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   Chapter 427 A Strange Man

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In Heidy's opinion, the happiest things in her life were to have a good marriage with Hearst and watch the two children grow up healthily. Although it seemed to be a very ordinary thing, it was indeed a gift for Heidy.

Elsa was a lively and active girl. She liked singing and dancing since childhood. After knowing her hobbies, Heidy encouraged her to sing and dance freely, but there was no rigid rule to let her study it professionally. Heidy thought children didn't need to be trained too early. That might not be a good thing for the child.

However, even though Elsa didn't go to the dancing and singing class, her performance in the kindergarten was still very outstanding. Today, Elsa will take part in the dance competition held in the kindergarten with several girls in her class.

In the afternoon, Heidy and Hearst finished their work early and the two came to the kindergarten together. Today was Elsa's first time on the stage, so as her parents, they would naturally come there to watch. "Dad, mom." Seeing them, Elsa ran over happily and shouted excitedly.

Hearst held Elsa in his arms and held her up affectionately. He smiled and said, "Elsa, you are so beautiful."

With make-up on her face and princess dress, Elsa looked very cute. Elsa smiled happily. She cupped her cheeks and said, "I'm very beautiful, because I look like Mommy."

Hearst nodded in agreement and said dotingly, "Yes, Elsa is as beautiful as your mother."

Heidy walked up to Elsa, stroked her head dotingly and said, "Come on, Elsa. As long as you can stand on the stage and remember what the teacher has taught you, you are the best."

Elsa nodded hard and said happily, "Dad, mom, I will be the best."

The teacher came over and said with a smile, "Elsa, come with me. Let's go to rehearse."

Hearst put down Elsa, made a gesture of cheering to her, and then asked her to leave with the teacher. Hearst came to the side of Heidy and naturally held her slender waist. "Let's go to the auditorium and wait for the performance." Said Hearst in a low voice.

Nodding her head, Heidy said happily, "I find that I'm so excited every time I see Elsa and other girls perform on the stage. That feeling was even happier than talking about the next big project in the company. Hearst, do you have such a feeling?"

Seeing the excited look on her face, Hearst smiled and said, "Yes, I will. I will have a strong sense of accomplishment. I can't believe that such a powerful child is my baby."

"Our child must be very good." Said Heidy. Then she left with Hearst and walked to the auditorium.

Today's performance was not held in the kindergarten. The kindergarten rented a large stage in a hotel, where all the performances were being performed. Heidy and Hearst waited in their seats. Soon, the performance began. As the program in Elsa's c

wishes in the marriage. She didn't expect anything more. She just wanted to continue this happiness.

"Mom, let me get in the car first. I have to show the awards to my brother and dance to him." Elsa said with a smile and jumped into the car. She looked so cute.

Staring at the little figure, Heidy and Hearst said in a soft voice, "Boys and girls are really different. Gavin likes to study, while Elsa likes performance. It seems that we should educate them in different ways in the future."

Hearst nodded in agreement and said, "It depends on their talent and interest. We don't need to interfere too much."

When the two of them were about to leave by car, Hearst's phone rang. Looking at the screen, he pressed the answer key and said, "Hello... Well, I'll go back to the company right away."

After he hung up the phone, Heidy smiled at him and said, "You have something to deal with in the company. Go ahead with your work. I'll go home with Elsa first. Remember to come back for dinner."

"Okay, I'll ask the driver to send you back. I'll take a taxi." Hearst said in a low voice, holding her face with both hands and kissing her on the forehead. Then he turned around and went to hail a taxi. Today, Hearst and Heidy came to the hotel together, so they only drove one car.

Standing still, Heidy watched Hearst leave. Seeing him get in the taxi, Heidy withdrew her sight with a smile and walked towards the car. She bent down and got into the car. When She was about to close the door, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a figure.

Confused, she looked in the direction, only to find that there was no one there. Seeing this, she shook her head with a smile and closed the door. Holding Elsa on her lap, Heidy said calmly, "Go home."

Not far away, a man came out of the grass and watched the car leave. That face was the strange man that Heidy met in the hotel just now.

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