantage of this opportunity. Those people all wanted to replace her position. But now... Heidy was struggling in her heart.

Sighing slightly, Heidy folded her arms around her knees and stared b

now, or I will call the police. Don't think you can get sympathy just because you are blind. Tell me now what are you going to do with it." The woman said valiantly.

Hearing her complain first, Heidy said angrily, "I didn't beat him. What do you want me to compensate? Blind, blind, even if I am blind, you don't need you to remind me all the time. You are rude. No wonder your child couldn't behave himself. It was him who hit me first, but he slandered me for beating him."

Seeing that Heidy still retorted, the woman pushed her again. Heidy wouldn't stand there and be beaten up. As she couldn't see, Heidy was always in a passive position and her hair was scratched a few times. The boy took the opportunity to kick Heidy.

The people around stood there, but no one came to help. Heidy's scalp tingled. When she felt wronged, Hearst said in a low voice, "Stop."

Hearing this, the woman saw Hearst's cold eyes and let go of him unhappily. "Are you this woman's man? How will you compensate my son for his injuries? If you don't give me an explanation today, I won't give up."

Hearst came to the side of Heidy and saw her hair in a mess and several scratches on her face. Her eyes were a little red. Obviously, she was greatly wronged. Seeing this, Hearst said coldly, "My wife won't hit others. You hit my wife. How are you going to settle this?"

Before he finished speaking, the woman said loudly, "I saw the blind woman hit my son just now. Do you want to argue? I hit her. So what? She was just a blind woman. I didn't expect you to marry a blind woman. Are you her toy boy?"

Hearing that woman calling her a blind woman, Heidy's face was as pale as paper. Her hand holding Hearst's arm trembled. Her knuckles twisted and she unconsciously pinched Hearst's flesh.

Seeing the fear on Heidy's face, Hearst was furious. He stared at the woman coldly and narrowed his eyes slightly. "You're courting death."

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