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   Chapter 425 Gossip

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In the president's office of the Hua Group, Heidy was dealing with the company's affairs calmly. In the end, Heidy couldn't really ignore Jack. For Heidy, if it weren't for Jack, she wouldn't have met such a good man as Hearst.

She was worried that Jack couldn't find a good job because of his experience in prison, so she secretly helped him find a job in a company, so he would support himself. And this was the only thing that Heidy could do for him. Having a clear conscience was what Heidy wanted to achieve in her life.

Her neck was a little sore. So she stood up and massaged her joints. Recently, she often sat in front of her desk, which often caused pain in her neck and waist. She knew that it was not right to live like this. She wanted to adjust as much as possible, but she couldn't let go of the company's affairs. Under the management of her and Hearst, the Hua Group had developed very well. She was unwilling to let it go and let others deal with it.

Warren came to the office with a cup of tea in his hand and said, "President, this is what you want. It is good for your energy."

Taking it from him, Heidy answered with a smile, "Yes, thank you, Warren. By the way, you have been working in the company for many years, right?"

"It has been five years. How time flies!" Warren sighed.

Nodding approvingly, Heidy leaned against the chair and said with a smile, "Yes, I didn't expect that it has been so long. Unconsciously, I have been working in the company for nearly five years. Sometimes I feel that it's just a blink of an eye, but time has passed so long."

Looking at her expression, Warren hesitated and said, "President, have you seen today's gossip news?"

Taking a sip of tea, Heidy replied with a smile, "You forgot that I seldom watch gossip news. Why did you suddenly talk about gossips with me today?"

"Because this gossip has something to do with you." Warren said.

Looking at him in surprise, Heidy asked in confusion, "Does it have anything to do with Hearst? What happened?"

"When I watched the entertainment news today, I saw the scandal of the popular star, Bettie. Some paparazzi had taken photos of her and a handsome man entering a hotel. The man was later found to be Mr. Hearst. This news was shot in H country and caused a lot of discussion. Now many media are discussing this matter, and everyone's passion is very high."

Hearing Warren's words, Heidy asked curiously, "Is the Bettie you are talking about a very beautiful international star? I've watched her TV series before. Her acting skills and appearance are great. She's not bad."

Warren nodded and said carefully, "Yes, she is. She is very popular both at home and abroad. Therefore, the news became more and more popular. Many people said that Mr. Hearst really had an affair. Boss, are yo

us. Just as you said, our marriage should be peaceful."

Kissing her cheek, Hearst replied with a smile, "Well, it will. Then, honey, can we go to have meals now? I'm worried that you'll leave in advance. So I finish my work in the morning as soon as possible and wait for you here."

Hearing this, Heidy was surprised, "You had been waiting here? Why don't you go upstairs and find me?"

"You are busy. I don't want to disturb your work. So I'll wait for you here." Explained Hearst.

Looking at his expression, Heidy smiled warmly. Most of the time, she felt that Hearst was a gentle and considerate man who would think for her. Now, she felt more deeply that she was loved. And she was more sure that her trust in him was correct. "Well, in fact, I want to tell you that even if you don't explain, I still believe you." Said Heidy sincerely.

"But I don't want you to misunderstand me." Said Hearst seriously.

Hugging him tightly, Heidy didn't say anything. After a long while, Hearst let go of her and said, "Let's go. It's time for meals. I don't want you to be starved. I'll feel sorry for you."

With a giggle, Heidy said, "In fact, I'm not hungry. I ate some bread when I came downstairs."

Hearing this, Hearst frowned and blamed, "How could you just eat bread? Don't you know that food is not nutritious?"

Sticking out her tongue playfully, Heidy held his arm and said with a smile, "Okay, I know. I just have some occasionally. It's okay. Let's go to have meals." Then, Heidy led Hearst forward.

Hearst looked at her helplessly and said a few words on the way before he left with Heidy.

With a warm smile on her face, Heidy turned to look at the man beside her. Looking at him, she suddenly felt that Hearst must be the sunshine angel in her life. This man really cared about her. As Jessica said, she was lucky enough to have Hearst in her life.

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