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   Chapter 434 The Fragrance Of Grass In The Forest

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After getting used to it these days, Heidy's mental state was much better than before. However, no matter who it was, it would take some time to adapt from light to darkness.

In the yard, Jessica held Heidy's arm and walked slowly. The two walked side by side. Heidy opened her eyes and stared ahead. A few days ago, Heidy kept her eyes closed. She always hypnotized herself. She just closed her eyes, not really blind. Now, she had accepted the fact that she was blind.

Looking at her, Jessica couldn't help asking, "Heidy, can't you see it at all?"

Heidy stopped and answered truthfully, "I think so. Now for me, the surroundings are black, and my world is black. In the past, I never thought that I would end up like this. After I lost the vision, I know how precious it is."

Hearing her words, Jessica felt sad. She had always been a strong woman, but her eyes were wet. Opening her arms to hug Heidy, Jessica said sadly, "Why did this happen? That freak bastard has gone too far. He actually treated you like this. Heidy, why do good people have to go through so many bad things? Heidy, it's not worth it. Why do you have to bear that kind of revenge because others do the plastic surgery according to your appearance?"

Heidy felt the same, but she was helpless. Heidy forced a smile and said bitterly, "Although I don't want to admit it, maybe this is fate. Sometimes, I really want to die. But death is too realistic for me. I can't let go of everything in the world, Hearst and our child. So no matter how difficult it is, I won't commit suicide."

Of course, Jessica knew that Heidy was not a person who would end her life easily. No matter how difficult the situation was, she would not give up her life easily. "Well, it's good that you think so. If Hearst hadn't taken revenge on that man, I would have killed that bastard." Jessica said indignantly.

Hearing this, Heidy asked curiously, "What did Hearst do? I heard that the law didn't punish that man because he is insane."

"Hearst took revenge on him. You can't see anything now, can you? So Hearst made that man blind, crippled his right hand, threw him into the psychiatric hospital, and let those patients torture him well. I heard that the patients in the asylum are very cruel. That bastard seems to be tortured every day. The medical staff in the hospital won't pay attention to him, so his life is worse than death now."

She didn't expect that Hearst would take revenge on that freak man like this. Although she felt a little cruel, Heidy didn't object. Just because of the mental disease, even if it is not serious, can he hurt others like that? Because of his crazy behavior, he destroyed other people's lives. No matter what happened, he had t

see, Heidy was more nervous than before.

Hearst pushed the swing with moderate strength and saw it swinging slowly. Leaning her head against the rope, Heidy said softly, "The sun is so warm today."

Looking at the surrounding environment, Hearst said in a clear voice, "Well, the sun is very nice today. The sky is blue and there are few white clouds. Autumn is coming. The leaves on the trees are a little yellow..."

Listening carefully to the scene he portrayed, Heidy kept picturing it in her mind. It should be a lucky thing to have imagination. "Yes, autumn is coming. The yard is full of the smell of soil, and the sound of the wind is not as gentle as before." Added Heidy.

Hearing her words, Hearst smiled and said, "Well, you can hear the sound of the wind and smell the soil. Can you tell me what the smell of earth is like? And the sound of the wind. I'm also looking forward to it."

Nodding with a smile, Heidy told him everything she felt. Hearst listened carefully and asked from time to time. The conversation between the two was very simple, but with a warm feeling.

Finally, she came back home after a walk. She smelled the pleasant scent in the living room. "What's this smell? It doesn't seem to be flower fragrance." Asked Heidy curiously.

Holding her hand, Hearst replied with a smile, "This is the fragrance of forest grass, a newly developed perfume of our company. They are all extracted from the grass essence in the depths of nature. I think you will like them."

With her eyes closed and a happy smile on her face, Heidy said, "Yes, it smells good indeed. It felt like she was really in a forest. Hearst, thank you."

"We are a couple. Don't be so formal with me. I have told you that I will do whatever you like." Said Hearst seriously.

Heidy nodded with a happy smile.

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