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   Chapter 430 It's Hard To Accept

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In the hospital, Heidy was lying on the bed quietly. Her head and eyes were wrapped with gauze, and her face looked pale. At the thought of the doctor's words, Hearst stood there, clenching his fists.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, he picked up her arm and saw many bruises on her body. Thinking of the scene that Heidy was bullied, he felt a pain in his chest. At this moment, he really wanted to smash that man into pieces who had hurt Heidy. But now, he was more worried that Heidy couldn't accept it.

Slowly, Heidy moved her hand. Seeing this, Hearst immediately called with concern, "Heidy, Heidy."

The woman on the bed slowly moved her head, opened her mouth slowly and said in a hoarse voice, "Hearst?"

Holding her hand tightly, Hearst said softly, "It's me. How do you feel now? Where does it hurt?"

Heidy looked around and found it was dark without any light spots. She couldn't even see her fingers, nor could she see Hearst's face. Trying hard to sit up, Heidy asked in confusion, "Hearst, why don't you turn on the light? It's so dark here. I'm a little scared."

Hearing this, Hearst tightened his lips. After a moment of silence, she said slowly, "Heidy, the doctor said that your eyes were slightly injured, so your eyes are wrapped with gauze now and you can't see anything. When the gauze is removed, everything will be fine."

Hearing his explanation, Heidy nodded slightly. Carefully recalling the scene before she lost consciousness, Heidy couldn't help trembling, "Hearst, that man is so terrible. He wanted to kill me and always said that I had betrayed him. When I was pushed to the ground by him, my eyes seemed to be hurt by something sharp. It hurts, really hurts..."

Looking at the frightened look on her face, Hearst knew that what happened this time had deeply hurt Heidy. Holding her hand tightly, Hearst said in a low voice, "It's all right now. Fortunately, a driver didn't notice the roadblocks and drove on the viaduct, so he saved you. Heidy, I'm sorry. I wasn't there when you needed me."

Shaking her head, Heidy smiled and said, "I'm fine. I'm saved now, aren't I? By the way, how is that man? Has he been caught?"

Speaking of this, Hearst's eyes turned cold. He said, "He was taken away by the police, but the police said that he was mentally ill and could not be convicted. I'm afraid he will be released after being locked up in the police station for a few days at most."

With her eyes wide open in horror, Heidy said in astonishment, "What? Release him in a few days? How could this be? Just because he was insane, could he hurt others? If I was killed by him this time, could he get away with it? By the way, he admitted that he had killed his wife."

Looking at her excited face, Hearst was also angry. "Well, according to the police's explanation, that person had

said, "There is an emergency on the patient over there. We need more staffs. Joy, come with me."

The nurse named Joy asked, "Mrs. Heidy, can you wait for me here? I'll be back soon."

Nodding her head, Heidy said friendly, "Okay, I'm fine. You can go ahead with your work. It is good for me to stand here for a while after living on the bed for several days." The nurse thanked Heidy and left with the other nurses.

Standing there and waiting, Heidy thought for a while and decided to grope back to the bed. But she couldn't see, so she could only fumble around. It was not until she opened the door that she realized she had arrived at the ward. When she was about to turn around and go back to the ward, the conversation between the two nurses made her stiff.

"That Mrs. Heidy is so pitiful. I can't believe that she had encountered such a thing for no reason." Nurse A sighed.

"Exactly. Everyone envied her life before, but she lost her sight unexpectedly. I heard that the person who hurt her was insane. The police haven't arrested him yet. Mrs. Heidy was so pitiful that she was hurt like that. Mr. Hearst is really a good man. He is afraid that Mrs. Heidy can't bear this blow, so he didn't allow us to mention it in front of her." Nurse B said sympathetically.

Hearing their conversation, Heidy's eyes widened. She bit her lips and thought carefully about their words. In an instant, her heart frozen. Without thinking too much, Heidy turned around and pounced directly in the direction of the voice. As if catching something, Heidy was agitated, "What did you say just now? Who was blind?"

"Mrs... Mrs. Heidy..." The nurse looked incredulously at the sudden appearance of Heidy, and said, "We, we didn't say anything..."

Grabbing their clothes tightly, Heidy raised her voice and shouted, "Tell me, am I the one you are talking about? Tell me if I'm blind!" ...

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